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women s fashion uk online Women V – Hannes Caspar | PHOtO
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Relay For Life on track to raise record donations

BLACKSBURG, Va., April 11, 2013 Just days away from the worlds largest collegiate Relay For Life, and Virginia Techs Drillfield is ready for a massive influx of tents, food, entertainment, and people. The allnight event raises awareness and funds for the fight against cancer.

The Relay For Life event is the capstone of a yearlong effort to contribute to the American Cancer Society. Throughout the year, Relay For Life at Virginia Tech has been raising awareness, holding fundraisers, encouraging participation, and planning the culminating experience.

People think of the event as a onetime thing, but its really 365 days of fundraising, said Bryan Wynkoop of Leesburg, Va., a senior majoring in marketing management in the Pamplin College of Business. The event is a celebration of a yearlong effort.

Wynkoop is codirector of Relay For Life at Virginia Tech with Emily Tanner of Eldersrburg, Md., a senior majoring in dairy science in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

It is a big undertaking. There are 23 students on the Relay for Life executive leadership team and countless others who volunteer their time and talent. Most have personal reasons for joining in the fight against cancer.

Wynkoop has been involved in Relay For Life since his sophomore year in high school. I had always done it to help someone else. Then my father was diagnosed with cancer and I lost my grandmother to it, he said. Everyone is affected by cancer. Everyone is connected. Were all in it together.

Even the HokieBird is supporting the effort. This year, the university mascot formed its own team for the event, and participated in fundraising by posing for photos on Valentines Day and going on the block for the annual date auction.

Social media has been crucial this year in spreading the word and encouraging participation. Relay For Life at Virginia Tech has lively posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Local business sponsors have also played a part in promoting participation, through their online presence and instore specials.

The Pamplin Reinventing Social Media PRISM student group will keep up with social media throughout the event, with a tent and computers on the Drillfield in the middle of the action.

Since it began in 2001, Virginia Techs Relay For Life has won American Cancer Society awards and broken records, in both numbers of participants and donations. Wynkoop said strong directors in past years have laid the foundation for success, and Relay For Life has become a Hokie Nation tradition.

This is what the university community turns to in late April. There is a synergy with Relay For Life, the Big Event, and the Day of Remembrance, he said. Student involvement, faculty backing, and administration support differentiates Virginia Tech. The Hokie community is in the fight together.

Members of the university community and the general public are encouraged to participate. This years Relay For Life event coincides with Spring Family Weekend, April 1921. Visiting families are welcome to donate, participate, or sign up as a team.

Dedicated to its motto, Ut Prosim That I May Serve, Virginia Tech takes a handson, engaging approach to education, preparing scholars to be leaders in their fields and communities. As the commonwealths most comprehensive university and its leading research institution, Virginia Tech offers 215 undergraduate and graduate degree programs to more than 30,000 students and manages a research portfolio of $450 million. The university fulfills its landgrant mission of transforming knowledge to practice through technological leadership and by fueling economic growth and job creation locally, regionally, and across Virginia.

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Capt took command before NY landing accident

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Home : News : US News :NEW YORK AP The National Transportation Safety Board says the captain of a Southwest Airlines plane that landed on a collapsing nose gear at New Yorks LaGuardia Airport took control from the first officer 400 feet from the ground.

Sixteen people were injured in the July 22 hard landing.

The NTSB says the captain was monitoring the landing and suddenly took over from the planes first officer.

The officer has been with Dallasbased Southwest Airlines Inc. for a year and half, the captain for more than a dozen years. The flight from Nashville, Tenn., was their first trip together.

Investigators havent found any mechanical problems or malfunctions. A preliminary examination of the nose gear indicates it failed due to stress overload.

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Asus EN8600 GTS GeForce 8600 GTS Video Card

When it comes to computer hardware they dont get much bigger or better than Asus. Even some computer users that wouldnt be defined as enthusiasts know and trust the Asus brand which shows just how far they have penetrated the market. Today we are taking a few minutes to look at one of the latest hardware pieces from Asus, the EN8600GTS. We have had a few different 8600 GTS through our paws but nothing quite like this. Asus has always provided great addins with their products and the EN8600GTS is no exception. Lets take a look.

The first thing that really stuck out at me was the box literally. The EN8600GTS came in a box that was about 3 inches longer than any other that we had on hand. Asus has done a great job on the artwork for this package, it clearly displays the company name, type of card, and the amount of memory which are the most important things when it comes time to plunk down your cash.

When I sat down to write this article I started searching the online sites to see what kind of prices this card was going for and was surprised to see that there are two different versions of the EN8600GTS. Our card came with the reference style heat sink fan combo while another version of the card comes with a larger aluminum heat sink. At around $160 the 8600 GTS is a good choice for those of you looking to break into DirectX10 gaming without breaking your wallet.

Taking a closer look at the bundle that came with our card, we received a component cable for hooking our PC up to an HDTV. Also included is a single DVI to VGA adapter. The heat sink on our card says that it is the Stalker edition but oddly enough, the game was not included in our bundle. What we did get was a CD wallet, VGA drivers and the Asus software. While the bundle might be considered a little light, its better than average for the price that the card sells for.

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RT Weather

Jean is a Meteorologist in Met ireann and part of her job involves the preparation and presentation of weather forecasts on RT television and radio.

Born in Tarbert, Co. Kerry, Jean initially decided to study medicine on leaving school, but decided that it wasnt for her and applied for a job in the Irish Meteorological service.

Initially employed as a Meteorological Officer, Jeans interest in mathematics led her to study for her degree in Mathematical Sciences in Trinity College, Dublin, from which she graduated with honours.

This qualification enabled her to become a Meteorologist in Met ireann and following a course in meteorology, Jean was assigned for further training to the Aviation office in Shannon Airport which delivers meteorological services to pilots and airlines.

Afterwards, Jean moved to the Research and Applications Division back in Dublin where she worked on Numerical Weather Prediction Models.

From there, Jean moved to her present position in General Forecasting Division and since 1996 has regularly presented weather on RT.

Outside of work, Jeans hobbies and interests include reading, walking,art and music. She is also an animal lover and, living close to the city centre, loves all that that has to offer, for example shopping and visiting art galleries.