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healthy, easy, delicious! Pumpkin Pie Smoothie 1/2 banana, 1/3 cup pumpkin puree, 1/3 cup plain Greek yogurt , 3/4 cup vanilla almond milk (or vanilla soy milk), few shakes of pumpkin pie spice, 4-5 ice cubes.
chunky silver bangles Acqua di Bolgheri perfumed water … | Perfumes
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´╗┐association taking hard look at PEDs Republican American High School

MIAMI AP The Florida High School Athletic Association will review its policies on performanceenhancing drugs following an allegation that its athletes were among the customers of the shuttered clinic at the center of the baseball scandal.

The FHSAA said it has no proof to substantiate the claims of former Biogenesis employee Porter Fischer, who has told The Associated Press and other media outlets in recent days that he saw the clinics operator give PEDs to high school players.

Its an issue that we have to address headon, said Florida Sen. Bill Monford, a former school principal and superintendent. And quite frankly, in my opinion, this is not a fingerpointing exercise. Its truly an acknowledgment that weve got a problem and we also have a responsibility to address this issue. And we have to address it with vigor because if we dont, the lives of many of our studentathletes . can be so negatively impacted.

The announcement came one day after Major League Baseball disciplined 13 players, including Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees, for having ties to Biogenesis, a clinic accused of distributing banned performance enhancers.

Fischer has said that the clinics operator, Anthony Bosch, sold PEDs to a number of high school athletes, and that he came forward with those allegations with hopes that law enforcement would take a deeper look into what the clinic did before its doors closed.

The FHSAA said it read those claims, and the associations director called them a wakeup call.

We have received no proof or no evidence, said Dr. Roger Dearing, the FHSAAs director. We dont know if the NFL or the NBA or the baseball league has, but its obvious to us that through the news coverage that there is an issue with the Biogenesis lab in South Florida.

Rodriguez, who is appealing baseballs ruling, was suspended for 211 games for what baseball said were his links to Biogenesis. His high school coach, Rich Hofman, said he was disappointed but not necessarily surprised when he heard allegations of high schoolers getting PEDs from the clinic.

People will do anything today to get an edge, even on this level, Hofman said. Theres so much money in this game and peoples eyes are so big. . You can do all the talking you want, you can put in all the legislation you want, but there will always be people trying to get an edge. Somebody is out there and if theres a way, theyre going to try to beat the system.

Its unclear what will actually happen through this review, or how school districts could fund additional testing of athletes.

In 2004, a state lawmaker proposed that Floridas schools, as a condition of their membership in the state athletic association, test athletes randomly for steroids. A pilot program started about three years later, with more than 500 tests turning up just one positive result for steroids. But steroid testing alone is costprohibitive for many school districts. More sophisticated tests, such as ones to detect HGH, are even more expensive.

Still, Florida wants its athletes to at least be better educated on the dangers.

Quite frankly, its a problem that must be dealt with, Dearing said. association taking hard look at PEDs Tue 1:55 pmVideo: Thieves make off with SUV at borough Cumberland FarmsTheft prompts cops to warn drivers against leaving keys in ignition Tue 1:10 pm

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clothing womens fashion Swedish Fish Jello Shots: 1 cup water 2 tsp Tropical … | Food
Swedish Fish Jello Shots: 1 cup water 2 tsp Tropical Punch Kool Aid mix 2 envelopes (1/4 oz each) plain gelatin 1 box (3 oz) cherry Jell-O 1 cup Pinnacle Gummy Vodka Follow the link for instructions!
´╗┐Center for Information Technology

Technology Resources at Oberlin

In addition to OCMail and Internet access, the Center for Information Technology CIT provides lots of other technology resources. We have computer labs all over campus, audiovisual equipment available for checkout, and smart classrooms equipped with neat tools to change the way you learn. Get more information about the technology resources available by exploring the links below.

Home of all the howto information on technology topics. They also have audiovisual equipment available that students can rent for use with academic projects. is the Oberlin Center for Technologically Enhanced Teaching and is the equivalent of the Educational/Academic Technology division at other Colleges. We are a division of CIT and work closely with the Committee on Teaching, the Dean Office, Academic Departments and individual Faculty.