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9ct gold bracelets A cross on the back of my neck, just below my … | ?tattoos?

id bracelets for women Make No Bake Cookies! Best Recipe! | Cooking
Make No Bake Cookies! Best Recipe!
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This homemade clay recipe only takes two ingredients and 10 minutes! Oh, and it is so much cheaper than the store bought model magic!!
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Beautiful natural swimming pool
9ct gold bracelets A cross on the back of my neck, just below my … | ?tattoos?
A cross on the back of my neck, just below my cerebellum, lining my spinal cord. The cerebellum controls voluntary movement, balance, equilibrium and fine motor skills. The spinal cord is connected to the brainstem which basically controls all vital bodily functions. So I feel it is appropriate, symbolically at least to have a cross where my actions are determined.
San Bernardino County Sun

Cost cuts in Medicare raise ire

The Inland Empire is about to become a national testing ground for whether the federal government, and health consumers, can finally do something about rising health costs.

Audio File: David Wilder of Mentone. He is blind, on Medicare and the chairman of California Health Advocates, a statewide group that helps seniors with Medicare issues and also helps root out fraud. Listen to David WilderQuest for low prices in Medicare alarms suppliers

YUCCA VALLEY In the new age of Medicare, Esta Willman would seem like a winner. The small medical supply firm she coowns with her husband just won two prized contracts to provide oxygen and power wheelchairs to Inland Empire seniors.

Audio File: Esta Willman and her husband own MediSource Equipment and Supply Inc. Theyve run it for 16 years in Yucca Valley. She fears the new competition rules will run her out of business.

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sun glasses store Birds on a branch – tattoo inspiration | ?tattoos?
Birds on a branch - tattoo inspiration
Bush has stent procedure

Former President successfully underwent a heart procedure in Dallas on Tuesday after doctors discovered a blockage in an artery during his annual physical, Bush spokesman said.

At the recommendation of his doctors, President Bush agreed to have a stent placed to open the blockage, Ford said. The procedure was performed successfully this morning, without complication, at .

He is grateful to the skilled medical professionals who have cared for him, Ford said. He thanks his family, friends, and fellow citizens for their prayers and well wishes. And he encourages us all to get our regular checkups.

Stents are mesh scaffoldings that prop open arteries typically clogged by years of quiet cholesterol buildup. each year, generally involving an overnight stay in the hospital.

Doctors usually guide a narrow tube through a blood vessel near the groin up to the heart, inflate a tiny balloon to flatten the blockage and insert the stent. Sometimes, they insert it through an artery in the wrist to lower the risk of bleeding.

Doctors often recommend first trying medication to treat a clogged artery. More severe blockages, particularly in several arteries, may require bypass surgery. Arteries can reclog, so patients often are put on heartfriendly diets or medication.

White secretary told reporters that President was briefed on Bushs procedure and obviously wishes him well. He didnt believe Obama and Bush had spoken, Carney said.

Bush has no history of heart trouble, but has needed medical attention several times.

In May 2004, toward the end of his first term, Bush fell from his mountain bike during a 17mile ride. He was wearing a helmet and mouthguard but sustained scrapes and scratches to his face, hand and knees. In July 2005, he crashed his bike again while on a slick pavement in Scotland and suffered some bruises and scrapes to a hand and arm.

In 2002, he briefly lost consciousness while watching a football game on TV at the White House and hit his head. The incident was blamed on him not feeling well and an improperly eaten pretzel.

In 1998 and 1999, while governor of Texas, he had two benign colonic polyps removed. In 2002, while president, he had a followup colonoscopy and invoked a section of the 25th Amendment temporarily transferring presidential powers to Vice President . The colonoscopy showed no signs of cancer..

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pretty rings Some great tips on how to incorporate a healthy diet into … | Worko
Some great tips on how to incorporate a healthy diet into your workout routine.
jewelry for sale cheap Karma Symbol Hinduism | Good Karma Symbol | Tattoos I like!
Karma Symbol Hinduism | Good Karma Symbol
At least two other suspects sought in Bosma murder investigation

An investigation has now revealed Tim Bosma has been murdered. His body was burned beyond recognition, Det.Sgt. Matt Kavanagh said during the afternoon news conference.

