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prescription glasses online Monster High Draculaura Makeup Click Pic for 18 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Women Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Girls
prescription glasses online Monster High Draculaura Makeup   Click Pic for 18 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Women   Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Girls

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mens jewellery Perrie Edwards makeup tutorial Perrie wears way more makeup than this but still pretty
mens jewellery Perrie Edwards makeup tutorial   Perrie wears way more makeup than this but still pretty

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ASUS P8P67 Deluxe Motherboard Review

ASUS P8P67 Deluxe Motherboard ReviewASUS has a ton of P8P67 variants. Some are light on features, some aren The P8P67 Deluxe is certainly anything but light on features but how does it perform How does it stack up in the sea of recent P67 Express based boards ASUS AI Suite II

ASUS once again included their AI Suite II which includes TurboV EVO. While I not been a huge fan of this software in the past, I beginning to like it more and more. While I think there is a lot of things in it which aren necessary, or even beneficial, the things that count work well. The application starts out with a tool bar just as all the most recent versions do. This one also includes an Auto Tuning button if you want to get right down to it. Once you click on some of the various buttons, you will see expanding menus which allow you to access the various features of the utility. TurboV EVO being the first one I cover.

TurboV EVO is where you will find most of your overclocking and performance settings. Initially you two tabs at the top. A TurboV and an Auto Tuning tab. Starting with the TurboV tab we immediately see BCLK, CPU and DDR voltage sliders. There is a pain off to the right side which currently shows your CPU clock speed and multiplier settings, as well as core usage statistics. This pain can be changed depending on the utility selected. Next you notice that there is a More Settings drop down. Once selected, an Advanced Mode and a CPU Ratio tab appear. Below that are additional voltage adjustments. The most important of these is the CPU PLL voltage adjustment. CPU ratio may or may not prompt for a reboot of the system. What this does is adjust the setting in BIOS to allow for your CPU core multipliers to be adjusted via the OS. I not sure why this doesn default to being on as it should in my opinion.

Next the Auto Tuning tab shows us basically the same CPU Level Up functionality we seen in ASUS BIOS now for a few years. There are two presets, Fast and Extreme. The latter only gives you about a 4.1GHz to 4.2GHz overclock using a Core i7 2600K. Not really extreme, but nice given that there is virtually no effort involved here. Then there is the DIGI+VRM settings. This menu allows you to set LoadLine calibration and CPU current capabilities. You can also adjust the VRM frequency mode if you desire. Phase Control is also available here as is the DIGI+VRM duty cycle setting.

What nice about overclocking through this utility as opposed to the BIOS are the rollovers. While they aren super technical, they do explain in layman terms what each of the settings do and what effect they might have on your overclocking experience. Given how well we seen software overclocking work on most of the P67 Express chipset based boards, its reason enough to overclock here rather than through the BIOS. Moving on we find the ASUS EPU control panel. This is basically power saving presets. There are also energy savings counters, etc. You can also edit the profiles if you choose and customize them. Also you notice that the pain on the right hand side has an EPU Status and a Sensor feature. The latter shows all your temperatures and voltage ranges. It also displays fan RPM ranges if you care to monitor those. I don actually have any fans beyond the water pump connected to this so mine all show zero RPM here.

Here we see the FAN Xpert. I hate it. Simply put I hate line graphs despite being well aware of their advantages and I hate any type of controls using the form of a line graph even more. Still it works well enough, I just don care for it myself. It a minor complaint at best. As you can see you can set fan profile presets as well. What I do like is that there is a built in test function for your fan profiles. I can recall ever seeing anything like that in any software utilities. Certainly, not in recent memory anyway. Moving on, we can see the actual profile adjustments for the EPU profiles. This is the High Performance profile for reference.

