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sterling silver pendants Ravelry  Half Sweater Wrap   Katniss   Catching Fire   District 12   Hunger Games pattern by Yarn me Silly
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a jewelry store Poor Judgement
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chrome hearts sunglasses celebrity finders fee commissions I can  39 t come into work today because I  39 m sick of this shit
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chrome hearts eyeglasses gittin any ii vidal sassoon curling iron fresh crafts  fresh homemade christmas gifts
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alexis bittar necklaces Who came up with this Amazing
alexis bittar necklaces Who came up with this  Amazing

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Ever thought of doing this with your McDonald Fries?
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silver necklaces for women Marilyn Monroe | Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe
Russias Putin and his wife say their marriage is over

Standing awkwardly side by side, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila Putina announced Thursday their decision to divorce on Russian television.

Putin confirmed the two no longer live together.

is the case, he said. my activity is to do with publicity, absolute publicity, and some people like this, and others do not. But there are some people who are absolutely incompatible with this . Lyudmila Alexandrovna has stood by this post for eight or nine years so its a mutual decision. confirmed Putin words, adding: marriage is over due to the fact that we no longer see each other.

Their appearance was filmed by the statecontrolled television Russia24 as the two prepared to attend the ballet Esmeralda at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow.

Putins private life has been shrouded in mystery. He has rarely been seen together with Lyudmila in recent years, and rumors have circulated that the first lady had moved to the Elizarova monastery. In 2008, Russian media reported that Putin was set to marry the former Olympic gold medalist gymnast, Alina Kabaeva. The two have also been rumored to have a child together.

Presidential Press Service / ItarTass via Reuters, file

Vladimir Putin smiles at gymnast Alina Kabaeva during a meeting with members of the Russian Olympic team in 2004.

Although neither Putin nor Kabaeva have confirmed these rumors, they have been seen and photographed together at public events. Kabaeva retired from sports and became a member of the Public Chamber of Russia which drafts laws for the Russian parliament. Putin and Lyudmila have two daughters together, but almost nothing is known about them. Maria was born in 1985 and Ekaterina Putina in 1986 and both have been rumored to be living abroad, although in 2011 some photos of them surfaced online.

Putin said both his daughters had been educated in Russia, where they continue to live.

Putin, now in his third term, won the presidential election last year, a move followed by large antigovernment demonstrations.

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Putin, the Perfect Russian President!its not much different than every President weve had in the UShis wife is brave, and courageous to stand up against him, he having another family!!! Putin is living a Double Life!!! with child.

Putin, also loves his bodybut he doesnt love the Russian People. No wonder he has turned to the Enemies of the United StatesIran and Syria dishing out money and weapons. His first wife most likely told him not to enable Syria to use Chemical Weapons on the Syrians, buddying up with Assad, and AdinemajadIt is a matter of moral values, ethics. This young one; his Mistress, probably doesnt care

Typical of all Powerful Leaders in Big and Small Countriesthey are above it all.

When you have as much power as he does, it pays to be careful what one says and does. I am sure his stance on Russian children being adopted by foreign countries didnt sit well with her. Then again, I think some how it came as no surprise to her.

Perhaps she will find some happiness after the divorce is finalized. There are certain leaders one just does not want to hang around with, as history has shown. He is one of those, if things went south. Dont trust him as far as I can throw a train. If he makes a move for that young talented lady, now that should make for new interesting chapter in Russia social circles. History is filled with old powerful men chasing after young sexy women. Putin isnt anymore of a psycho than Obama. All you have to do is look at the body count. How many wars of aggression has Putin been involved in? Just the short lived Georgian war, in which the Georgian military invaded S Ossetia and Abkhazia. In Russia political opposition is taken care of the old fashioned way, while here in the States any REAL opposition to the crooks in DC are just ignored, called kooks, or effectively killed off by the PC police in the media. Guys like Ron Paul, Denis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, and Gary Johnson are ignored or made out to be kooks, since they dont like what the US govt and the Federal Reserve are doing to the American economy at large. Obama is not much different from the man he is replacing, with the exception of the hue of his skin, and t hat he backs leftist social issues, which in the real scheme of things doesnt matter to the average American or affect his/her standard of living. For those policies that do affect our bottom lines there is virtually no difference between the two parties.

