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paper flowers
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DIY HP wands. Haaah. When I saw this I started drooling. I cannot stress enough how perfect this is.
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SUCH good tips. the worst part of running for me is the breathing, super glad i found this!
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Daniel Radcliffe
jewelry with hearts Tulle skirt + tres femme | Hair & Clothes
Tulle skirt + tres femme
´╗┐Canadian Business and Financial News

Directrice excutive de Probe International

The Canadian government is doing what it can to help corruptionplagued SNCLavalin get a lucrative contract to build a $163million hospital complex in the Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago. The injudiciousness of the decision by one Canadian federal government agency to arrange an untendered, closeddoor deal for SNCLavalin while another, the federal police force, investigates the company for wrongdoing seems lost on government officials. Canadians would be right to charge that our government is failing to maintain proper standards in the handling of public projects.

A Torontobased company is trampling on the rights of workers, indigenous people and the environment in Colombia, but Canadian officials are more concerned with strengthening business ties in the country. As president of Canadas largest energy union, I recently participated in a 17person Canadian delegation to investigate alleged abuses committed by TSX listed Pacific Rubiales Energy PRE, Colombias largest independent oil producer. On July 13 and 14, I was a juror at a preliminary hearing of the Popular Tribunal Against Extractive Policies in Colombia. As Canadians we need to stand up to say not in our name when corporations like PRE do things that would never be permitted in this country


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white gold necklace EL PACIFISTA, la nueva novela de John Boyne, … | LECTURAS RECOMENDA
EL PACIFISTA, la nueva novela de John Boyne, autor de "El ni?o con el pijama de rayas
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´╗┐Cape Canaveral Traveller Reviews

This is not Radissons top quality hotel however convenient it is. The facilities are a bit past their prime. The toilet stopped up in one of our partys rooms. Elevators are few and far between even though it is only two stories, there still is the lugging up of suitcases. Staff is efficient and helpful. We had a party of 14 staying here prior to a cruise. Dinner in the adjoining dining room was less than ideal as it took almost 2 hours for some at our table to be served. Our server was very apologetic. They obviously were way understaffed in the kitchen. The shuttle to and from the port is a great bonus.

My wife and i stayed here before and after our cruise. Both reservation we booked the king whirlpool suite. The first night befire the cruise was great. Our room was ready in a timely manner and was spotless. The jacuzzi tub was amazing to have in our room and functioned perfectly. The next morning we were giving free breakfast since it was our honeymoon trip. The food was alright, but not fantastic. We arrived around 10am so our room wasnt yet ready which we expected so it was no big deal. Also the beds in all the rooms are sleep number beds, which we have never experienced till now and they were quite comfortable. The second room was ready when they told us it would be and was spotless as well. Every where we turned a staff member was smiling and greeting us including the housekeepers, which where i am from is very uncommon and asking us if we needed anything. The grounds are beautiful, and very well maintained. The pool is absolutely breathtaking. It has a giant waterfall right in the middle which was fun to swim through. We called the front desk and informedbthem of the issue and an engineer was there within minutes and had the issue resolved promptly. If i am ever back in the cape canaveral area i will definately stay here again.

Hubby and I stayed at the Radisson Resort at the Port in May for 2 nights prior to our cruise. It was our 2nd stay on the property. The staff was very kind and helpful. We loved our room which was a jacuzzi suite. The room was neat, clean and fresh smelling, also in a good location. I personally loved the colors of the hotel, it made me happy and put me in vacation mood! I also like that it is so close to the port because we like to watch the ships sail out the day before. We love cruising out of Port Canaveral, the Radisson will continue to be our home away from home.

Stayed here prior to our cruise. Its a large property with a nice pool and tennis courts. The pool, though large, seemed small for the size of the property. The lobby, restaurant, and poolside bar are large with very friendly staff that understood most families were there awaiting a cruise. The grounds are well kept with lots of tropical plants and foot paths. The room we stayed in was a standard with two double beds. Comfortable mattresses and nice linens. I liked seeing that some rooms had their doors open to a common indoor hallway, while others had doors that opened to an outside walkway. Very nice options after a long day in flight plus the drive from the airport. Also, the hotel is a stop for free shuttles into Cocoa Beach.