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thin gold bangles LOVE this idea for a chalk board | TO-DO LIST
LOVE this idea for a chalk board
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RunCore InVincible SSD with Physical SelfDestruction Official Launch

RunCore, leading supplier of highperformance solidstate drives, announces the global launch of their InVincible Solid State Disc drive. This SATA SSD solution provides for highest data security through a special button device that allows for total physical destruction with a single click.

The RunCore InVincible SSDs allow you to protect sensitive data from third party access in two ways with a single click. One method is the intelligent elimination of all your data through overwriting the entire disk with meaningless code. This overwritedeletion method ensures that there is no way to potentially recover previous data stored to the device, effectively setting you SSD back to factory default.

A less subtle method is the physical destruction of your SSD by applying an overcurrent to the NAND flash memory and thereby physically destroying these. The RunCore InVincible product series is catering to embedded computer systems requiring highspeed serial switched fabric interconnects for rugged design implementation and more flexible power ranges. Delivering optimized storage options particularly in missioncritical fields such aerospace, defense and general industrial applications.

With these devices your private data protection is entering an entirely new stage of security. With the RunCore InVincible you now have a highly advanced data protection solution for most demanding professional usage which is also suited for the private sector where data security is becoming an ever more important concern.