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DIY Maxi Convertible Dress
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Cheshire Cat Cake
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cut off shirt DIY This would be cute with a tank top under it.
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Love this idea for a coat closet.
heart necklaces I know you said this in their voices, I know I did! | Disney
I know you said this in their voices, I know I did!
Road Tubeless Tire Benefits Disadvantages

Road tubeless was designed to work at lower pressures than most road clinchers. Hutchinson, which developed road tubeless with Shimano, recommends that cyclists use as much as 13 psi less than they would run in a tube. Running less pressure means the ride quality will improve; some riders claim the ride is as smooth as a tubular tire. Lower pressure also boosts traction when cornering and braking, because softer tires stick to the ground better. But some claim that the ride isn as supple as highquality, traditional tubulars or even the best open clinchers.

Working with road tubeless wheels and tires isn as simple as handling a regular clincher. You have to be patient when working stiff beads on and off rims process that often requires soapy water. You have to be careful about choosing tire levers, repairing punctures, and installing valves, rim tape, and strips. You also need an air compressor to properly install many tires. You have to remember to refill the tire with fresh sealant every few months if the sealant can fix a puncture out on the road, the repair is much more timeconsuming and complicated.

Switching to tubeless won save you a lot of weight the way swapping to tubulars can, and setup and maintenance are a little harder than normal. Once everything is together, the system requires a little more vigilance, but and the ability to run lower pressure offers a smooth ride and good traction. We don foresee tubeless exponentially gaining popularity until a more varied lineup of wheels and tires is available lighter, more aerodynamic wheels and fatter, lighter tires with more efficient casings. Eventually, we could see tubes relegated to jersey pockets and seat bags, coming out only when a tubeless tire fails catastrophically.

Your verdict does not match your test data. Looking at your data, I doubt that there is a statistically significant diffence between the data sets for any of the 4 tires tested. Look at how close the various means are versus the number of trials run. You did six runs for each tire. Thats ideal for calculating data spread variance. Once youve got a mean, variance and number of trials there are simple statistical tests to compare multiple means such as Analysis of Variance ANOVA you could use to tell if any of the tire tests had statistically different test results. If youre going to do testing like this use proper statistical analysis and more important make sure your headlines and subheadings actually match your test results. The results definitely dont say that tubeless are slightly faster.

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A wonderful + easy DIY idea for wedding centerpieces: simple painted bottles from Life in Color.
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DIY Craft Table; two $15 Walmart bookshelves and sheet of cabinet grade plywood.
necklaces Surrounded by the ones you love. Draw it in chalk on the … | Weddin
Surrounded by the ones you love. Draw it in chalk on the ground to organize. how cool.
Can I drink alcohol and take Levaquin

On One Hand: Nothing Specifically Prohibits ItThere is nothing in Levaquins prescribing information which prohibits drinking alcohol while taking the antibiotic. The prescribing information indicates that possible drug interactions include antacids, blood thinners such as Warfarin, some diabetic medications and NSAIDs nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs. Talk to your doctor about all other medications you are taking prior to taking Levaquin.

Bottom LineAccording to Dr. James M. Steckelberg with the Mayo Clinic, the efficacy of most antibiotics is not affected by drinking alcohol. However, drinking alcohol while taking antibiotics may intensify side effects such as dizziness and upset stomach. Additionally, drinking alcohol can diminish your energy levels and delay the recovery process..

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One Skein Crochet Wrap
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Sparkling mint<3
necklaces for women nice place | Home
nice place
S 500 ekes out record close

Tech results in focus: This week, a number of big technology companies are slated to report, including Apple, Facebook and Amazon.

Following disappointing results from Google and Microsoft last week, investors are eager to see how other tech companies have fared. Apple, which can have an outsized impact on the broader market, is expected to report a sharp drop in profits.

After the market closed Monday, Netflixs reported earnings of 49 cents per share, topping analysts expectations. But the wideranging earnings guidance spooked investors a little in afterhours trading.

Despite the positive tone to last weeks earnings reports, many investors remain concerned about the tepid pace of revenue growth, said Dan Greenhaus, chief market strategist at BTIG.

Revenue growth concerns are paramount, with some wondering about the future path of earnings if revenue growth doesnt accelerate, Greenhaus wrote in a note to clients.

He said about half of the companies that have reported so far have beat revenue expectations. While that sounds pretty good, its below average.

In other corporate news, Yahoo! announced that it will repurchase 40 million Yahoo shares from longtime backer Third Point Capital. The hedge fund, run by activist investor Dan Loeb, will retain a small stake.

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USMC cake - Remember Remember the 10th of November
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Music cake ?
Citroen C4 Picasso review

The new Citroen C4 Picasso follows the lead of the Nissan Juke and Range Rover Evoque by opting for a seriously eyecatching design. Look underneath the skin, though, and youll find that the new C4 Picasso rides on a completely new platform that helps shed 140kg from the old cars kerbweight. Whats more, its shorter and lower but with a wheelbase thats 57mm longer to increase the amount of space in the cabin and a bigger boot than ever. A 1.6 eHDi 90 engine provides amazing 74.3mpg fuel economy, but we think the pick of the range is the eHDi 115 unit, which provides reasonable performance while still claiming 70.6mpg.