Moving on once again we get into the ASUS Probe II. While the name is similar to the ASUS PC Probe II which ASUS bundled with its boards for what seems like an eternity, the two could not be more different in terms of visual presentation. This one is integrated into the AI Suite II better than any efforts previous. More so this one is easier to read and far more user friendly. This utility allows for the monitoring of voltages, fan speeds, and various temperature zones. It doesn really allow for any changes beyond alert thresholds. It also shows a logging function which displays and alerts which have occurred previously on the system. You can also save your settings into a profile if you wish. Running through them quickly you see several tabs starting with voltage, temperature, fan speed, preference, and finally the alert log.

As usual ASUS likes to throw everything but the kitchen sink in with its utilities so this goes on and on. As soon as ASUS can digitally include a kitchen sink, I sure they will just to one up their competitors. In any case the next feature is the BT GO or Bluetooth Go or whatever. This allows you to connect your Bluetooth enabled phone or other devices to the system. You can transfer files, share media, and do a whole bunch of things. I didn play with this feature too much but I did connect my phone to it and move some files around. This utility is actually a double effort as there is another one which isn as fancy, but is essentially the same as this which gets installed and is accessible through Windows Start Menu. I almost cringed in fear when I saw this next part. The ASUS Update utility. I say It back but I don think it ever really left. Since bricking two boards using this back in the 680i SLI chipset days I haven touched this utility and I been gun shy about ever flashing my BIOS over the internet. Instead I prefer to download the BIOS and use EZFlash or the equivalent if using another brand of board. But anyway this feature is prominently integrated into ASUS AI Suite for better or for worse. Editors Note: Flashing a BIOS inside of a Windows OS has come a long way since the 680i days. I have used this program extensively and not had issues with it. Still when it comes to my personal hardware or even most test bench hardware I like to use the BIOS based flashing utilities.

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Resident challenges Vogler being on ballot Merrimack Valley EagleTribune

METHUEN A city resident filed an objection to School Committee member Robert Vogler appearing on the November ballot, saying Vogler currently is serving a third term and is barred from running again by the city charter.

Jack Burke, who has challenged and tangled with city officials in the past, said in the objection that the appointment in May of Vogler, who served in 2009 and 2011, to finish the term of Mark Graziano counted as his third consecutive term, disqualifying him from running this fall.

Former City Solicitor Peter McQuillan issued an opinion in May, saying Voglers appointment would not count as a term and that he would still qualify. Vogler said before the opinion was issued that he would not accept the position if he could not run in the election.

Burke faulted McQuillans opinion, saying state law distinguishes full term from term, and that because the charter did not make a distinction, the states definitions of the words should be used.

There are some laws that use the word full term, so its been defined, Burke said in an interview. Since it was defined at the state level and it was used in our charter, you cant just throw it in.

Vogler said he acted in good faith based on the city solicitors official legal opinion.

In his May opinion, McQuillan cited the charter, which defined a School Committee members term as being two years, beginning the first secular day of January after election and until their successors are qualified. He concluded that because the language must be given its usual meaning, Voglers truncated time on the committee cannot be considered a full term under this provision of the charter.

Burke said in his written objection to City Clerk Christine ToumaConway, dated July 31, that a vacancy in an office, when no one can execute that offices duties, is not the same as an unexpired term, which continues on even if the office is vacant.

The plain language says you cant hold office for more than three consecutive terms, Burke said. Its a very simple question. Mr. Vogler is holding office in each of those three terms. If thats the case, there is no way his name should appear on the ballot.

Vogler, who said he did not know about the objection until a reporter called him yesterday afternoon, expressed frustration that the objection was not made earlier.

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Restaurants and Dining

In the search for the Twin Cities best culinary creations, we often come across dishes that stop us midbite and force us to reflect on the level of thought and artistry chefs put into their work. The efforts of the chefs are often laborious, and the end results are regularly consumed before the full concept can be appreciated. Weve been tracking down some of these dishes to get the chefs side of the story: their thoughts, motivations, and processes. Its our hope that we can give you deeper insight into the talents of Twin Cities chefs and to have a better understanding of what youre getting when you sit down to dinner.