Kavanagh wouldnt say how police were able to confirm the identity of the remains, saying thats part of the evidence. He said from the evidence police had gathered, he believes Bosma died the night he left his home.

Kavanagh said they were able to retrieve video surveillance which shows a second vehicle followed the three men in the truck as it left the residence.

Police are still trying to confirm the type of vehicle it was and how many suspects may have been in that second car.

Kavanagh said about 120 police officers are working diligently on the case, executing a number of search warrants in their quest for clues on the identity of the suspects and a possible motive in the case.

At this point, although investigators believe Bosma was targeted by the men, they are still unclear of the suspects reason for the attack.

Bosma had no criminal record and there is nothing to indicate he was anything other than a loving family man who attended church regularly.

Our heartfelt condolences go to Bosmas wife Sharlene and the entire Bosma family as they mourn their loss, Hamilton Police Chief Glenn De Caire told reporters Tuesday morning. We will continue to follow every single lead and we will work to affect the arrest of those responsible for the death of Tim Bosma.

Peter Lowe, a high school friend of Bosma who created an official page on Facebook to help spread public awareness on his friends disappearance posted a message of grief on the social media site.

The agony in this house is indescribable, he wrote Tuesday morning. There will be no further updates on this page. My prayers are with this wonderful family.

Bosmas friends and family have spent the week gathered inside and outside the home, handing out flyers to the community pleading anyone with information to call police with tips.

Bosmas wife sobbed as she read out a statement to reporters late last week when she begged those responsible to let her husband go.

Its just a truck. You dont need him but I do and our daughter needs her daddy back so please, please let him come home, she said Thursday.

Police also searched the Kleinburg home of Millards mother on Sunday, seizing Bosmas truck.

Kavanagh dismissed speculation that the suspects mother was involved in the crime.

She has no involvement or knowledge of this case, he said.

Forensic investigators have also been seen searching for evidence at a Waterloo air hangar owned by Millards family. We cannot discuss all the evidence given the ongoing criminal process.

Suspect has ties to aviation industry

Millard, the 27yearold CEO of Millard Air, has already been charged with forcible confinement and theft over $5,000 in connection with the disappearance of Bosma.

Both police and Millards lawyer confirm the suspect did not have a criminal record prior to these charges.

Speaking with reporters Monday, Millards lawyer Deepak Paradkar said his client is 100 per cent not guilty.

He is a very balanced young man, very humble, I had no idea who he was before this case, Paradkar said. We are concerned what the evidence is against him, we dont know.

Police have only released the description of one of the suspects still wanted in the case. This man was decribed by both Bosmas wife and an Etobicoke man who was also reportedly approached by the suspects when he listed his Dodge Ram 3500 for sale. Kavanagh said last week that he believes the Etobicoke man wasnt attacked because his large size would have made it difficult for the suspects to overpower him.

The suspect was described as being white with a medium build. He is around fivefootnine with dark hair. He was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt that was pulled over his head.

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best tattoo quotes
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DIY Hanging Bra Storage. So much better for than stuffing them in a drawer
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Back quote tattoo
Bankruptcy clouds Detroit mayoral primary election

city ever to go through a bankruptcy, while yielding complete control of its finances to a stateappointed emergency manager.

As voters go to the polls Tuesday, the biggest name and most prominent issue in the struggling city are Kevyn Orr and his Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing.

My pitch to him is, Youre here to straighten out the finances. You have no municipal government experience, said Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon. The emergency manager puts the budget together. The mayor should be able to set the priorities.

Napoleon, a former Detroit police chief, and accountant Tom Barrow contend Orr was illegally appointed as emergency manager.

In light of the bankruptcy filing, I dont believe he retains his power under state law, Barrow said of Orr. Bankruptcy laws kick in. Those laws are explicit that the debtor is the municipality and its elected officials.

They are among 14 candidates on the ballot and two writeins seeking to succeed Mayor Dave Bing who is not seeking reelection.

