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Almost Heaven West Virginia
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christian quote wish on a star
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This is what happens when you let them pick their own sports team name.
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Oreo and peanut butter brownie cups
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Supposed to be the best cupcake/cake batter recipe ever. Wedding cake flavor! Another pinner said - I used this recipe today it was the BEST! On the site is a link to the matching buttercream Ill never use another frosting recipe every AGAIN!!
birthstone jewelry for women such a cute swimsuit | Fashion
such a cute swimsuit
´╗┐Researchers create world

Using 3D printers to create biological structures has become widespread. Printing electronics has made similar advances, particularly for lowcost, lowpower disposable items. The first successful combination of these two technolgies has recently been reported by a group of researchers at Princeton. They described their methods in a recent issue of ACS NANO Letters. They claim that their new device can receive a wide range of frequencies using a coiled antenna printed with silver nanoparticles. Interfacing their device to actual nerve is the next obvious step, begging the question can it actually hear?

The Princeton researchers previously developed a tattoo composed of a sensor and an antenna that could be fixed to the surface of a tooth. It was made from a combination of silk, gold, and graphene, and had the ability to detect small amounts of bacteria. Building on their knowledge, that team joined up with researchers at Johns Hopkins to build the electronic ear. Their 3D printer combined calf cells with a hydrogel matrix material to form the ear cartilage, and silver to form the embedded antenna coil.

In testing, they were able to pick up radiowaves in stereo using complimentary left and right side ears. Later on they hope to be able to detect acoustic energy directly using other builtin sensors. There are many ways this might be accomplished, the trick is to find a pressuresensitive material that can be easily printed. Other researchers have used 3D printing of a material called carbomorph to create piezoresistive sensors that change resistance when bent or stressed. These researchers have also been able to print capacitive button sensors to measure changes in capacitance, and even connectors for hooking things together.

Printing biological structures that will be stable over time is a tricky business. The first stable 3Dprinted ear was achieved not too long ago by researchers at Cornell using a very similar method. Since then, advances in bioprinting have progressed to ever smaller scales, culminating recently with a technique called 3D microdroplet printing. Using synthetic cell microdroplets, researchers could lay down geometrically precise tissues composed of human stem cells. These droplets could then undergo secondary developmental changes to their structure. Successful printing of organs and tissues larger than just a cartilaginous ear will require supporting elements for bloodflow and nervous enervation. A test device for printed tissues and organs that might include these essential primitives will undoubtedly be needed soon. It may eventually come to resemble some kind of living protohumanoid machine and would probably be a little creepylooking. However, asking lab animals to shoulder our test burden, may hopefully soon no longer be necessary.

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let them be little and love them like there's no tomorrow
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18k gold bracelets for women Such happiness! | Critters
Such happiness!
´╗┐save Africas flamingos

Threequarters of the world population of Lesser Flamingos live in breed in East Africa. Many depend on Tanzanias Lake Natron as a breeding site. Food is plentiful, nesting sites abound and above all, the lake is isolated and undisturbed.

But in recent months, the Tanzanian Government and the Indian company Tata Chemicals have put forward proposals to build a largescale industrial plant to extract soda ash from Lake Natrons water, via a network of pipes across the surface of the lake. A new road and rail infrastructure would be built to serve the soda ash plant.

BirdLife International believes the development and associated infrastructure will displace and scatter the 500,000 pairs of Lesser Flamingos which nest at Lake Natron. It takes very little disturbance to cause an entire breeding colony to abandon its nests.

Think Pink save Africas flamingos is BirdLifes campaign to stop the proposed development at Lake Natron.

On these pages you will find everything you need to know about the soda ash proposal, its potential impact on the flamingos and why its must be stopped. Think Pink and help BirdLife save Lesser Flamingo one of Africas most beautiful birds.