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womens jewelry Friendship bracelets with a twist! | Marvelous DIYs
Friendship bracelets with a twist!
´╗┐Campus winter weather traffic and parking emergency procedures

From: Office of the Vice President for Administrative Services

As we enter the winter season, snow and icy roads may become an issue. Please review the snow and ice traffic emergency procedures for the Blacksburg campus.

The following procedures and guidelines must be followed when a snow and ice traffic emergency is declared. This designation goes into effect when road conditions deteriorate to the point where road travel is difficult. Generally, this occurs when the road is significantly iced or approximately 34 inches of snow has fallen.

Emergency Snow Routes:The roadways listed below are designated Emergency Snow Routes that must remain clear and open for emergency vehicle use. Resident student vehicles that are parked outside of these areas are subject to ticketing and towing. Resident student vehicles must remain parked in the resident lots until the snow emergency has been lifted.

Faculty, Staff, and Students:

We must have as many vehicles as possible out of the lots for plowing snow. This will allow us to make the lots as safe and convenient as possible during snow and ice conditions. Vehicles should not be abandoned in a normal lane of traffic when road conditions become difficult. Snow routes continue to operate until all routes and major bus stops have been cleared and inspected.

Several stops may be closed due to the snow routes; please consult the Blacksburg Transit website to find out if these deviations and closures affect your stop.

Christiansburg Service and Inclement Weather

The service in Christiansburg may be affected differently than Blacksburg service depending on the weather. It may be possible that Blacksburg service continue uninterrupted, while Christiansburg service may be reduced, or viceversa.