The top two votegetters in will face off in the November general election, with the winner moving into City Hall with a title, $158,000 salary and _ as things stand now _ little else.

None of the candidates has name recognition outside the city like Bing, a former NBA great.

Uncertainty and failure have been standard operating procedure for years in oncemighty Detroit. to declare bankruptcy under the weight of massive debt brought on by crushing population decline and a history of political corruption and mismanagement.

Seeking to bring stability and turn the city around, GOP Gov. Rick Snyder appointed Orr, a national bankruptcy attorney, in March under a Michigan law that gives emergency managers nearly unlimited power.

On July 18, Orr made the Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing in federal court. He said Detroit is insolvent, unable to pay off debt that his restructuring team says could reach $20 billion. He has stopped paying on $2.5 billion in bonds, using that money to pump up struggling and underfunded city services. He also asked city creditors and Detroits two pension funds to accept pennies on the dollar in money owed them.

Sheila Cockrel, a former Detroit councilwoman and founder of a government relations and advocacy firm, said the bankruptcy proceedings are sure to hover over the next mayors first term.

Theres no roadmap of where or how this would go, she said.

Only about 15 percent to 17 percent of Detroits registered voters are expected to cast ballots Tuesday, according to city elections officials.

My preference would be for the governor to dissolve the emergency manager and let the mayor represent the city in bankruptcy court, said Mike Duggan, former chief executive of the Detroit Medical Center.

Duggan is running a writein campaign because a residency issue kicked him off the ballot.

Although Duggan would appear poised to become Detroits first writein mayor, part of his challenge will be making sure voters spell his name correctly. Thats because another candidate, barber Mike Dugeon, is seeking the job as well. He has never run for elected office and said he filed after being approached by a local television reporter over his name similarity with Duggan.

That could make tabulating the writeins onerous and timeconsuming. Following the primary, county canvassers will go over the spellings on each writein ballot cast to determine who gets the votes.

Were going to be fine, Duggan told The Associated Press. I dont think voters in this city will have any trouble spelling my name correctly. Every place I go people are spelling DUGGAN.

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Scumbag human body..hahaha
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I gnome what you're thinking right now
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. . . Cabin & Cottage: A Mosaic Garden
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Red China Mosaic Heart Pique Assiette Christmas by PamelasPieces, $25.00
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Strongly considering this!
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Tattoos on the legs. #tattoo #tattoos #ink - if i ever have decent looking legs worthy of showing off, i might be into a thigh tat
5 tips to grow your Facebook page from scratch

Weve passed a big milestone over on Breaking News Facebook page: 100,000 likes!

True, this is a pretty modest Facebook audience compared to many other major brands. But unlike some of those brands, Breaking News is still a relatively new entity in the news ecosystem. We launched our Facebook page on June 11, 2010. Like many newer brands, we face the challenge of growing our pages audience without the support of an established, traditional publishing channel and with a modest marketing budget. Sound familiar?

Were celebrating this 100,000 likes milestone and more milestones to come because we think weve honed in on a Facebook strategy that is delivering real results higher engagement, stronger viral sharing and clear audience growth.

Based on our case study over the last few months, were sharing five tips to help you grow your Facebook pages audience from scratch.

TIP 1: Metrics are your new best friend.

Facebook has really beefed up their Insights offering over the last six months, making huge swaths of detailed information available for export as well as easy dashboard viewing. Clearly, we all care about growing our likes. But in order to gain audience, you have to determine what activities contribute the most to that growth.

The good news: You dont have to guess!

Here are the main categories of metrics we watch closely as we look for correlations to like spikes:

Volume of posts per day and per month;

Stories created stories are likes, comments and shares on a post;

Reach the number of unique users who saw our posts, either organically in their News Feed or Ticker, directly on our page, paid or virally from a friend like, comment, share;

Impressions Facebooks aspirational metric for possible times your posts could have been viewed;

Link clicks how many times users clicked on URLs accompanying posts.

TIP 2: Map out a straightforward strategy with actionable goals that everyone buys in to.

