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split heart jewelry I know I've pinned this about a thousand times, but I … | Roxy s st
I know I've pinned this about a thousand times, but I just really love this quote. It's sad, but true.*
Salman Khans heroine Sana returns

Mumbai, May 31: Days after reports over her alleged involvement in an abduction case, Sana Khan finally came out in the open to tell the real story from her side. Sana, the leading heroine of Salman Khans upcoming movie Mental, reportedly had gone missing ever since she was booked in the case.

Overruling all controversies, Sana was quoted as saying, I am very much here, shooting for my films, attending events and performing at live shows in the last one month.

Times of India interviewed Sana who said, It is not true that I wanted to kidnap a minor girl. I went there only after I was told that the girls mother was a huge fan and wanted to meet me. In fact, the girl told me that she would join me later and asked me to go to her place with my cousin. The other two boys who have been dragged in the case didnt even enter their house.

The actress, a former participant of TV reality show Bigg Boss, also said, My cousin insisted that I meet the girl. She was sitting inside an icecream parlour. If there was a problem between her and my cousin, why would she come out to meet me?

Sana also tried to support her statements with logic and evidence. The young modelturnedactress said, The CCTV of the building in which the girl stays should be having all the evidence what time I went there and how long I was around to know the real story. The spot where the family has alleged that the kidnapping took place is a crowded area. If there was any such attempt, many wouldve seen it. I was not hiding or covering my face; the whole world knows who I am today.

Sana earlier had asserted that the minor girls family members have been trying to earn money easily after framing Sana in a false case. However, the actress also had vowed to fight with the situation to tell her real story.

Naved and his two friends Kshitij Gopinath Dubey and Vismit Vilas Ambre have already been arrested by police. However, there were no reports about Sanas whereabouts.

According to sources, Naved and the victim became friends on social networking site Facebook. The relation came to an end when Naved proposed the girl who later refused that. Sana on April 30 allegedly had tried to kidnap the girl when she was returning from her tuition classes.

Naved and his friends allegedly had tried to drag the girl into Sanas BMW car. However, the minor girl managed to escape from the place and reached home. To her utter surprise, Sana, Naved and their friends were already there and were having a heated argument with victims mother.

According to police sources, Sana accused the girl of ditching her cousin and threatened to teach her a lesson. The victims mother lodged a police complaint against Sana and other three accused later on the day.

Police registered case of kidnapping, wrongful restraint, and trespass. Meanwhile, Sanas spokesman Ismail Sheikh overruled reports that the actress is on the run and said, How can Sana kidnap anybody? Yes, an FIR has been lodged against her but thats because she was wrongly accused of forcing a minor girl to marry an 18yearold boy..

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Rochas News Updates and Coverage

Watching the spring runway collections, whether I was sitting at a runway show in the crumbling Beekman Palace in New York City or at a 13th century convent in Paris, I was dreaming of California.

It wasnt just homesickness, though after weeks on the road, that could have been part of it. I was thinking about how the clothes would play here, how they.

Nothing captures summers sunny joie de vivre like a devilmaycare hairstyle polished off with a pretty hair ornament. Headturning hair accessories were front and center in the spring runway collections. Satin bow headbands topped off 60sinspired beehives at Louis Vuitton, while silk faille hair bands decorated with oversized fabric flowers bloomed on aslowasyougo ponytails at Rochas. The nape of the neck became an alluring new focus, with large pearls adorning loose chignons at Chanel and.

PARIS This season of Paris Fashion Week, which runs through Wednesday, is shaping up to be about new beginnings as designers show their springsummer 2013 collections.

In the first of two main events, Belgian designer Raf Simons blew the dust off the mantel of Paris high fashion on Friday morning when he presented his first womens readytowear collection as creative director for Christian Dior, where he replaced the disgraced John Galliano after a lengthy search for a successor. Galliano, a.

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Rivers led to Survivorman

Les Stroud never looked back when a body of flowing water led him towards a life of adventure.

Stroud, widely known for his hit TV show Survivorman on the Outdoor Life Network, Discovery Channel and Science Channel, spoke of his personal connection to rivers during his keynote speech for the Canadian River Heritage Conference at the Delta Prince Edward in Charlottetown on Tuesday.

Growing up in the Mimico suburb of Toronto, Strouds earliest views of rivers and lakes ironically began through TV shows such as Jacques Cousteau specials and episodes of Tarzan.

While the word rivers to Stroud at that point meant alligators, crocodiles and a loinclothed man fighting them, he also remembers a trip to his familys cottage near a body of water that had an immense impact on him.