Lets face it, there arent too many chefs in town who have been able to establish such a nefarious reputation as Haute Dish chef and owner Landon Schoenefeld, but when youve been working in the industry as long and in as many places as Schoenefeld, youre bound to have a few stories that will follow you around likely until the end of time. Schoenefeld has come a long way from his Colonel Mustard days and since opening Haute Dish in 2010, he has dazzled diners with his thoughtful, wellexecuted and visuallystunning interpretations on seasonallydriven, techniqueelevated, old and new school comfort foods.

As Haute Dish is well into its third year of service, Schoenefeld continues to grow and refine his menu all while keeping diners entertained with his playful plates. As one of the forerunners of the Twin Cities young, chefdriven restaurant movement, Haute Dish has quickly become a Minneapolis staple as it embodies itself as a representative of our cultured past and expansive, diverse future.

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high end jewelry stores Blue Moonlight by Barb Keith, via Flickr | Mosaik-Kunst
Blue Moonlight by Barb Keith, via Flickr
amethyst ring Half baked-Urban decay Naked pallete look 1 | Yumna M.'s … | Makeup
Half baked-Urban decay Naked pallete look 1 | Yumna M.'s Photo | Beautylish
Request comes on heels of Jackson shooting death

Ott said the shooting served to prompt the request for the review, but that his request should not be seen as denoting a lack of faith in Chief Art Acevedo, his leadership team, or the men and women of the Austin Police Department, he said during an afternoon press conference at City Hall.

Jackson was killed by a single bullet fired from the gun of APD Detective Charles Kleinert during a scuffle under a bridge over Shoal Creek near West 34th Street on Friday afternoon, July 26. Kleinert had been inside a nearby Benchmark Bank conducting a followup investigation to an earlier, and unrelated, bank robbery when Jackson came to the banks locked front door and tried to get inside. Unable to do so he left briefly before returning and again trying to enter the bank. The bank manager went out to talk to Jackson and found his behavior suspicious, which she in turn reported to Kleinert. Kleinert went outside to talk to Jackson, a conversation police say was caught on video; Jackson misidentified himself, police said, and then fled. Kleinert apparently believed Jackson intended to defraud the bank in some way, police said. The 19year department veteran decided to give chase including by commandeering a car and having a civilian drive him around looking for Jackson and caught up with Jackson as the 32yearold was walking along the sidewalk over Shoal Creek. The pair somehow got into an altercation beneath the bridge and Kleinerts gun fired reportedly by accident striking Jackson in the back of the neck, killing him.

Otts announcement comes on the heels of a similar request made of the DOJ by the Texas Civil Rights Project and Austin NAACP. The two groups first requested the DOJ investigate APDs use of force back in 2004. The agency agreed to do so in 2007; a year later the feds came back with a list of recommendations for improvement many involving police policies and reporting procedures. The APD embraced the suggestions and in 2011 the DOJ official closed its inquiry. In the wake of Jacksons shooting death, on top of other troubling useofforce instances cited in a letter to DOJ written by TCRP Director Jim Harrington, TCRP and NAACP have asked that DOJ reopen its inquiry.

Ott said that he has made the request because the DOJ offers an objective set of eyes and can weigh in on whether the tactics and practices police use are in alignment with updated policies and procedures some prompted by the previous review and with best practices nationwide.

The request, Ott said, is not for the DOJ to do any investigation into whether Jacksons civil rights may have been violated in connection with his death.

PREVIOUS:At a press conference July 29, Austin Police Assistant Chief Brian Manley acknowledged that the fatal shooting Friday of Larry Eugene Jackson, Jr. by an APD detective was more complicated than initially described, and that it involved not simply a foot chase but a search in a private car commandeered by the APD detective.

Manley said police are confident that Jackson shot and killed by APD Detective Charles Kleinert on Friday afternoon had come to the Benchmark Bank where the detective was investigating an earlier unrelated robbery to commit a fraud and was not there to conduct any legitimate business.

