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middle aged women fashion strips of magazines glued to a canvas. | How Crafty!!!
strips of magazines glued to a canvas.
Richard Family Irish Dance Fundraiser

The Irish dance community is supporting one of their own. Sevenyearold Jane Richard, a dancer with Clifden Academy of Irish Dance in Milton, Massachusetts, was one of the victims of the Boston Marathon bomb attacks. Jane lost her leg and remains hospitalized. Her brother, 8yearold Martin, was killed; her mother, Denise, remains hospitalized after brain surgery. The family was waiting for her dad to cross the finish line.

She is just a beautiful little girl. We taught her since she was a baby, pointing her little toe, Eileen Dillon Dinn, owner of the Clifton Academy, told the Irish Voice. We are just in a state of shock and disbelief. The Richard family is lovely. They went to the marathon as a happy family, and then this happened. With so Midwest many dancers having toured and performed in Boston recently, the tragedy hit even closer to home. Once the word spread about Jane being an Irish dancer, calls for fundraising and support for the Richard family dominated Irish dance message boards and Facebook accounts.

We were sitting watching an interview on TV when they said that little Jane was an Irish dancer, said Trish Johnson of Wisconsin, with daughter Breeane GlavanJohnson, a former Irish dancer and current teacher with Glencastle Irish Dancers in Wisconsin. We looked at each other and started bawling. The Johnsons were moved to action and Wrapping Jane in Our Love was born. The goal: to collect a tshirt from Irish dance schools all over the world and make them into a quilt for Jane.

The Johnsons were hoping for 20 to 30 tshirts. To date, nearly 500 schools have mailed tshirts. Between wordofmouth and social media, Wrapping Jane in Our Love took off among the Irish dance community.

Ive been reduced to tears by the response, said Trish. It literally leaves me speechless.

Parcels continue to arrive at the Johnsons front door. Michael Flatley contacted their website and is sending shirts from Lord of the Dance. Several Midwest World Champions have donated World medals or sashes. The Johnsons plan to fly to Boston at the end of May and, with the help of family friend Kathy Hatfield and team of volunteers, sew and deliver the quilt to the Richard family.

Were the most competitive people you have ever met, but when one of our own has been hurt, we will rise above everything, said Trish. This is opening peoples eyes to the Irish dance community in general. Because they think of crazy people who buy these outrageous costumes and wigs and spray tan, but when it comes down to it, there is not a better bunch of people who Id want to have my back.

Local feiseanna continue to raise money, and dance outs are in the works across several cities in the Midwest. More than $250,000 has been raised for the Richard Family Fund to date.

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cheap fashion clothes for women Tree of Life | Tat Ideas
Tree of Life
Architecture Applied Engineering

ProgramsThe College of Technology at BGSU houses innovative and engaging academic programs and faculty. Students in the College of Technology receive state of the art academic instruction in the following areas:

UndergraduateGraduateAll students also participate in our Cooperative Education program, requiring two to three semesters of fulltime employment prior to graduation. The coop program, originating over forty years ago, has strong connections with employers and assists students in crafting resumes, interview skills, and searching for positions.

PE, PhD, FACIOn behalf of our students, faculty and staff, Id like to welome you to Bowling Green State University and the College of Technology! Our mission is focused on preparing a technically proficient workforce and welleducated citizens who can advance the STEM Science, Technology, Enginering and Math disciplines and create a brighter future..

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Cartel drug bust yields arrests in Hesperia

Agents from the Attorney Generals Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement arrested the four people in Hesperia and two others in Paramount who had arranged to use the money to purchase 160 pounds of cocaine this week, according to a statement from the office of Attorney General Jerry Brown.The six people arrested were associates of the Sinaloa cartel.Combined with last weeks indictments and siezures, these arrests have once again successfully disrupted the operations of this dangerous criminal syndicate, Brown said, in the statement.Those arrested in the bust are: George Rico, 32 of Hesperia, Calif.; Janette Rico, 32 of Hesperia, Calif.; and Modesto Marin Rico, 53, of Hesperia, Calif. Edgar Laureano Cruz, 40, of Los Angeles, Calif. Mario Sicairos Eseberre, 46, of Culiacan, Mexico; Carlos Victor Lopez Mora, 66, of Mexicali, Mexico;As part of an undercover operation last month, state agents met with associates of the cartel who wanted to purchase a large quantity of cocaine. These individuals operated out of Imperial, Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties.Through a series of undercover meetings from Aug. 2931, agents brokered a deal with the suspects who agreed to buy about 160 pounds of cocaine for more than $1.1 Advertisementmillion, according to state officials. The street value of the cocaine is more than $7 million.After the deal, agents made arrests at two locations. The first location was in a Home Depot parking lot located at 6400 Alondra Boulevard in Paramount, where two of the suspects had arrived to pick up the cocaine. The second location was at a house in the 15000 block of Lime Street in Hesperia where four people were waiting with the cash.The suspects were arrested and are being held in Imperial County Jail on $2 million bail each on suspicion of possession of cocaine for sales, transportation of cocaine and possession of excess of $100,000 of drug proceeds. Eash suspect faces up to 15 years in state prison if convicted of all charges.At the Hesperia location, three children between the ages of 10 and 15 who were found to be living in the home were turned over to child protective services. Agents also seized five weapons at the location, including a .223 caliber Bushmaster AK47 and a .223 caliber Olympic Arms AR15.About $27,000 was seized from the suspects in Paramount.This bust follows last weeks announcement that Browns office, working with Imperial County District Attorney Gilbert Otero, had secured indictments against 16 people and seized over 550 pounds of cocaine and marijuana as part of Operation Silver Fox, an eight month undercover investigation into the Sinaloa drug cartel.

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The "Wicked Witch of the West" (played by Margaret Hamilton) "The Wizard of Oz"
School Age the first signs of puberty

Puberty is a process that begins at different times in different children, but once puberty starts, it should follow a regular set of stages. In girls, puberty usually begins between the ages of eight and thirteen, with an average age of ten years. The first sign of puberty in girls is breast budding and then growth of pubic hair. Breast budding is followed a year later my a growth spurt. Menarche, or your childs first period, usually occurs about two years after puberty begins. Remember that periods may be irregular during the first few years after menarche. The stages of puberty progress as your child gets older and include continued breast enlargement and pubic hair growth.

Boys usually begin puberty the age of eleven, but it may occur at an age as early as nine or as late as fourteen. The first sign that a boy is entering puberty is enlargement of the testis. This is followed by stages which include continued enlargement of the testis and penis and pubic hair growth. Boys also go through a growth spurt about two years after puberty begins.

You should talk to your child about the changes that their bodies are going to go through before they start to go through puberty so that they are not surprised by these changes. Your child should understand that these changes are normal.

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Atlantic City International Airport

Spirit Airlines offers seasonal nonstop flights to Boston, Atlanta, Detroit and Chicago OHare, with daily nonstop flights to Myrtle Beach, Florida and connections to Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. People who travel by air to Atlantic City will now have direct service to the New England region. Spirit Airlines 2013 Flight Schedule

The Atlantic City International Airport is owned by the . A $25 million, 75,000 square foot expansion of the airport was completed in 2012. The project will add a federal inspection station for international flights, three passenger boarding bridges and a larger baggage claim area.

Atlantic City International Airport Parking Fees

Short Term Parking is $1 per hour of parking, with a $13/day maximum. Daily Garage Parking is $12/day and Economy Parking is $9/day. Travelers may pay for parking at the terminal payment station.