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fashion bracelets Neutral polka dots | Fashion
Neutral polka dots
´╗┐Back to school costs

Health Experts On Air WLFI Schedule WLFI ProgramsDavid DeLong LAFAYETTE, Ind. WLFI For students in the Lafayette and West Lafayette districts, school starts a week from today. Tippecanoe School Corporation students start one day later. Either way, it means Back to School shopping is well underway.

Back to School shopping is something all parents go through. But, when you add up all the scissors, note cards and glue, how much does it cost?

I grabbed a school supplies list for Earhart Elementary and got all the items a fourth grader would need. The cost was $42.52.

And thats assuming you dont have to buy a backpack or gym shoes.

The average cost for somebody say in grade three or grade four to go back to school can easily reach $75 to $100, Major Jim Irvine with the Salvation Army said.

And thats assuming you only have one child to outfit for school.

For families who cant afford to purchase these supplies the Salvation Army is having its 18th annual Tools for School distribution on Saturday.

Often times, we help the ones who have no place to turn to, said Irvine. So, this is absolutely critical, not only to us, but especially critical to those who have no place to turn to so they can have the pens, the pencils, the papers.

Major Jim Irvine says back to school shopping is something that nearly everyone puts off to the last minute. And with school starting a week early this year, they still need more supplies for Saturday.

Last year, we served over 860 children, Irvine said. So, I would imagine, with the economy being has hard and as tight as it is, I wouldnt be the least bit surprised to see over a thousand students coming through looking for help.

Irvine says they also need volunteers for Saturdays distribution. If you would like to volunteer you can contact the Salvation Army by calling 765 7420006.

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