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italian silver jewelry So here's the new generation of wall papers. … | For when I'm marr
So here's the new generation of wall papers. Basically SINCOL x mt is like a giant washi tape that allows you to turn a wall into a canvas. The possibilities are endless ;)
Cape Breton Post

The event took place at John Bernard Croak VC Royal Canadian Legion branch 3 to honour people who served in the conflict. Wreaths were laid for each of the 12 Cape Bretoners who died in the war.

All I can say, war is hell, said Archbishop Vincent Waterman, who served in the conflict and who acts now as chaplain of branch 28 and the Cape Breton Naval Veterans Association.

And I hope and pray we never see another one. When you look at the devastation it causes, the people hurt, soldiers coming back maimed, its not easy. When you were visiting the hospitals and homes, it would tear your heart out. These men here gave everything they had God bless Canada. It is the land of the free and home also of those who were brave and willing to keep it that way.

One man who will never forget is George Aucoin. The Margaree native was a gunner and went over to Korea twice.

Its the forgotten war, he said. It was a war they were firing real bullets and it was a real war but they didnt give us credit until 1992.

Aucoin said events like the one held Saturday are important but hed also like to see the association for Korean War veterans reactivated.

Id like to see the association start again. Theres still some people around here who remember Korea 12 Cape Bretoners were killed there during war and theres a monument on waterfront. Nobody gets there anymore its very sad.

Arlene Kelly attended Saturdays service on behalf of her father, Joe Wilson, who was one of 10 people from across Canada selected to go to South Korea to attend special services for Korean War veterans from Canada.

He always wanted to go back but never thought he could afford it, said Kelly, her voice cracking with emotion. So for him to go back and see the changes in the country, its been amazing for me to watch him but I cant even imagine whats hes going through right now.

Theres no word to describe this he didnt sleep for two nights. Theres not much that makes a 79yearold man excited these days but he was so excited about going and he wanted to see the changes over there.

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women s fashion watches 10 Tips on How to Overcome The Fear of Public … | For when I'm marr
10 Tips on How to Overcome The Fear of Public Speaking
San Francisco

In 2002 the doors closed for a 2year long renovation from the ground up.

The space has been expanded, implemented new state of the art sound and light systems.

As you make your way down the illuminated stairway, you enter the new, renovated, sexy and sophisticated space the new hot spot in town. Deep red and blue velvet couches envelop the dimly lit lounge. Get comfortable Show more for the night with prime views of the dance floors and the bars. Nuzzling in to one of these cozy spots will guarantee you the best view in the house.

The bartenders at all bars at the Cellar are waiting to serve you, mixing up your favorite cocktails, or recommending a new one. Our famous happy hour is back, and since the prices are so low, we not allowed to advertise them! Stop by Monday Friday between 5pm9pm. A visit to the Cellar is the best way to wind down a hectic schedule..