It was an early adaptation for me to go down and experience the entity of water flowing past me, and how my days events could connect me to that energy, Stroud said. Really, the way rivers touched my life led to Survivorman.

Viewers of Strouds show, which is broadcast to more than 120 countries, have seen him in the Amazon jungle coping with a river that grows 35 feet after one rainstorm.

In contrast, smaller streams in the Arizona desert offered Stroud his only chance for survival in one episode.

However, it was Canadas rivers, more specifically the heritage rivers, that led him on his lifes path.

While Stroud had worked as a producer for Much Music in Toronto and nearly given up his adventure life for rock and roll, a canoe trip with friends on Lake Temagami brought him back to his childhood.

When I felt the flow of that water pushing my canoe, to me I was in the jungle. I was on the greatest adventure of my life and it changed me significantly, he said. Once I got a taste of that flowing water, I didnt look back.

Stroud later became a canoe guide in northern Ontario and while his first idea for the basics of Survivorman came in 1986, it wasnt until the early 2000s when it took off. Since then, the show has been nominated for numerous of the now discontinued Gemini Awards.

This year, Stroud won the inaugural Canadian Screen Award, which has replaced the Gemini and Genie Awards, for Best Writing in a Lifestyle or Reality/Competition Program from a Survivorman episode.

Stroud said he hopes events like the conference create a tipping point of public opinion towards being better stewards of natural areas and rivers.

He likened the event to the collective energy of rivers, which can cut through rocks and forms valleys when moving at high speeds.

As a world of human beings we are a calm lake, we start moving and collecting like this and we start to create small waves, he said. We create whitecaps as we come together. Eventually, we get to a place where our collective energy makes a huge difference.

Stroud also said while rivers and pristine natural areas should be protected, he also encouraged individuals to experience them for themselves.

If no one ever goes there then no one is going to protect it because were not invested in it, he said. Getting people to experience all of these places is more important If youve got someone making policies on rivers and theyve actually paddled one, it will make a difference in their decision.

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Bajaj Discover 100T review

From the time Bajaj started making motorcycles, the company product lineup has always been, well, different. Bajaj has chosen to offer the customer a number of engine variants for each of its product ranges. And each product range, if Bajaj claimed product strategy is to be considered, is different from the other in character. The Discover has always been one of the favourite execcommuters, and though there have been at least three different engine variants at any given point of time, they all looked almost identical just like the Pulsar range.

However, when the 125ST came out, it was a refreshing change in the lineup in terms of both design and engine performance. But then the same thing happened again the 100T showed up looking exactly like the 125ST. I guess siblings do need to look like each other, after all.

India is a country where a bike engine displacement plays the major part in tilting the scales in a customer purchase decision. Next on the priority list is mileage and then power for the commuter. You may ask, so why the hullabaloo over the It because there are hardly any others in this segment that come this well sculpted and fairly equipped. The flared bikini faring on the headlamp, the twotone stickering, and a new side cowl make the 100T stand out, for a 100cc.

Added to that are alloy wheels, pilot lamps, a nice looking console, selfstart, a sari guard, engine guard and a chain cover case, all part of the standard variant there only trim. The switches are all Spartan overall in terms of design, but have been finished neatly. In appearance, the 100T is mostly the 125ST, sans the monosuspension in the rear and the rear tyre hugger.

The Discover 100T runs on a 102cc DTSi, 4valve a first in this segment, 4stroke, aircooled mill that churns out a peak power of 10.2 PS at 9000 rpm and offers a maximum torque of 9.2 Nm at 6,500 rpm. That one of the better numbers I have seen in 100cc.

The engine is mated to a 5speed gearbox, and riding this around the city through horrendous traffic jams was not a bad deal, as the lowtomid range torque helped me pull away from clusters very easily. The gearbox sounds and acts clunky, reminiscent but not exactly similar of the old Boxer and CT100 gearboxes.

The gear ratios, however, are very sensible I could pull away on third and fourth gear from speeds as low as 20 kmph, and the engine never stalled. The engine pulls clean, if you power up just as some mild knocking starts to set in.

In my opinion, the Discover 100T churns out really good power in city traffic, but it definitely doesn give that slightly sporty performance feel that I always got while riding a few other bikes in the slightly larger engine size segments.

Although the 100T lacks the monoshock at the rear, the twin Nitrox suspension and the telescopes in the front soak up potholes and bumps like a dream. What more, the bike runs fairly smoothly, sending up vibrations very rarely. The new muffler also has a very quiet, whistlelike tone, and is far, far away from some of the silencers I have seen recently.

