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fashion trends These look so good. I can't wait for football season! | Roxy s stuff
These look so good. I can't wait for football season!
Reilly announces departure as UW System president July 30

Kevin Reilly speaks at a news conference on Tuesday, July 30, after announcing his resignation as president of the University of Wisconsin System.

Photo: Bryce Richter

For nine years, Kevin P. Reilly demonstrated his passion for education as UW System president. Today Tuesday, Reilly announced that he will step down as president to serve as a presidential advisor for leadership with the American Council on Education, and also return to teaching.

Reillys new role will begin in January 2014, allowing for a nationwide search for a replacement and time for a gradual transition. A new president is planned to be selected in the spring of 2014.

In my time as president, I have faced a number of major challenges, Reilly said. The debate over whether the system should stay together, the overheated partisanship in our political culture and the worst economic recession since the Great Depression were not the least of these. But Wisconsinites stepped up to meet those challenge, and together we have achieved much.

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Reilly, who had been weighing a departure since fall, had previously served for four years as chancellor of the University of WisconsinExtension and is the secondlongest serving leader in the systems history.

Kevin Reillys commitment to higher education has had a tremendously positive impact on our state, says UWMadison Chancellor Rebecca Blank. During his time as president, he has worked diligently to improve the UW System and make it more responsive to the needs of the citizens of Wisconsin, ensuring that more people acquire the skills that drive economic growth.

In his years as president, student enrollment has increased by nine percent, transfer students by 13 percent, degrees conferred by 13 percent and private needbased financial aid by 124 percent.

Through thick and thin, he never forgot or let anyone else forget that students are the reason were all here. Students come first.With all of the challenges facing higher education and the UW System in particular, this will be a critical period of transition, Blank says. I look forward to working with my fellow chancellors to ensure that the new president will have the cooperation and support of all campuses as we work together to maintain the excellence Kevin was so instrumental in advancing.

Regent President credits Reillys leadership and dedication to students.

Through thick and thin, he never forgot or let anyone else forget that students are the reason were all here, Falbo says. Students come first.

Reilly is not only a gifted leader but has helped find new leaders, says regent vice president Regina Millner, overseeing the hiring of 31 chancellors and interim chancellors.

Over the past year, Ive had the great pleasure of visiting each of our 13 fouryear campuses and I can tell you that these UW chancellors have proven themselves to be strong, effective leaders powerful advocates for their students and their institutions, Millner says. Those UW leaders are in place as a result of President Reillys efforts. They represent an important and impressive legacy that will endure for many years.

In Reillys new role, he will work closely with ACE President Molly Corbett Broad to expand the capacity and reach of the councils wide array of programs that serve college and university presidents and chancellors as well as other senior leaders and rising administrators.

Reilly will also prepare to return to teaching in 2015 in the disciplines of literature and higher education policy. Fittingly, Reilly quoted William Butler Yeats The Municipal Gallery Revisited:

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Salman Khans heroine Sana returns

Mumbai, May 31: Days after reports over her alleged involvement in an abduction case, Sana Khan finally came out in the open to tell the real story from her side. Sana, the leading heroine of Salman Khans upcoming movie Mental, reportedly had gone missing ever since she was booked in the case.

Overruling all controversies, Sana was quoted as saying, I am very much here, shooting for my films, attending events and performing at live shows in the last one month.

Times of India interviewed Sana who said, It is not true that I wanted to kidnap a minor girl. I went there only after I was told that the girls mother was a huge fan and wanted to meet me. In fact, the girl told me that she would join me later and asked me to go to her place with my cousin. The other two boys who have been dragged in the case didnt even enter their house.

The actress, a former participant of TV reality show Bigg Boss, also said, My cousin insisted that I meet the girl. She was sitting inside an icecream parlour. If there was a problem between her and my cousin, why would she come out to meet me?

Sana also tried to support her statements with logic and evidence. The young modelturnedactress said, The CCTV of the building in which the girl stays should be having all the evidence what time I went there and how long I was around to know the real story. The spot where the family has alleged that the kidnapping took place is a crowded area. If there was any such attempt, many wouldve seen it. I was not hiding or covering my face; the whole world knows who I am today.

Sana earlier had asserted that the minor girls family members have been trying to earn money easily after framing Sana in a false case. However, the actress also had vowed to fight with the situation to tell her real story.

Naved and his two friends Kshitij Gopinath Dubey and Vismit Vilas Ambre have already been arrested by police. However, there were no reports about Sanas whereabouts.

According to sources, Naved and the victim became friends on social networking site Facebook. The relation came to an end when Naved proposed the girl who later refused that. Sana on April 30 allegedly had tried to kidnap the girl when she was returning from her tuition classes.

Naved and his friends allegedly had tried to drag the girl into Sanas BMW car. However, the minor girl managed to escape from the place and reached home. To her utter surprise, Sana, Naved and their friends were already there and were having a heated argument with victims mother.

According to police sources, Sana accused the girl of ditching her cousin and threatened to teach her a lesson. The victims mother lodged a police complaint against Sana and other three accused later on the day.

Police registered case of kidnapping, wrongful restraint, and trespass. Meanwhile, Sanas spokesman Ismail Sheikh overruled reports that the actress is on the run and said, How can Sana kidnap anybody? Yes, an FIR has been lodged against her but thats because she was wrongly accused of forcing a minor girl to marry an 18yearold boy..

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womens fashion online nz Little Red Fire Truck Birthday Party Invitation | Roxy s stuff
Little Red Fire Truck Birthday Party Invitation
Background noise on youtube videos

I dont know if this is the right place to post this, sorry if it isnt.

So, basicly whenever im viewing a video on youtube expecificly music videos my headphones start going crazy and doing alot of background white noise i think thats what its called whenever there is a strong bass sound, as if they were broken.

The problem is, this only happens when viewing said videos on youtube. Ive tried downloading a couple and listenning to them while not on youtube and they dont give me any problems at all, same goes for similar videos on other websites such as vimeo.

Ive also tried with other headphones and nothing changes.

The only thing ive installed lately and I think this started happening after the instalation and a computer reset was the AMD Catalyst Control Centre, which I have no idea how it could possibly affect sound. Looked around in the CCC control panel and there is nothing related to sound.