Our choice: Exclusive eHDi1 15

Citroen has certainly made sure that the new C4 Picasso stands out, with razorthin daytime running lights flowing in to a fullwidth chromed double chevron grille. Its got sporty new proportions, too, at 40mm lower and 40mm shorter than before, while keeping the same width. The squat, groundhugging stance is more reminiscent of a hatchback than of an MPV, making the C4 Picasso look like nothing else in this class. The interior also looks stylish and upmarket, with all models getting a seveninch colour touchscreen in the centre console. There are classy Citroen DSinspired touches, too, like dualcolour leather seats.

So far weve driven the 1.6 eHDi 115 and petrolpowered THP 155. Clearly the diesel model makes more sense, with its reasonable acceleration, quiet engine note and seriously impressive running costs. Thats not to say the petrol isnt without its benefits, though, offering a 062mph time of 9.0 seconds thats significantly quicker than any other model in the range. Its a nice, smooth engine, with less rattle and vibration than the diesels. Handling is reasonably good, with far less body roll and more direct steering than the old Picasso. Its far from perfect, though the Ford CMAX is still the car to have if dynamics are high up on your list of priorities.

The Citroen C4 Picasso rides on an entirely new platform called EMP2. It has been developed with Peugeot and will underpin the majority of all their future models. With that much invested in this platform, its certain to have been extensively tested for reliability, as have the range of engines used in the C4 Picasso. Most have been used elsewhere in Peugeot and Citroen models with little issue. Thankfully the interior feels more solid than Citroens of the past, although the twoyear, unlimitedmileage warranty and a thirdyear dealer warranty thats limited to 60,000 miles seems a little shabby compared with Kias sevenyear warranty.

Despite being shorter and lower than before, Citroens engineers have been smart with the interior packaging to make the C4 Picasso a more practical car than the outgoing model. The wheelbase has grown by 57mm, freeing up more legroom in the rear seats, and each of the three chairs is the same size. Thats useful for carrying three tall adults and also makes it easy to fit three baby seats. Each slides and folds flat individually, while boot capacity is up from 500 litres to 537 litres. If you slide all the seats forwards you can increase this to 630 litres, and folding them all flat pushes the total luggage space up to 1,709 litres.

1 Most reasonably priced cars do come as standard with less powerful engines and prices reflect this. The HDi 90 doesnt appear shockingly slow on paper and would suit small families who prioritise fuel economy over high performance.

2 The majority of brands still only offer a 3 year warranty so as a justification for losing a star, its a little irrelevant when Fords and Volkswagens offer 3 year warranties and can easily gain 5 stars without this criticism.

3 I can imagine that the C4 Picasso could be sharper to drive. But it doesnt claim or imply to be a drivers car, a hot hatch or low slung sporty saloon. Whats more, the 5 star rated VW Golf could be sharper as were forever told the Focus is best in class to drive, yet this has no impact on its rating despite it being a slightly less family orientated car than the Picasso.

Sorry to be a grump but the motoring press predetermination of rating for cars that arent Ford or have German roots is really annoying. Especially when the reviews for some cars such as the Picasso struggle to fault the car.

My bet is that Peugeots new 308 will be raved about but given 4 stars to keep the Golf firmly on top.

Its just Ive driven a Citroen C4 GP, new Scenic and the now old shape Clio too in the last few years and theyve been thoroughly brilliant in their niche.

AE dont seem to appreciate the purpose the car is built for. Why would Citroen of all brands put all their investment into making their MPV the best handling in class? Instead theyve compromised between the two, very well it seems. Plus Im not sure a Picasso would make the shortlist of buyers looking for a sharp driving experience.

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womens necklaces I've been looking for this chair my whole life. | Cool Things
I've been looking for this chair my whole life.
Catholic guilt over my marriage split

Having in the past described the pain of the breakup with Foster, with whom she has four children, as gutwrenching, she revealed how she continues to feel guilt eight years later.

Yes, lots of guilt. Catholic guilt I suppose. But I dont necessarily mean that in religious terms. Thats the way we were raised with Catholic guilt.

I suppose I regret, and I dont want to make a big thing out of this because my children are still here, I regret the fact that I dont think anybody walks up the aisle of a church to get married wanting anything other than it would last for a lifetime.