The same, however, cannot be said about the handling. Though the 100T has been tuned for onstreet manoeuvring, I found the front fork to be a little unstable. I not sure if the problem was with the unit that I was riding, but I experienced some tankslappers while recovering from some highspeed turns. The thin tires also make the 100T feel a little too light on its feet.

Braking too, is disappointing. The drums don offer enough bite or feel. I think Bajaj should added a front disc, even while they calling it a premium commuter. Moreover, the 100T tends to stray away from the line during sudden braking.

Yes, the Discover 100T looks good, has a good city running motor, is very comfortable on bumpy roads, but it handles a bit like an unruly kid. I guess it just the younger sibling feel to it. At an exshowroom Delhi price of Rs, 50,500 and a mileage of 58 kilometres to a litre under our riding conditions which included generous amounts of traffic jams, along with the looks, the price tag is justified to an extent. But at just Rs 5,000 more, the 125ST, which handles really well and is bundled with more features, makes a more appealing case if you are looking for a more sporty performer.

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Arrest warrants issued for Muslim Brotherhood officials

Fighting on Monday and Tuesday between Morsy supporters and opponents left 14 people dead and dozens injured, state media said, citing the Health Ministry. A bombing in the Nile delta city of Mansoura overnight Tuesday left one person dead and 28 hurt, Health Ministry spokesman Dr. Khaled ElKhatib said. A number of the casualties were police officers.The situation has been calm in Cairo on Wednesday, ElKhatib said, although three people were killed by a car bomb explosion in the Egyptian city of ElArish on the Sinai Peninsula, according to Egypts staterun news agency MENA.AlSisi had pointed words for the Muslim Brotherhood. It and its political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, backed Morsy. Long before the election that led to Morsys victory last year, he said, he advised them not to nominate a candidate.I told them they need more knowledge, more efforts and the upcoming phase is very critical, so I advised them not to nominate anyone and they thanked me and left but they didnt listen, he said, referring to the period after the toppling of former President Hosni Mubarak.The military was concerned about the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party up to the time Morsy was removed from power.We advised them over and over, and we warned them not to turn Egypt into a confrontation battlefield between a movement that claims to be fighting and working in the name of God against others who, according to them, are standing against Gods religion. And that is wrong, because other movements have the right to have their own political visions of how the country should be governed.Essam El Arian, a senior Muslim Brotherhood official, said opponents of the coup will protest Friday. Calling upon people for support will not help your cause, and if you ever had supporters before, they would have gone down to the streets, he said.Your threats will not prevent the millions to constantly protest against the coup. And as a leader to a coup that caused the killing of women and children and those who were praying in the mosques, you need to remember that our people had their say against the coup and they are standing with the constitutional legitimacy and democracy, he said.

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Auto Motion

Well, it really has been quite the ride. After more than two years of covering the automotive industry via this blog, Auto Motion is retiring to the digital garage.

It amazing to think that when I started this back in January of 2009, Chrysler and General Motors had yet to declare bankruptcy, Toyota was not dealing with millionsstrong recalls, and most people had never heard of a program that would tout for Clunkers. short time, though, I end up covering all these major news stories, along with a lot of fun stuff.

I never forget sitting shotgun as racing legend Steve Millen took me to warp speed in a Stillen GTR, or snapping photos so close to drifting champs that I still picking out pieces of rubber from my hair.

But it time for a new assignment here, and it one I particularly excited about: Editing for our newest iPad application. While I admittedly biased, I think it already looks fantastic.

And while I won be covering the daytoday automotive world for the Register, I will continue writing my weekly car reviews and profiling proud owners of Totally Hot Cars. Both features will be available online, in print, and in the iPad app.

Thanks to all who have read and supported this blog. It been a privilege to bring you news and features on a daily basis. And if you see me at a car show or spot me notsocandidly taking a photo of a car I reviewing at an Orange County mystery location, be sure to say hi.

Photo courtesy of Chris Cantle, Road Track Magazine

Posted in: New cars 8 Comments

Review: 2011 Volvo S60 is safe, sound and sporty

April 29th, 2011, 11:21 am by Matt Degen

It not often a representative from a car manufacturer challenges me to crash into something in a brand new car, but that was exactly the case with the new Volvo S60.

The point here was to show off the car Pedestrian Detection system, the first of its kind on a car. The vehicle uses a hightech camera system to sense if a pedestrian is in front of the car, and if you don hit the brakes, it will. Hit the photo above to see my review of this car and to watch video of us trying to kill an inflatable guy named Bob with it.

We file this one under the a difficult job, but someone has to do it category.

