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fashion clothes for women how to live life. sesame street style. Or 10 | Humor
how to live life. sesame street style. Or 10
´╗┐Audi R8 2014 pictures

The Audi R8 has proved to be a huge success for the German manufacturer and replacing it is no mean feat. Audi hopes to improve on the R8s success but adding more power, decreasing weight and incorporating a radical new design.

When first launched in 2006 the only real change the R8 has seen since then was a recent facelift last year. The biggest change was the removal of the cars only real Achilles heel its R tronic gearbox which was replaced by a slickshifting S tronic transmission.

The new R8, which Audi plans to unveil in 2015, will stay true to the current concept, maintaining the cars proportions and interior space. However it will undergo more dramatic cosmetic changes. Neat new design features will include a more prominent singleframe grille that will eventually grace all Audis RSbadged models and there will also be new matrixbeam LED lights with an updated daytime running light design. A shorter version of the cars trademark sideblade is also expected.

Audi isnt expected to follow rival manufactures such as Porsche, Ferrari and McLaren down the hybrid supercar route, however. Instead, the R8 will be fitted with a revised version of the current V8 and V10, with power hikes of around 25bhp for both, taking them to 450bhp and 570bhp respectively. For the first time on the R8, all engines will get cylinder deactivation and stopstart technology. Expect a 10 per cent improvement in fuel economy

Audi will use lessons learned from its R8 LMS racer, adding a carbon fibrereinforced plastic CFRP bonnet and roof to save weight, while a version of the downforcegenerating double diffuser used on the LMP1 Le Mans winner is expected, too. The car will also draw on the R8 etron adopting its Multimaterial Spaceframe body, which uses 23 per cent carbon fibre in its construction to save 23kg. Also likely to be included are the etrons glass fibrereinforced polymer suspension springs, CFRP antiroll bars, ceramic brakes and titanium rear wheel hubs. All this will help keep the weight below 1,500kg.

However, carbon fibre isnt just for body panel and interior trim; it will form 23 per cent of the R8s chassis, resulting in a stiffer body. Groundbreaking suspension will see glass fibrereinforced polymer coils save weight without compromising performance.

The interior will benefit from a thorough overhaul, with most functions incorporated into a new MMI system. Digital dials are also likely, as is a digital rearview mirror that uses a hires camera to produce an image on a screen.

The new R8 V8 is expected to cost from just under 100,000.

New Audi R8 details explained

Bold grille

Speaking to Auto Express at the Detroit Motor Show back in January, quattro division boss Franciscus van Meel confirmed the striking grille you see here will feature on future RS cars.

Audi is keen to transfer tech directly from the race track to the road. As a result, the carbon fibre bonnet from the R8 LMS will be used, as well as a highdownforce doublediffuser.

If you thought suspension springs had to be made of metal, think again. Groundbreaking glass fibrereinforced polymer coils help save weight without compromising performance.

Carbon fibre isnt just for body panel and interior trim; it will form a key part 23 per cent of the R8s chassis in varying thicknesses and make the body four times stiffer.

Both V8 and V10 will get a major efficiency boost with the addition of stopstart and cylinder deactivation, which cuts half the cylinders under light throttle loads.

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´╗┐Richard Branson works as stewardess for a day after losing bet to AirAsia owner Tony Fernandes

Branson was honouring a bet he made with fellow airline owner and motorracing rival, Tony Fernandes. They had wagered on which one of their Formula One racing teams would cross the line first in their debut season of the 2010 Formula One Grand Prix.

The loser would have to serve as a flight attendent on the winner airline.

During the flight, Branson had to pour tea and coffee, serve meals and make inflight announcements and of course make sure that the passengers were clear about the safety features on board the jet.

Upon arrival in Malaysia he said he was relieved he had carried out the bet.

Voice of Russia, Euronews

For many people of the world the Bradley Manning case seems absurd and his persecution by the US Government something difficult to comprehend. He was something that the US government is afraid of, he was a soldier with a conscience who exposed war crimes being committed by US forces. The way the US has turned logic upside down by going after one who exposed crimes while protecting those who commit crimes should have the world up in arms. Only an illegal and illegitimate government would protect criminals while persecuting and even torturing a moral and upstanding brave individual who had the courage to stand up and blow the whistle on what he saw, rather than being rewarded and seen as a hero. Those protecting the criminals have decided to make Mr. Manning an example in order to throw fear into the hearts of anyone who would dare to expose their illegality.

The Children Rights Commissioner for the Russian President, Pavel Astakhov, asked the Federal Migration Service head to grant asylum for a daughter of a Russian woman who has escaped from her husband in Norway. The girl can be granted asylum in Russia as a minor needing protection, a lawyer, Roman Stepanov, said to the Voice of Russia. The girl and her mother are currently staying in transit zone of Moscow Sheremetyevo airport in much the same way as exCIA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden had for three weeks.

Fonterra, the world leading exporter of dairy products, is recalling a number of its milk products after a food poisoning scare. China, which is the major importer of milk powder from New Zealand was the first country to impose bans on Fonterra products. The Chinese decision was supported by Russia that has also put Fonterra deliveries on hold. Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare is now investigating whether contaminated products from New Zealand were imported to the markets. Professor of economy at the New School University Max Fraad Wolff talked with the Voice of Russia about the impact of Fronterraban on New Zealands market.

Keeping a killer dog in Britain may become a risky business. The government has come up with new sentencing proposals for dog owners whose pets attack people in public venues. The options for the owner of a dog which injures a person or an assistance dog could range from a tenyear prison terms to a life behind bars. At present, the maximum sentence is two years in jail. Mr Dave Joyce, the National Health, Safety Environment Officer at The Communication Workers Union, talked with the Voice of Russia about the new policy.