It doesnt always and it didnt for me. Thats regrettable, Mary told the RTE Guide.

Although the 56yearold likes Mass and visiting holy places, she described herself as an a la carte Catholic

She said: I wouldnt have time for the big hats and ceremonies and certainly wouldnt condone what has happened in recent times.

However she has strong views on the role of women in the Church.

There should definitely be women priests. I dont think that it will be in my lifetime but I think that the Church will be greatly enhanced by women having a much more central role, she said.

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Just LOVE this french sole flats!
by David Talbot

Dont Miss:Bay Area phone booth photoDiners birthday requestsFake Twitter fools passengersCaptain CoolJetBlues new sleeper seatSeason of the WitchEnchantment, Terror, and Deliverance in the City of LoveBy Free Press; 452 pages; $28Perhaps its true of any generation, but those of us who came of age in the 1960s and 1970s tend to romanticize the past. We remember the good times the good sex, the good drugs and the good rock n roll. David Talbot, the San Francisco journalist and founder of Salon, has issued a gritty corrective to our rosy memories in Season of the Witch: Enchantment, Terror, and Deliverance in the City of Love.

Talbots enthralling, newsdriven history of those two tumultuous decades starkly reminds us of the nightmare of violence and divisiveness that followed the dreamy days of peace and love. The Summer of Love devolved into the Zodiac killer. The civil rights movement gave birth to the terrifying blackonwhite murder spree of the Zebra death cult. The antiwar movement spawned such deadly fantasies as the , the kidnappers of newspaper heiress , and the New World Liberation Front, which bombed the homes of San Francisco politicians whose only sin was the voting record of a moderate Democrat.

The decade of the 1970s reached its horrifying crescendo during 10 unforgettable days in November 1978. Thats when the citys scandalously compromised politicians and newspaper editors were shocked by a monster of their own creation: the Rev. , the paranoid pastor of Peoples Temple.

Talbot recounts the shameful story of how Jones was aided and abetted by Mayor , Supervisor , Assemblyman , Chronicle City Editor Steve Gavin and others in San Franciscos politicalmedia establishment. Not all were fooled. , a San Mateo Democrat, believed the horror stories of Peoples Temple defectors. Their investigations led to Jones moving more than 900 men, women and children to a remote region of South America, where they played out a macabre ritual of murder and suicide.

Ryan, along with a young and talented Examiner photographer named , were among those murdered in the Guyanese jungle. Then, a little over a week later, a conservative former cop, firefighter and politician, , stormed into City Hall and gunned down , leader of the citys rising gay rights movement.

By the end of the 1970s, the city had become so divided along the lines of political persuasion, ethnic heritage and sexual orientation that more than a few members of the openly cheered the MosconeMilk murders. Politicians like Moscone and Milk threatened the old political establishment in San Francisco. They embraced the city as a haven for dreamers and outcasts and wandering souls.

Both men gave their lives for this oasis of freedom, Talbot writes, the city where no stranger was kept outside its golden gate.

Season of the Witch is made up of three parts: Enchantment, Terror and Deliverance. Part One is the most fun, with its chapters on how Chronicle Executive Editor Scott Newhall turned a oncedrab newspaper into The Daily Circus of the 1950s and 1960s; on The Free City of the protohippie movement the Diggers; and Talbots account of early drag queens and the outrageous, LSDfueled genderbending chorus line that was the Cockettes.

Part Two, titled Terror, is the strongest section of the book, and the hardest to read. Talbot, the Los Angelesborn son of actor Lyle Talbot, drags us through the corruption, hatred, violence and despair of the 1970s.

Part Three is the only real disappointment in this otherwise smart and briskly paced tale. Talbot finds his Deliverance in the steady hand of Mayor and the rebirth of the San Francisco 49ers. Perhaps, but Im afraid it takes more than a moderate Democrat and a few Super Bowl titles to deliver us from the dark side of the 1970s. Much of that work was heroic, but one could just as easily write a less redemptive analysis of how anonymous sex and heroin addiction came back to haunt the drug culture and the sexual liberation movements of the 1960s and 1970s. I would have preferred a more thoughtful analysis of how the broader values of the counterculture of the 60s and 70 have inspired more ecological awareness, spiritual exploration, gender equality, healthy lifestyles and, despite what you read in the newspaper, rising religious tolerance.

As a young reporter who covered those times for the Examiner and The Chronicle, I found it hard to put down Season of the Witch but sometimes wished I could. Reading it, I realized how close Ive come to repressing some of the more painful memories of the 1970s. But as Jim Jones, quoting philosopher , reminds us in a sign hung over his Jonestown death throne, Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.