Yes, for one blissful weekend I got to pilot a Maserati. And not just any old Maserati: This was the GranTurismo Convertible, the first fourseat cabriolet from the famed Italian exotic automaker.

To my sadness the car did have to leave come Monday I hear you will be seeing it appear soon on some reality TV shows. But before the Maserati reps clawed the keys from me, I had plenty of time to reflect on this vehicle.

Hit the photo above to read what $140,000 buys, as well as see exclusive photos and a video that stars this car and its symphony of an exhaust note.

Two new recalls have been announced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one for a Hyundai compact car over an airbag issue, the other over tires on big Ford trucks. Between the two recalls, nearly half a million cars are affected.

The first affects 95,783 Hyundai Elantra compact cars from model years 2007 and 2008.

According to NHTSA, a federal safety agency, airbag control module may receive an unstable electrical signal from the seat track position sensor such that, in a crash that requires driver frontal airbag deployment, the driver airbag may deploy at the higher pressure than intended if the seat was position in one of the forward positions in which a lower pressure deployment is intended. this occurs, there is risk of injury due to the deployment force of the airbag.

To remedy the issue, dealers will for free reprogram the airbag control module. The official recall campaign is expected to begin in April. If you have questions or concerns before then, you can contact Hyundai at 8006335151.

The other recall affects 390,657 Ford F250 and 350 trucks from model years 2008 and 2009. The affected trucks are being recalled because of certain Continental tires.

According to NHTSA, tire is recalling certain ContiTrac TR tires, size lt275/70r18 125/122s outline white letters and black sidewall, and ContiTrac, size lt275/70r18 125/122s, black sidewall, produced from May 6, 2007, through Sept. 20, 2008, sold as aftermarket and installed as original equipment on some model year 2008 and 2009 ford F250 and F350 trucks. Some of these tires may experience uneven wear, vibration, or particularly under conditions of overloading or under inflation in high ambient temperature usage, separation between the belt edges. wear can lead to separation separation of the tires, and in turn lead to a crash. To remedy the issue, Continental tire will for replace the affected tires for free. The company will begin contacting owners this month. If you have questions or concerns before then, you can contact the company at 8887992168.

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ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT Video Card Review

August 2006 seems like a very long time ago in terms of video card technology. That was the last time that ATI, now AMD, launched any type of highend video card. The X1950 for its time was the hands down winner of just about everything we could throw at it. Fast forward to today and you would be crazy to suggest any highend AMD video card because the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 series thoroughly whips anything ATI branded.

We have been hearing for many moons that the successor to the X1950XTX has been in the works, but only rumors that it existed and would be launched. Finally, just hours after many of you have pampered your mother, AMD is launching their next generation video cards. Dubbed the HD 2000 series, we have in our hands a HD 2900XT which was developed under the code name R600. To say that AMD has some ground to make up is an understatement; NVIDIA has a sixmonth head start on them with the launch of their DirectX 10 ready 8800 series in November.

Contrary to what you may believe, the HD 2900XT that we are looking at here today is not meant to compete against NVIDIAs 8800 Ultra or even the GTX. Instead AMD aimed at a lower price target, the 8800 GTS. With a launch price of $399 AMD intends to take the mid/high end market segment instead of going after the faster 8800 GTX and Ultra. As much as they want to sugar coat it, the R600 in its current iteration is just not capable of getting the clock speed up to the level needed to go toe to toe with the GTX/Ultra in every situation. As you will see, the R600 has some very bright spots but also leaves a bit to be desired depending on the game tested. We have even thrown in a DirectX 10 benchmark to see how things shape up between the HD 2900XT and 8800 GTX in what are the first tests that can actually make the claim of putting this highly anticipated new feature set to use. Frankly, its about damn time that we got a taste of DX 10! Sit back, grab a cup of joe, and read on to see AMDs entry into the DX10 foray.

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Cartel drug bust yields arrests in Hesperia

