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Rides Back Into N

Jesse James, the tattooed founder of West Coast Choppers, has won fame, money and movie star girlfriends by selling an outlaw bikerwithablowtorch image to the cubiclebound masses.

Mainstream folk know him as the star of the Discovery Channel series Monster Garage, a car makeover show in which James and company transform normal vehicles into bizarre fantasy machines. cities.

A West Coast Chopper is the bike you will buy when you win the lottery or your stock options are worth something. Until then, you will have to settle for a West Coast Chopper Tshirt or a copy of James new book, I Am Jesse James, which he will be signing Wednesday right here in Albuquerque.

Yes, you read that correctly. Jesse James will be in Albuquerque.

The city is one of just five on his tiny booksigning tour, and the smallest metropolis on the schedule. Why us?

Because Lindsay Lancaster, intrepid promotions director for the tiny North Valley store Bookworks, badgered James publisher relentlessly about him coming here. And because Albuquerque, James says, was a logical stop for a bluecollar man of the people like himself.

As proof of his regularguy status, James points to his clothes. I have on shoes and a shirt from WalMart right now, the 34yearold says.

Hes calling from Las Vegas, Nev., where he was doing voiceovers for a video game with skateboard god Tony Hawk.

James goes on to extol WalMarts low prices as populism in action, which will surprise all of those who see the mega discount store as the epitome of culturecrushing capitalism.

Theres an obvious contradiction here.

James bikes sell for between $80,000 and $150,000 each, and they sit beneath the butts of people who make more money in a minute than the average WalMart shopper makes in a month. Keanu Reeves has a West Coast Chopper; so do Kid Rock, Shaquille ONeal and James current girlfriend Sandra Bullock.

These are hardly the sort of folks who feed their dogs Ol Roy.

But James says the luxochoppers are only a tiny part of his empire. His shop in Long Beach, Calif., produces just 20 bikes a year which he says is hardly enough to pay the bills.

If all I did was build my bikes, I would have been out of business years ago, he says. Bikes are way too labor intensive.

The bulk of West Coast Choppers income, he says, comes from the motorcycle parts and custom kits his company makes. And those Tshirts.

All of which, James says, are in the financial reach of his beloved Regular People.

Any plans to make a West Coast Chopper bike for the WalMart crowd? Yeah, were going to put a lawnmower engine in it, he cracks. Wednesday.

You can buy a book in advance at Bookworks, 4022 Rio Grande NW. It will come with a numbered bookmark assigning you a place in line at the event.

Just so you know, James is not happy about the appearance at the Harley dealership.

Im antiestablishment. In my world, the Harley dealer and the Harley factory is establishment, he says. HarleyDavidsons demographic is 45yearold guys who can buy their bike with a credit card swipe.

James will speak and then sign copies of his book, a glossy coffee table tome which features photos of his bikes, buxom babes sprawled across his bikes, his tattoos, his pit bull, his shop and some text about his views on the world.

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5 Indian soldiers killed in Kashmir attack

Indian Defence Minister AK Antony told parliament the ambush was carried out by approximately 20 heavily armed terrorists along with persons dressed in Pakistan army uniforms.

The chief minister of Indianadministered Kashmir denounced the attack on Twitter.

These incidents dont help efforts to normalise or even improve relations with Pak call in to question the Pak Govts recent overtures, Omar Abdullah tweeted Tuesday morning.

Pakistan denied playing a part in the attack.

No such incident has taken place, the military said, while Pakistans ministry of foreign affairs also rejected the claim.

These are baseless and unfounded allegations.

The two South Asian neighbors have had a ceasefire along the de facto border, known as the Line of Control, since November 2003. But it has been violated repeatedly, with both sides accusing the other of offenses.

Tuesdays ambush came close on the heels of the Indian armys operations against militants infiltrating into the Indian side of Kashmir, resulting in the deaths of 13 militants last week. One Indian army soldier was also killed in one of the gunfights in north Kashmirs frontier Kupwara district, according to the defense spokesman.

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Chrome but works fine in FireFox

I have some simple reports in SSRS 2008 R2 but they wont display at all in Safari or Chrome. According to Microsofts Books Online, these browsers are supported in limited fashion. However, I cant see anything after the data Loading clock completes. The parameter bar and bread crumb navigation section at the top of the page are all there. Also, I can Save/Export to any format on Safari and Chrome. It just wont display the report section itself, which is just blank.

Am I suppose to use certificates and secured connections currently not setup with https, only http? Are there any server side configurations that need to be tweaked? Has anyone had success displaying ANY reports on Safari/Chrome using previous SSRS versions 2005?

But there is still a problem: any time the user change parameters my reports use parameters! AJAX refreshes the div, the overflow:auto tag is rewritten, and no script changes it.

This technote detail explains what is the problem.

This happens because in a page built with AJAX panels, only the AJAX panels change their state, without refreshing the whole page. Consequently, the OnLoad events you applied on the tag are only fired once: the first time your page loads. After that, changing any of the AJAX panels will not trigger these events anymore.

Another option is to rename your function to pageLoad.

If you do this you can also remove the onload attribute from the body tag

So wrote the I improved script that is shown in the solution.

Maybe this will help someone. I know this post is kinda old now but the problem still exists in Chrome 22.0.1229.79. Posting my solution in case someone has this issue still.

YMMV but I have found that removing height from the ReportViewer tag fixes this issue.

I was having this issue with SSAS reports but not SSRS ones. I couldnt figure out why until I checked the differences in the pages a consultant had done the SSAS reports. He was setting ReportViewer Height=60% and the SSRS reports were not specifying the height.