Jackson misidentified himself when he was questioned by the bank manager that afternoon outside the bank on West 35th Street. Jackson had previously tried to enter the bank, police said, but the door was locked because of the ongoing robbery investigation. Jackson briefly left, police say, then returned and tried again to enter the bank before he was confronted by the manager, who in turn told Kleinert, who was inside the bank conducting a followup investigation of the morning robbery, about the exchange. Kleinert went outside to talk with Jackson and after a two or threeminute conversation captured by surveillance cameras Jackson fled, police say.

Although police say theyve ruled out any connection between Jackson and the robber who struck the facility that morning a robber who police believe is connected to at least three other bank robberies, including two in Austin and one in San Antonio, Manley told reporters at a Monday press briefing that they are nonetheless certain that Jackson was up to no good.

Police said that Kleinert, dressed in plain clothes and displaying his APD credentials on his shirt collar, took off on foot after Jackson why, exactly, Kleinert felt the need to initiate the pursuit remains unclear. With video of Jackson and info about his fictitious ID in hand it would seem Jackson could be found later. Manley said that Kleinerts reasons for taking immediate action would be explored during the departments criminal and administrative inquiries into the shooting. The department will have a better idea of what his intentions were and what was his mindset as the investigation proceeds, Manley said. And although its not illegal to do so, its really not a good idea to run from police, he said.

Manley also provided a bit more information about that pursuit, including that although Kleinert did initially follow Jackson on foot he later stopped a motorist and enlisted their aid, which is legal under state law.

While that may be true, a source tells the Chronicle that the motorist in question, sitting in a car in a parking lot near the bank, was unnerved by Kleinerts commandeering of the persons car. Indeed, the source said that Kleinert was out of control and did not effectively identify himself before directing the motorist to drive him around near the bank. The motorist implored Kleinert to calm down and explain what was happening, the source said; Kleinert declined to do so, the source said, instead telling the motorist to Go! Go! Go! When the pair drove up to a bridge that spans Shoal Creek, Kleinert spotted Jackson, who the source said was merely walking along the sidewalk. Kleinert reportedly said, There he is! before jumping out of the car. Shaken, the motorist drove away and subsequently called police.

According to Manley, Kleinert followed Jackson under the bridge near the Shoal Creek Trail and there a scuffle ensued; Jackson was shot once, in the back of the neck. He died just before 4:30 pm, police said. Manley said police are still trying to determine what happened during the altercation and whether Kleinerts gun was fired intentionally or accidentally.

Manley declined to release any additional information about why police believe Jackson was there to defraud the bank or how that would be done, especially with the bank closed or to discuss any additional details about the confrontation that led to the shooting, saying there were additional critical witnesses yet to be interviewed. Additionally, he said that police are still searching for an alleged witness to the shooting, surveillance photos of whom police released over the weekend. Anyone able to identify the witness is asked to call the APD tip line at 512/9746840.

Manley said APD extends its condolences to Jacksons family. See note below. Manley is serving as acting police chief while Chief Art Acevedo is out of town and with his mother, who is in hospice care in California.

A previous version of this update reported that Manley said the department offered its condolences to Jacksons family, leaving the impression that they had done so previous to the press conference. That is not what Manley said. Indeed, in an email to the Chronicle Jacksons sister wrote that APD has not reached out to the family beyond providing Jacksons parents with a death notification on Saturday evening, July 27, at 5:45 pm.

EARLIER: As of Monday morning, Austin Police are still searching for a man who they believe witnessed some, or all, of an altercation between an APD detective and a 32yearold man that ended with the fatal shooting of that man late Friday afternoon, under a bridge near Shoal Creek Hospital.

APD are looking for a man captured on nearby surveillance cameras who they believe saw a scuffle between Larry Eugene Jackson, Jr. and 19year APD veteran Det. Charles Kleinert that ended with Kleinert shooting and killing Jackson in West Austin near the Shoal Creek Trail.