Agents from the Attorney Generals Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement arrested the four people in Hesperia and two others in Paramount who had arranged to use the money to purchase 160 pounds of cocaine this week, according to a statement from the office of Attorney General Jerry Brown.The six people arrested were associates of the Sinaloa cartel.Combined with last weeks indictments and siezures, these arrests have once again successfully disrupted the operations of this dangerous criminal syndicate, Brown said, in the statement.Those arrested in the bust are: George Rico, 32 of Hesperia, Calif.; Janette Rico, 32 of Hesperia, Calif.; and Modesto Marin Rico, 53, of Hesperia, Calif. Edgar Laureano Cruz, 40, of Los Angeles, Calif. Mario Sicairos Eseberre, 46, of Culiacan, Mexico; Carlos Victor Lopez Mora, 66, of Mexicali, Mexico;As part of an undercover operation last month, state agents met with associates of the cartel who wanted to purchase a large quantity of cocaine. These individuals operated out of Imperial, Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties.Through a series of undercover meetings from Aug. 2931, agents brokered a deal with the suspects who agreed to buy about 160 pounds of cocaine for more than $1.1 Advertisementmillion, according to state officials. The street value of the cocaine is more than $7 million.After the deal, agents made arrests at two locations. The first location was in a Home Depot parking lot located at 6400 Alondra Boulevard in Paramount, where two of the suspects had arrived to pick up the cocaine. The second location was at a house in the 15000 block of Lime Street in Hesperia where four people were waiting with the cash.The suspects were arrested and are being held in Imperial County Jail on $2 million bail each on suspicion of possession of cocaine for sales, transportation of cocaine and possession of excess of $100,000 of drug proceeds. Eash suspect faces up to 15 years in state prison if convicted of all charges.At the Hesperia location, three children between the ages of 10 and 15 who were found to be living in the home were turned over to child protective services. Agents also seized five weapons at the location, including a .223 caliber Bushmaster AK47 and a .223 caliber Olympic Arms AR15.About $27,000 was seized from the suspects in Paramount.This bust follows last weeks announcement that Browns office, working with Imperial County District Attorney Gilbert Otero, had secured indictments against 16 people and seized over 550 pounds of cocaine and marijuana as part of Operation Silver Fox, an eight month undercover investigation into the Sinaloa drug cartel.

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Are OCZ 1600MHz Modules Right For You

OCZ Technology has been one of the front runners in the DDR3 memory market and today I will be taking a look at their 2GB 1600MHz Platinum Series performance memory kit. This kit will be very popular in upcoming months once the Intel X48 Express chipset hit the market as this chipset will support 1600MHz Front Side Bus FSB processors and 1600MHz memory clock frequencies from the get go. The kit that OCZ Technology sent out for review is the 2GB DDR3 PC312800 1600MHz Platinum Series Kit that is part Enhanced Bandwidth Edition. Since that is hard to remember, the part number is OCZ3P1600EB2GK.

Before we get into the details of this new OCZ memory kit, be sure to read our previous DDR3 memory articles to make sure you know what the changes in DDR3 are and how it performs compared to DDR2.

If you feel you have a firm background on DDR3 modules and what the performance level was on various kits, then lets take a look at what OCZ has been up to since we looked at their 1333MHz DDR3 kit a couple months ago.

OCZ let us know that each memory kit in this series is 100% handtested for quality assurance and compatibility, which means they should work when you plug them in! If they by chance dont, they are covered from the time you purchase them thanks to the lifetime warranty that comes on all OCZ DDR3 memory modules. From the outside, the modules look familiar since they clad OCZs proprietary platinummirrored XTC Xtreme Thermal Convection heatspreaders for the enhanced heat dissipation.

The 1600MHz dual channel memory kit comes rated with 76624 at 1.9V and it was able to run either a command rate of 1T or 2T with no issues at this clock frequency. This is due to the fact that OCZs 1600MHz memory kits use highly screened Micron ICs that have been found to offer great timings and high clock frequencies. This memory kit was specially designed and optimized using the ASUS P5K3 series of motherboards with the Intel P35 Express chipset, so if you own this board you are in luck.

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jewelry shops Ed Martinez, Second Opinion | ART I <3
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Royce Wraith convertible confirmed

RollsRoyce will build a convertible version of the Wraith, according to CEO Torsten MullerOtvos.

Speaking at the UK unveiling of the Wraith, MullerOtvos told Auto Express: The design certainly lends itself to a drophead coupe, and I think that will be the next variant.

MullerOtvos went on to say that despite recent rumours, RollsRoyce was not considering making an SUV. We have no plans to produce an SUV, definitely not, the next thing is drophead Wraith but bespoke orders are the priority. RollsRoyce sees 99 per cent of its Phantom customers opting for Bespoke customisation of their cars.

RollsRoyce is already thinking about replacing the Phantom, too, but MullerOtvos said: it will be longer than three years from now. He did confirm that RollsRoyce models would always be built in Goodwood, and with increased demand brought about by Wraith its current factory could move from producing 3000 units a year to around 4700.

The nextgeneration Phantom could come with a plugin hybrid powertrain. Plugin is definitely the direction to go in, that way you have range for commuting but also the ability to pass legal requirements that could force us in to driving as electric only in city centres.