Breaking news: Not everyone on your team is as obsessed with perfecting a Facebook post as you are. Getting everyone to buy in to your plan is key, and you can do that with a tothepoint strategy that focuses clearly on a small number of tactics that serve your main goal growing likes. Identify clear actions everyone can take as part of their daily routines. Also identify how you will measure the success/failure of those actions.

This shouldnt overwhelm your team and should keep everyone focused on actions that are truly important.

Heres an example from our strategy document:

THEORY TO TEST:We can reach a higher number of Facebook users on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

PROPOSED ACTION:We posted 85 times on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in October: We posted 43 posts on 4 Fridays; 27 posts on 5 Saturdays; and 15 posts on 5 Sundays.

Lets aim to increase our monthly total FridaySaturdaySunday output to 120 posts 30% increase, with an average of 10 posts per day.

HOW WELL MEASURE:Well compare our monthovermonth Reach and Impression metrics.

TIP 3: Experiment with posting photos and asking Questions.

A few months back, several folks on the Breaking News team noticed that photos being shared in our personal News Feeds seemed to be standing out more. We decided to start experimenting with uploading images directly to our page instead of linking out to them, and weve seen a huge boost in engagement and sharing as a result. Photos as a peg to share news work really well on Facebook, especially when the photos are unique.

Facebook Questions have proven to be a great way to get our Facebook audience talking about breaking news, especially when the question is related to a talker story. Generally, we try to ask at least 2 Questions a week on our page. We try to keep them short and easy to answer. We try to avoid Questions that ask users to secondguess court rulings or arrests, and we also try to avoid Questions that would require the user to be an expert on the subjectmatter.

TIP 4: Experiment with Facebook advertising.

TIP 5: Test, learn, adapt repeat.

The key to any goalsetting process is to be agile. Breaking News on Facebook isnt perfect, and we dont claim to have all the answers. What we do have is a process to test and measure our theories for growing likes. This structure allows us to experiment and learn and then experiment again. Were looking at our Facebook performance every month and were tweaking based on the results were seeing. We can brainstorm new experiments and plug them into the existing structure that our team has bought in to. In many ways, this kind of discipline is an even bigger win than passing 100,000 likes.

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Small red lotus. This symbolizes the original nature of the heart (hrdaya). It is the lotus of love, compassion, passion, activity and all the qualities of the heart. It is the lotus of Avalokitesvara.
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That would be amazing!!!
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Might be cool to have one bird tattooed on the ear itself.
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Smoked Chicken with Chipotle Peach Barbecue Sauce
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Burnley FC unveils major plan to create state

Mr Darnley added: This will provide the club with a necessary asset, which will be in line with the clubs overall vision of moving forward, with nextstage status being gained as a result of the redevelopment.The club will be able to attact more youth players and improve existing relationships with junior football clubs from the local area.He has also maintained that the works would be contained within the sites current footprint and not affect the nearby Gawthorpe Hall estate, an issue which has been discussed with officials from the National Trust.Former Burnley MP Mr Pike said that the club had been attempting to make progress with the Gawthorpe redevelopment for some time and that the new plans were encouraging.Our great days were built on our youth policy so I would fully support this, he said.Perhaps we are never going to have the big money, which other clubs may generate, but if we can attract more young players, by improving our facilities, then we can remain competitive for the future.Last January the club, under joint chairmen John Banaszkiewicz and Mike Garlick, proposed a bond scheme which would see Turf Moor and Gawthorpe bought from Longside Properties Ltd, under a new vehicle, Burnley FC Holdings, Ultimately it is hoped that their retention will place the club on a sounder financial footing and enable investment in the training and developing of new players.Why the interest? first 3 comments, all from Rovers fans. Nothing happening at Rovers thats worth looking at/commenting on?I can only assume youre interested to see how a club can be run on sound principles to develop for the future. Perhaps you could email a link to this article to Venkys?Why the interest? first 3 comments, all from Rovers fans. Nothing happening at Rovers thats worth looking at/commenting on?I can only assume youre interested to see how a club can be run on sound principles to develop for the future. Perhaps you could email a link to this article to Venkys?.