Kleinert, an investigator with the departments robbery unit, was inside the Benchmark Bank at 1508 W. 35th just after 4pm on Friday afternoon conducting followup investigation work of a robbery that took place at the bank that morning, said APD Assistant Chief Brian Manley at a press briefing near the site of the shooting, when Jackson approached the locked front door of the bank and tried to get inside. When he couldnt get in, Jackson walked away for a minute, Manley said, before returning and again attempting to open the front door of the bank. Jacksons actions got the attention of the bank manager, who went out front to talk with him. During the brief conversation, the manager subsequently reported to Kleinert, the man had identified himself in a manner that the manager knew to be false, Manley said.

Kleinert then exited the bank to talk with the man; the pair had a two to threeminute conversation outside the bank that was recorded by a surveillance camera, Manley said, before Jackson took off running. Kleinert followed as Jackson ran underneath the bridge near Shoal Creek. There the pair engaged in a physical struggle before Kleinert pulled and fired his gun, killing Jackson who died at 4:24pm Friday afternoon.

Jackson, a black man, was not a suspect in the earlier bank robbery. Police believe that robbery and perhaps three additional robberies, including two in Austin and one in San Antonio were committed by a tall and heavyset white man, who appears on the banks security video. Why Kleinert decided to pursue Jackson at this point remains a mystery. Indeed, mere flight by a subject who is not suspected of criminal activity shall not serve as the sole justification for engaging in a foot pursuit without the development of reasonable suspicion regarding the individuals involvement in criminal activity, reads APDs policy on foot pursuit. Deciding to initiate or continue a foot chase is a decision that an officer must make quickly and under unpredictable and dynamic circumstances, the policy continues. Foot chases place the officer and public at significant risk, and therefore, no officer shall be criticized or disciplined for deciding not to give chase, it reads. Surveillance presumably, including the video surveillance available in the area, including outside the bank and the same cameras that captured the movements of the alleged witness to the shooting and containment are the safest ways to track a fleeing suspect, reads the policy. Officers should consider alternatives to engaging in or continuing a foot pursuit under a number of specific circumstances, including when the officer is acting alone or when the fleeing person enters a wooded or otherwise isolated area and there are insufficient officers to provide backup and containment, according to the policy.

Jacksons is the third fatality out of six officerinvolved shootings this year. Jim Harrington, director of the Texas Civil Rights Project, says he is concerned that Austin police are overreacting and improperly using force when it is unnecessary. These shootings seem to indicate that the police are not being properly trained and supervised and are overreacting in situations, to the peril of the citizens, he said in a press release. We cannot tolerate this constant use of deadly force. Department of Justice, which had investigated a sweeping complaint about police use of force filed in 2004 by TCRP and the Austin NAACP. The DOJ accepted the complaint in 2007, returning a year later with 160 recommendations for improvement including to the departments useofforce policy and citizen complaint process. The DOJ closed the investigation in 2011, finding that there was no reasonable cause to believe that APD has engaged in a pattern or practice that violated the Constitution or laws of the United States, according to the DOJ. It may be time, however, to revisit that conclusion, Harrington believes.

An investigation into the shooting is ongoing and Kleinert, a wellliked and respected officer who joined the force in 1994 after working with APD in a civilian capacity, is on administrative leave pending the outcome of the inquiry.

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research on honey bees indicates

CHAMPAIGN, lll. A new study in Science suggests that thrillseeking is not limited to humans and other vertebrates. Some honey bees, too, are more likely than others to seek adventure. The brains of these noveltyseeking bees exhibit distinct patterns of gene activity in molecular pathways known to be associated with thrillseeking in humans, researchers report.

University of Illinois entomology professor and Institute for Genomic Biology director Gene Robinson and his colleagues found that some honey bees are more adventurous than others. These bees are more likely than their sisters to scout for new food sources and nest sites. Photo by L. Brian Stauffer

The findings offer a new window on the inner life of the honey bee hive, which once was viewed as a highly regimented colony of seemingly interchangeable workers taking on a few specific roles nurse or forager, for example to serve their queen. Now it appears that individual honey bees actually differ in their desire or willingness to perform particular tasks, said University of Illinois entomology professor and Institute for Genomic Biology director Gene Robinson, who led the study. These differences may be due, in part, to variability in the bees personalities, he said.

humans, differences in noveltyseeking are a component of personality, he said. insects also have personalities?

