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thin gold bangles LOVE this idea for a chalk board | TO-DO LIST
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RunCore Launches InVincible SSD w

RunCore InVincible SSD with Physical SelfDestruction Official Launch

RunCore, leading supplier of highperformance solidstate drives, announces the global launch of their InVincible Solid State Disc drive. This SATA SSD solution provides for highest data security through a special button device that allows for total physical destruction with a single click.

The RunCore InVincible SSDs allow you to protect sensitive data from third party access in two ways with a single click. One method is the intelligent elimination of all your data through overwriting the entire disk with meaningless code. This overwritedeletion method ensures that there is no way to potentially recover previous data stored to the device, effectively setting you SSD back to factory default.

A less subtle method is the physical destruction of your SSD by applying an overcurrent to the NAND flash memory and thereby physically destroying these. The RunCore InVincible product series is catering to embedded computer systems requiring highspeed serial switched fabric interconnects for rugged design implementation and more flexible power ranges. Delivering optimized storage options particularly in missioncritical fields such aerospace, defense and general industrial applications.

With these devices your private data protection is entering an entirely new stage of security. With the RunCore InVincible you now have a highly advanced data protection solution for most demanding professional usage which is also suited for the private sector where data security is becoming an ever more important concern.

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3 Little Makeup Tricks That'll Make Your Eyes Look Amazing
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womens bracelets waterproof shoes. woaaaa HECK YES | TO-DO LIST
waterproof shoes. woaaaa HECK YES
Burning Issues On Heartburn

you have just consumed a big breakfast and leaned back in your favorite recliner to watch your favorite television show. As you begin to relax, your chest begins to hurt so much it feels like its on fire. You may be experiencing heartburn. According to studies, about 30% of adults experience sporadic heartburn, while 10% experience heartburn very nearly every single day. Heartburn is common, and an occasional episode is generally nothing to worry about. However, many people have already considered heartburn as an uncomfortable condition that requires medication or medical attention.

Heartburn usually begins after a large lunch. To understand how this condition comes about, it is best to understand what exactly happens when we digest food. The food that is swallowed moves from the mouth to the stomach through a hollow tube called the esophagus. Before food enters the stomach, it must pass through a tight muscle at the lower part of the esophagus called the Lower Esophageal Sphincter LES. The lower esophageal sphincter prevents food from migrating back into the esophagus. Once in the stomach, stomach acid slowly digests the food. This acid is very powerful and can harm many parts of your body. Fortunately, the stomach is protected from its own acid by a special mucous layer. The esophagus, however, does not have any such special protection. If the lower esophageal sphincter does not close completely, the lower part of the esophagus can be injured by stomach acid. When this occurs, heartburn occurs.

Heartburn can remain for several hours and is often worse after eating, or when lying down, or when a person who just ate suddenly bends over. Heartburn is the most common symptom of reflux. Reflux happens when acid in the stomach, which is there to help digest food, rises up into the esophagus, causing pain, irritation, and discomfort.

Some other factors that can make heartburn worse include certain foods such as fatty and spicy foods, chocolate, caffeine, onions, tomato sauce, carbonated beverages and mint. Alcohol, large meals, lying down too soon after eating, cigarette smoking, sedatives, calcium channel blockers and antidepressant medications can also trigger heartburn.

Heartburn, also called acid indigestion, is the most common symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease GERD; a disease in which stomach acid or, occasionally, bile flows back refluxes into the esophagus. Heartburn usually feels like a burning chest pain beginning behind the breastbone and moving upward to the neck and throat. Many people say it feels like food is coming back into the mouth leaving an acid or bitter taste.

Most heartburn problems are mild, but if someone experiences regular discomfort, there may already be some complications that need medical treatment or the use of prescription medications. If someone encounters heartburn multiple times a week, or if it returns soon after the effects of antacids wear off, medical attention may be necessary. A person with heartburn should also consult a doctor if he or she repeatedly wakes up at night due to discomfort brought about by reflux. One may require more medical care, or possibly even surgery, if a person experience difficulty swallowing, regurgitates blood or black material, suddenly loses weight, or if the stool is black in color.

Most people can handle the discomfort of heartburn with lifestyle changes and overthecounter medications. But if heartburn is severe, these remedies can offer only temporary or partial relief. Heartburn pain can be mistaken for the pain associated with heart disease or a heart attack, but there are differences. Heartburn pain is less likely to be associated with physical activity. Exercise may aggravate pain resulting from heart disease, and rest may relieve the pain.

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cheap ladies clothes cute idea! Apple tea lights! | TO-DO LIST
cute idea! Apple tea lights!
Bristol neighbours nightmare as extension costs them

The couple agreed a sale in November, only for the buyer to pull out when he realised the scale of the extension, which is close to their back garden.

And a letter from Jake Grady, branch manager at Ocean estate agents, has not given the Harriss much hope either.

