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cheap wedding ring sets for women I love ranch, but it's not so good for you, until now. This … | Sal
I love ranch, but it's not so good for you, until now. This whole jar of ranch is only 1.75 grams of fat and 255 calories! 1 cup dannon oikos plain greek yogurt, 1 packet hidden valley ranch mix, 1/2 cup 1% milk. Whisk together, chill 1 hour before use. I love this, going to have to give it a try.
Australia Day in Spring celebrated

After a lapse of some years, Australia Day has recently been celebrated in the same grand style it used to be in the good old days before security concerns and other factors became the first priority. So was the case this year as Australia Day in Spring was celebrated with a grand reception hosted by the high commissioner of Australia, Peter Heyward and his wife Susan.

In Spring was added because Australia Day falls on January 26th. And what a good decision it was. The front garden of the hosts residence is abloom with hundreds of roses and other flowers a sight to soothe the hearts and minds of those who attended, while the fancy lights added their own charm as the twilight turned to dusk. At one end of the inner garden a large image of the cameleers was the backdrop to the stage where the official proceedings took place and here too colourful lights provided a colourful celebratory atmosphere there was even a live camel wearing baubles and beads in case anyone wanted to give riding it a try I know the hostess did, declaring it great!

An exhibition of rare photographs of the cameleers that went to work in Australia over a century ago was set up in the veranda, its supporting beams covered with red, white and blue material, the colours of the Australian flag. The photographs were the focus of attention of those who are interested in history. A rough estimate put the guests between 6 7 hundred, which included diplomats of many cadres; Pakistanis from different walks of life and some children from the Mashal Model school for the underprivileged, who sang the national anthem of Pakistan.

The guest of honour was Chairman Senate Syed Nayyar Bokhari and he was joined on stage by the other special guests to cut the cake after the national anthems of both countries had been sung the Australian anthem rendered by members of the Chrome act, with the high commissioner joining in. And yes, he can sing!

Addressing the gathering, the host welcomed them to the event whereby the high commission celebrates Australia in Pakistan. That Pakistan and Australia are old friends is clearly demonstrated by the exhibition we are presenting tonight, The Cameleers Australias Muslim Pioneers a collection of historic photographs which tell the story of the role that camels and their handlers, from what is now Pakistan, played in the early development of Australia, he said. I hope you find it as fascinating as I do. Extending a welcome to Australias visiting officials, new Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner for South Asia, Ms Nicola Watkinson; recently appointed ambassador for Counter Terrorism, Bill Fisher who is here for bilateral talks and Les Baxter from the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, coordinator of the very successful Australia Pakistan Agricultural Sector Linkages Programme, he said Australia had a development assistance partnership ranging from multimillion dollar, multiyear programs in health and education to small, community projects.

He also mentioned the support Australia is providing to the ECP. We recognise the vital importance of the upcoming elections and see our support not as just for one of your most important democratic institutions but also for you the Pakistani people to help you to exercise this most basic of your democratic roles, he said and concluded by asking guests to enjoy their hospitality and the entertainment by Chrome, who had come from Sydney especially for the occasion and thanking Senator Bokhari; the sponsors; the team from the Marriot Hotel and all the staff from the high commission, particularly his deputy Paul Molloy.

The chief guest thanked his hosts for inviting him; congratulated the Australians present on this special occasion and spoke of the strong bilateral ties between Pakistan and Australia. Donations were given to two NGOs educating underprivileged children and to kickstart the celebrations in earnest, the Chrome threesome came on stage and did their first act. They sing without music, somewhat like Acapella and to say they were different would be an understatement! Nothing like this has been seen in Pakistan before, as far as I can remember and as they moved among the guests, many mobile cameras were taken out to record their act, it was so amusing and enjoyable. A fun evening that will be recalled and remembered for a long time!

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Charges Filed In MSO Singer Murder

MILWAUKEE Charges were filed Wednesday in the murder of a singer with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.

The criminal complaint says Gerhard Witte admits he slashed his exwifes throat.

According to the criminal complaint, 70yearold Gerhard Witte told police he went to see his exwife perform at the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra last weekend. Later, he waited for her in the parking structure.

Elisabeth Witte left a bar after celebrating the performance with friends. They saw her exhusband and called police, knowing she had a restraining order against him. Friends heard Elisabeth Witte screaming and tried to get her in an elevator, but it closed.

Police say thats when Witte stabbed his exwife repeatedly. When officers got there, they say they saw Gerhard Witte kneeling over his exwife in a pool of blood.

The complaint says he told them: Shes dead. I killed her. Im a doctor, so I know.

The complaint goes on to say he later told police he was upset about their divorce and said, Listen, Im a party to murder, which involves the court system and Im never going to leave prison. Im going to die in here. My life is over, my family is ruined.

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Bough Bike, Jan Gunneweg | 11 Of The Worlds Hottest Bikes | Co.Design: business + innovation + design
signet rings for women ~~Wild Fox Kits by Karen Crowe Photography~~ | It's So Fluffy Am Gonn
~~Wild Fox Kits by Karen Crowe Photography~~
ASUS Republic of Gamers Rampage IV Extreme Intel X79 Motherboard

The ASUS Rampage IV Extreme Intel X79 motherboard is the latest in a long line of ASUS Rampage Republic of Gamers motherboards. The original ASUS Rampage Extreme dates back to the days of the Intel X48 chipset and Intel Core 2 processors. Reminiscing about these brings back a few fond memories of the early Intel quad core processors. But I digress, the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme is the ASUS flagship motherboard for the Intel X79 express chipset and retails for $449.99. At first glance the price is a steep one, once you see what the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme Intel X79 motherboard is all about you may change your mind and believe it is well worth it.

The ASUS Rampage IV Extreme is definitely geared for the extreme overclocker. With features like subzero sense, a Liquid Nitrogen mode, and a Slow mode you can tell ASUS was aiming for an extreme board. Before we get to far past the extreme features I just mentioned, figure we should take a look at them. The first one mentioned, subzero sense, is a direct line to temperature sensors on the motherboard. Though we dont need to use any software to check the temperatures, all we need is a KType thermocouple wire to access the sensors with your thermometer. The LN2 mode aids in eliminating the cold bug issues found in some processors during extreme overclocking with Liquid Nitrogen. The Slow mode immediately drops the processor frequency down while you increase or decrease the temperature of the system, once again to help with system stability. Another feature that is typically for the extreme user is the VGA Hotwire. If you have a habit of overvolting your graphics card with variable resistors of a variety of other ways, ASUS has set it up so you can do it through the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme! Just solder the two wire cable to the graphics card voltage regulator and you will be able to adjust the voltage accurately with the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme.

The ASUS Rampage IV Extreme Intel X79 motherboard has many of the features that we have seen on our previous run ins with the Republic of Gamers motherboards. The ASUS Rampage IV Extreme also bring along with it a couple of new features. Among these is the XSocket, the XSocket allows you to switch out the back plate of the Intel LGA2011 socket. This allows you to reuse your Intel LGA1366 CPU cooler. Another of the new features available with the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme is the OC Key. The OC Key plugs in to your graphics card DVI port between the card and cable. With an second cable running directly to a header on the motherboard you can directly control your processor frequency and monitor the system temperatures and voltages with an onscreen display. The best part is, it is completely independent of the operating system. This means we can tweak the processor clock of our Intel Core i7 3960X in the midst of running a benchmark without interrupting it!