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aquamarine bracelet Like that design for a laundry room | Design :)

religious rings for women Floating Honeycomb Shelves | Design :)
Floating Honeycomb Shelves
aquamarine bracelet Like that design for a laundry room | Design :)
Like that design for a laundry room
´╗┐Scanner Wicked Local Middleborough

2. The green buttons labeled with area towns are called the Bank Control Buttons. They are all turned ON green by default, and you can switch the channels on or off by clicking them. When you turn a channel off, the button will turn red.

3. The time slider allows you to go back in time to listen to past transmissions. Click in the slider to go back in time, click the dot to return to the current time. Click the arrows to zoom the time scale.

4. If the page has more channels, you can use the arrow buttons above the bank control buttons to navigate to other towns channels.

5. The Volume is customizable, but should be kept near 0db for optimal sound.

6. The Pause button, to the right of the player screen, will pause all

reception. Click once to pause the Player and click again to resume.

The Player will pick up where you left off so you wont miss any

transmissions during the pause. If you want to catch back up to

current time just click the green dot to the right of the time slider

which is underneath the Player screen.

7. The Replay button will replay the current or last reception.

8. The Skip button will skip the current reception.

9. The Reverse button will play transmissions in reverse order.

10. There are two different ways to stay on a particular station.

10a. Click anywhere within the large text box to freeze reception on the current channel. This selects one channel not an entire active bank. The text turns orange and all banks turn gray. Click the text box again to return to full reception.

10b. On any of the bank green/red buttons with town label buttons, click and hold then release when the button turns orange. The button stays orange and becomes the only active channel. The time slider also turns orange. All other buttons turn gray and become inactive. Tap the button again to exit the HOLD and return to full reception.

silver charms for bracelets Hilarious laundry room sign | Home sweet home

womens charm bracelets sharpies tie dye | Teaching the little ones
sharpies tie dye
jewellry AWESOME idea….Young ladies take notice of … | Home sweet home
AWESOME idea....Young ladies take notice of this...it truly works!! 10 habits for a well run home
silver charms for bracelets Hilarious laundry room sign | Home sweet home
Hilarious laundry room sign
´╗┐S is a legit sports car Community News Network The Enid News and Eagle

Anyone who loves sports cars should send a thankyou note to Toyota and Subaru.

The two companies teamed up to produce the first allnew, affordable sports car the world has seen in several years.

That a rare thing because true, hardedged sports cars are difficult to engineer and even harder to sell. They just don move in big numbers because, out of necessity, most drivers lean toward cars that are more practical and comfortable. At some level, sports cars are toys, after all.

But, after spending a week driving Toyota version which is sold as the Scion FRS here in America I pleased to learn that this sports car is legit.

It not a semisporty coupe like the old Toyota Celica. It not a comfy grand tourer like the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. It a real, honesttogoodness sports car designed entirely around the driving experience.

The suspension is tuned to have a far rougher, stiffer ride than most cars. You can feel every tiny pebble on the pavement, which is perfect for drivers who want to test its limits. It all about experiencing the road and becoming one with the road, not being isolated from the road.

Handling is ideally balanced thanks to its basic, classic sportscar layout: the engine up front, with power going to the rear wheels. That gives it a slight tendency to oversteer when you turn off the traction control and apply power while cornering exactly what a fun sports car ought to do.

Much in the spirit of my beloved Mazda Miata, this is a car that lets drivers push their limits without killing themselves.

Compare it to the Chevy Corvette, for example. While the Corvette is a faster and more expensive car, I don enjoy driving it as much as the FRS because it so much harder to test its boundaries.

With the Corvette wide, sticky tires and giant V8 engine, you almost have to be a professional driver or simply foolhardy to discover where it loses grip in ultrahighspeed turns.

With the FRS, though, ordinary drivers can have a lot more fun. Its narrower tires lose their grip through corners at lower speeds and very smoothly, not suddenly, letting a meremortal driver do a delicate dance with the throttle and steering wheel to keep it composed in turns.

It makes a hamfisted driver like me feel like an Andretti.

Power comes from a 2.0liter, naturally aspirated, horizontally opposed boxer fourcylinder engine that derived from Subaru, but it fitted with a hightech fuel injection system called D4S that Toyota previously used in its Lexus division.

It makes 200 horsepower, which is impressive in a car that weighs just 2,758 pounds.

While Subaru sells a near clone of this car called the BRZ, which I haven driven yet, my first indication is to lean toward the Scion just because of the way it looks. The Scion has a smoother, cleaner, more classic shape in my eyes.

Still, this isn a car for everyone. Rear visibility is limited by a thick pillar in back. The trunk is tiny, and the back seat is a total joke. It going to be a noisy, rough riding, fairly impractical car by design. But that what makes it a real sports car, something that beautiful inside and out.

It also the reason you should pick up your pen and write thank you to the engineers and companies that poured their hearts and souls into building a vehicle that appeals to a small but devoted cult of driving purists.