After valuing their house at before the application was granted, he added: If the neighbouring property has approval for the extension overlooking the rear garden then I would suggest that it would be very difficult to achieve over and above for the property.

Mrs Harris said: We are absolutely gutted. Weve got no privacy and we are already losing our sunlight earlier in the afternoons.

The 62yearold has been prescribed antidepressants after the stress of the planning battle took its toll.

The Rehms have stuck to the plans approved by South Gloucestershire Councils Planning Committee. The committee vote recommended for approval by a planning officer was clear, but not unanimous.

The Harrises have complained they were not allowed to say anything to councillors who came on a site visit and were not allowed to show pictures during their allotted five minutes of objection time at the meeting.

But a South Gloucestershire Council spokesman said: Members of the public may speak at both site inspection committee and development control committee meetings subject to a time limit of three minutes on site and five minutes at the main meeting. The council understands that the Harrises exercised their right to speak at both meetings. The spokesman said they were not able to use equipment to show pictures on a data stick due to time constraints and IT security reasons.

Planning conditions mean there are no firstfloor windows directly overlooking the Harrises garden and those overlooking fellow objectors, the Sellick family at 285, are frosted.

But the Harrises say because the extension is elevated compared to their home, the clear glass door and window on the ground floor overlook their back garden. As a result, they have raised the back fence, which belongs to the Rehm family, by 50cm.

Mrs Rehm said: From our point of view the extension is not overlooking. There is no window on the first floor and the door and window on the ground floor are not overlooking because of the fence. Our houses are not backtoback, they are sidetoside.

Last month, the Harrises got an independent surveyor, John Edwards, to assess the extension. He agreed that amenity and privacy had been lost.

Mr Harris, 62, said: We believe the application should never have been granted. This is backed up by a report by an independent surveyor, who told us in 30 years he has never seen anything like it. We ask the council reasonable questions and they refuse to answer them.

Jeff and Suzanne Sellick and their children Natalie and Callum, live next door to the Rehms. Mr Sellick said: Theres no way you can look at that extension and possibly think that does not affect our privacy and the value of our house.

A South Gloucestershire Council spokesman said: The council is satisfied that the planning decision was made soundly. A site inspection was made by members of the Development Control West Committee prior to the decision being taken. On many occasions in the past members of my family have noticed the residents of 283 looking directly into my property rear garden and house interiors Kitchen and Dinning room and rear bedrooms. Due to the frequency and prolonged duration of these occurrences we feel that these occasions are not merely accidental unavoidable occurrences. This does however ignore the fact that Bradley Stoke has faired much worse than average in the downturn, and also that there is a blight on properties in the 250k/265k band because of the jump up in stamp duty costs from 2.5k to 7.5k which means that anything that drops to 265 wont make more than 250k. In reality, the neighbours extension hasnt affected the value of this house at all.

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Mike Monsters Inc and Lion King Cake
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ASUS Radeon HD 7970 3GB CrossFire Review

The AMD Radeon 7970 is without a doubt one of the hottest video card of 2012, but then again its the only new desktop graphics card to be released so far this year. Last month we posted our review on the AMD Radeon HD 7970 reference card and found it to be a winner. While attending the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show CES we were told that custom designed cards were still 3045 days out for most manufactures, so for the time being most companies will be selling entirely reference designed cards with new name plates on them.

The one feature that ASUS feels that separates them from the rest is the included GPU Tweak utility. ASUS is using an unlocked BIOS that allows for clock speed and voltage increases on both the GPU and GDDR5 memory. All gamers need to do is install the utility and go into the advanced settings to enable the overclocking range enhancement check box. Once this is down you can adjust the settings within reason:

The ASUS GPU Tweak utility also includes live monitoring graphs, fan control and gobs of other features. It is certainly a nice utility and one of the highlights of this card.

AMD has spent years perfecting CrossFire and with the release of the Radeon HD 7000 series the company introduced AMD ZeroCore Power technology. This means that when you are running in CrossFire that the additional cards will nearly completely power down when not in use to reduce noise, power use and heat output. These are all areas that have been a concern to us as when you get a multiGPU system in a room, be it AMD CrossFire or NVIDIA SLI, we notice an increase in the room temperature and noise. When we benchmarked this card it was strange seeing the secondary card sit off and then come to life when a game or benchmark was fired up requiring 3D power. Even though we were running Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire the system acted like it running just a singlecard during normal use. Lets not spoil all the fun and take a look at the retail packaging and then the performance of this card!