Robinson and his colleagues studied two behaviors that looked like noveltyseeking in honey bees: scouting for nest sites and scouting for food.

When a colony of bees outgrows its living quarters, the hive divides and the swarm must find a suitable new home. At this moment of crisis, a few intrepid bees less than 5 percent of the swarm take off to hunt for a hive.

These bees, called nest scouts, are on average 3.4 times more likely than their peers to also become food scouts, the researchers found.

is a gold standard for personality research and that is if you show the same tendency in different contexts, then that can be called a personality trait, Robinson said. Not only do certain bees exhibit signs of noveltyseeking, he said, but their willingness or eagerness to the extra mile can be vital to the life of the hive.

The researchers wanted to determine the molecular basis for these differences in honey bee behavior. They used wholegenome microarray analysis to look for differences in the activity of thousands of genes in the brains of scouts and nonscouts.

are trying to understand what is the basis of noveltyseeking behavior in humans and in animals, said Robinson, who also is affiliated with the Neuroscience Program at Illinois. a lot of the thinking has to do with the relationship between how the brain reward system is engaged in response to some experience.

The researchers found thousands of distinct differences in gene activity in the brains of scouting and nonscouting bees.

expected to find some, but the magnitude of the differences was surprising given that both scouts and nonscouts are foragers, Robinson said.

Among the many differentially expressed genes were several related to catecholamine, glutamate and gammaaminobutyric acid GABA signaling, and the researchers zeroed in on these because they are involved in regulating noveltyseeking and responding to reward in vertebrates.

To test whether the changes in brain signaling caused the noveltyseeking, the researchers subjected groups of bees to treatments that would increase or inhibit these chemicals in the brain.

Two treatments with glutamate and octopamine increased scouting in bees that had not scouted before. Blocking dopamine signaling decreased scouting behavior, the researchers found.

results say that noveltyseeking in humans and other vertebrates has parallels in an insect, Robinson said. can see the same sort of consistent behavioral differences and molecular underpinnings.

The findings also suggest that insects, humans and other animals made use of the same genetic kit in the evolution of behavior, Robinson said. The tools in the tool kit genes encoding certain molecular pathways may play a role in the same types of behaviors, but each species has adapted them in its own, distinctive way.

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Ariel Castro house of horrors to be razed

Once the house is demolished, were going to engage the community on what should be done, beginning with the victims, says Gus Frangos, president of Cuyahoga Land Bank, which acquired the property last week. Were going to let a consensus build around what we should do.

Demolition of the house is slated to begin Wednesday. Once thats complete, local officials will lead the process of engaging with the community to determine what should go in its place, Mr. Frangos told the Monitor on Tuesday.

Last week one of the survivors, Michelle Knight, reportedly told the neighbor whose house the three women fled to after their escape in May that shed like to see a park, including a statue of an angel, at the site.

Frangos says the bank hasnt been in touch directly with Ms. Knight or the other two women, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, about their wishes for the property.

We havent heard from the victims. We own the property now, but our task first and foremost is to remove that negative monument from the neighborhood, he says.

Want your top political issues explained? Get customized DC Decoder updates.

There are two vacant homes next to Mr. Castros that could also be demolished, adding to the square footage for a potential park or monument, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Castros former house at 2207 Seymour Ave. in Cleveland has been under 24hour surveillance since the women escaped on May 6. The electricity in the house was reportedly turned off Monday, and members of Castros family removed some personal items from the house.

Castro was sentenced last week to life without parole, plus 1,000 years, after he pleaded guilty to 937 counts, including kidnapping, rape, and aggravated murder. A plea deal spared Castro a possible death sentence for beating and starving a pregnant Knight until she miscarried.