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Cute DIY Bracelet
Retrospective exhibition of paintings by contemporary artist Ilona Sochynsky opens this weekend in New Yorks Ukrainian Museum

New York City, May 10, 2012 Singular Vision: Ilona Sochynsky, , a comprehensive exhibition of more than 50 paintings, including many largescale works from all phases of the artists development, will open to the public on Sunday, May 13, 2012. Curated by Jaroslaw Leshko, Professor Emeritus at Smith College, the exhibition will be on view through October 7.Ilona Sochynsky painting career, entering its fourth decade, presents an oeuvre of visual beauty, intelligence, intensity and complexity. At its core, it is a profoundly personal journey of discovery. Her earliest paintings explore the imagery of Pop Art she was especially drawn to the works of James Rosenquist and Photorealism, a movement prominent in the 1970s. She responded to the latter hyperrealism and its subject matter of cars, motorcycles and street scenes, which she reinterpreted in her work to extraordinary effect.By the 1980s, her focus shifted to a more personal iconography of revealing selfportraits, images of her husband, her sister, and other psychologically compelling imagery that carry within them the universal code of contemporary existence. It is during this probing period that she briefly experimented with a more painterly, expressionist style in order to explore its impact on the content of her work and partly in response to the neoexpressionist movement that dominated the 1980s.In recent decades, Sochynsky has set aside the subjects of her earlier paintings and made the formal concerns the focus of her art. Thus, a series of small paintings done over a period of five years 20062011 is titledFragment. These and other recent works encompass both abstract forms and recognizable natural forms. They are often rendered in interactive fragments and in a series likeCapriccios2006, break out of the rectilinear boundary into irregularly shaped canvases. These works are at once exhuberant and complex in their formal presentation and in their content. They are, as well, among the artists most compelling images. To engage them is to discover the richness of the creative process.Works forA Singular Vision: Ilona Sochynsky, were drawn from private collections, including the artists own holdings, as well as from The Ukrainian Museums permanent collection of fine art.Ilona Sochynskyreceived her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design RISD in 1969 and her MFA from Yale University in 1972. After graduation she successfully ran the Ilona Sochynsky Associates, a graphic design firm, until 1979 when the imperative to paint won out.Solo exhibitions: The Noyes Museum of Art, the Ukrainian Institute of AmericaCollections: Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, The Ukrainian Museum, The Noyes Museum of Art, Morris Propp Foundation, and private collections.What has been said about Ilona Sochynsky and her artHow enlightening and enjoyable it is to see an oeuvre that renders the issue moot through a hybrid art that encompasses both realism and abstraction, delving into the visual and conceptual potential of both of these artistic worlds Ultimately, through the blending of the naturalistic and the abstract, the ongoing stylistic progression of Sochynskys art offers both stability and transformation, and an art of intriguing effect. Jeffrey Wechsler, Senior CuratorJane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, RutgersThe State University of New Jersey, 2009Contained within the borders of Ilona Sochynskys work are tumultuous abstract configurations of color and form. Her brilliant palette is accentuated by a profusion of shapes and forms that converge and overlap within the confines of the canvas. Weaver, Curator of Collections and ExhibitionsThe Noyes Museum of Art, 2007A photorealist earlier in her career, Sochynsky has moved increasingly into abstraction. These exciting pieces provide us with a glimpse into that stage in her development when the painterly techniques of her earlier work ran headlong into the more freewheeling design concerns that drove her work forward in the 1990s. Robert AyresARTnews, Summer 2005Moving away from the dense packed compositions full of bright color juxtaposed with dark, hovering, ominous shapes, Sochynsky is finding a new voice in small whimsical floating objects. Individual shapes, often ambiguous and imbued with a personal twist, rendering them momentarily reminiscent of recognizable forms. And yet they simultaneously obscure any particular association, as they hover hauntingly reminding of us of the often surreal juxtaposition of images found in her monumental works. But here, she seems to be exploring a personal shorthand. Christina Saj Curator,Artspace 129, Montclair, NJSochynskys New Artworks,The Ukrainian Weekly, December 21, 2003About the CuratorProfessor Leshkos area of interest is early modernism and his scholarly work has focused on the art of Vienna at the time of turn of the century and specifically the art of Oskar Kokoschka. Professor Leshko has curated numerous exhibitions, includingAlexander Archipenko: Vision and Continuity, the inaugural exhibition in The Ukrainian Museums new location. He has lectured widely and participated in international symposia. His scholarly articles have appeared in journals in the United States, Austria, Japan and Italy.About The Ukrainian Museum acquires, preserves, and exhibits articles of artistic or historic significance to the rich cultural heritage of Ukrainian Americans; its collections include thousands of items of folk art, fine art, and archival material. At its founding in 1976 by the Ukrainian National Women League of America, the Museum was hailed as one of the finest achievements of Americans of Ukrainian descent. Since then, and particularly since its move in 2005 to a new, stateoftheart building in Manhattan vibrant East Village, it has become known as one of the most interesting and dynamic smaller museums in New York City. Each year, the Museum organizes several exhibitions, publishes bilingual English/Ukrainian catalogues, and presents a wide range of public and educational programs, including concerts, films, lectures, courses, workshops, and special events.