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clothing stores bright colored cake | Cutest Cakes
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Scottish Government Housing

Useful links Are you a homeowner, tenant, landlord, developer, researcher?

Housing Strategy Readour strategy and action plan for housing in the next decade.

Housing Act TheHousing Act aims to safeguard social housing for future generations by reforming the right to buy and improving value for tenants and taxpayers by modernising social housing regulation. As part of the Act, the Scottish Social Housing Charter sets standards and outcomes that all social landlords should achieve for their tenants and other customers.

Home Report We offer information for buyers and sellers through the Home Report and help homeowners at risk of losing their homes through the Home Owners Support Fund.

Private Renting We are encouraging a thriving private rented sector, which provides good quality and wellmanaged accommodation, and in which both landlords and tenants understand their rights and responsibilities.

Innovative funding We are pursuing innovative funding solutions that can achieve more from government resources. The National Housing Trustinitiative showcases the benefits from this approach and we are working on other innovative proposals to help increase the supply of affordable housing in Scotland and meet other policy objectives.

Weve also created a PreAssessment Tool to help our partners evaluate new proposals brought to them by prospective funders ofaffordable housing or regeneration projects.

Homelessness Scotland has achievedits historic 2012 homelessness commitment.

Fuel Poverty Energy Assistance Scheme

From 1 April the new Energy Assistance Scheme replaces stage 4 of the Energy Assistance Package. Eligibility criteria will be different primarily for those aged 75 or over. Call our hotline on 0800 512 012 to find out more.

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silver bands Bees | Cutest Cakes
Sanjay Dutt can never meet daughter Trishala

New Delhi, April 4: In a major setback for Sanjay Dutt, US announced that the Bollywood actor can not meet his daughter Trishala in the country.

According to a report published in Times of India, US laws claim that a person, who has been convicted, never be given US visa to visit the country. Now, with the Supreme Courts final judgement on Dutt, it is clear that the actor will never get chance to meet his daughter on Americas soil. Update: Shattered by SC verdict, Sanjay Dutt says Good Bye to Twitter

A close source of the actor was quoted as saying, Every time he had to travel abroad for outdoor locations, he would undergo a hearing before being handed a visa, that too for countries other than the US and Canada.

He doesnt have a passport but there was always hope he could obtain a visa to visit the US. But with the Supreme Court sentence, it will be practically impossible for him to get a visa to the US, even if he is pardoned and doesnt go to prison. This conviction also means he cannot visit 90 per cent of the countries that he could till now, added the source.

The Supreme Court on Thursday, March 21 upheld actor Dutts conviction under the Arms Act, but reduced his sentence from six to five years in the 1993 Mumbai blasts case. Since the actor has already served 18 months of jail, now he has to spend another threeandhalfyear in prison. Dutt has to surrender within four weeks of apex court judgement.

Many celebrities and politicians joined the group demanding pardon for Dutt as they believe that he has already suffered a lot. Jaya Bachchan, Rajinikanth, Markandey Katju, Shatrughan Sinha, Jaya Prada, Amar Singh and many others are there in the group.

The new entrant in the group is actorturnedpolitician Chiranjeevi who on Thursday, April 4 said, He has suffered a lot. If he gets mercy, then nothing like it. He is regretting what he has done. He is a nice person. I pray for him from the bottom of my heart. My sympathies are with him..

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ASUS Intel Z77 Motherboard Preview

Recently Legit Reviews was invited down to Texas for a technical briefing on the next generation Intel 7 series chipset with ASUS. While we cant share the information, we can take a peak at some of the new LGA1155 motherboards we saw there. Since we cant go into details on too much, we will copy/paste what was told in this mornings press release and then skip to the pictures that we took during the seminar.

The latest technology for every desktop application

On display at the seminars were brand new motherboards from ASUS celebrated ROG brand, including the micro ATX Maximus V GENE, as well as the ruggedized SABERTOOTH Z77 from the ASUS TUF range. The Maximus V GENE comes with SupremeFX III audio and network traffic management via Intel Ethernet and ASUS GameFirst technology, affording smoother and more immersive gameplay. Meanwhile, the SABERTOOTH Z77 features Thermal Armor for precision cooling and unsurpassed reliability. In addition to these boards, the ASUS 7 Series caters to a wide range of computing segments, including workstation models with 4way GeForce SLI and dual Intel Ethernet. Multimediafocused and energy efficient miniITX and H77 motherboards further extend new ASUS and Intel technologies into the home theater PC sector.

SMART DIGI+ Power Control and Dual Intelligent Processors 3 upgrade performance

The worlds first Dual Intelligent Processors from ASUS pioneered two onboard chips, the TPU, or TurboV Processing Unit, and EPU, or Energy Processing Unit. These increase system performance while saving energy through optimized power management. Dual Intelligent Processors 3 builds on that foundation with new SMART DIGI+ Power Control, which consists of multiple digital voltage controllers that allow for ultraprecise tuning of CPU, iGPU and DRAM power delivery while working with the TPU to ramp up performance to full potential.

For extra convenience, digital power delivery has also been upgraded with oneclick performance optimization, and now includes Smart CPU Power Level profiles, which reduce CPU power consumption to specific wattages with a single click. The new architecture creates cooler and quieter desktops, with the new motherboards carefully designed in accordance with next generation Intel VRD 12.5 power standards to offer consumers the very latest in innovation and readiness.

While increasing system performance and efficiency have always been mainstays of ASUS motherboard design, efforts have also gone into improving cooling with the introduction of hardwarebased ASUS Fan Xpert 2, which brings thermal flexibility and response to levels unavailable anywhere else. The included Fan Auto Tuning Mode scans fans individually to detect their thermal properties through automatic speed sensing. Custom fan speeds can be adjusted automatically or manually with a single mouse click, achieving an optimal balance of cooling and low noise. Fan Xpert 2 also includes an RPM Fixed Mode for users who wish to reduce noise levels to near 0dB, with highly specific fan speed controls that react to actual system loads for more accurate response.

ASUS WiFi GO! makes computing easier and more rewarding

Recognizing the central role that convenience plays in emerging lifestyles as related to home computing, ASUS has used the seminars to introduce new WiFi GO! technology, tailored to entertainmentminded consumers on the look for more seamless and smoother user experiences. Home entertainment becomes easier with WiFi functions such as DLNA streaming, so users can enjoy content from a variety of devices. The Remote Desktop function provides access to the desktop with a tablet or smartphone acting as remote control, allowing greater convenience by creating a portable virtual desktop. WiFi GO! can also convert PCs into routers, with all of these features fully integrated into a onestop utility.

Incorporating new Intel 7 series chipset advancements

In addition to the exclusive ASUS features described above, ASUS 7 Series motherboards include Intel Smart Response Technology, Intel Smart Connect Technology, and Intel Rapid Start Technology, while also natively supporting PCI Express 3.0. All combined and as shown in the seminars, these feature sets make them the most attractive motherboard options currently on the market.

This is a pretty cool display, ASUS had the stripped down PCB of the ASUS Sabertooth Z77 motherboard next to the fully dressed and ready to rock board. Looking at the bare PCB, we can notice a few holes have been highlighted in gold. These gold holes are actually not screw holes, they are airports to allow airflow to reach the back of the Sabertooth board.

Here we can see the back of the ASUS Sabertooth Z77 and see the six airflow holes a little better. This is the first time ASUS is trying this technique to get airflow to the back of the board. Hopefully it will help keep the system a bit cooler.

The next board is the ASUS P8Z77WS motherboard. The ASUS WS series is their product stack for the Workstation. The WS is designed for ultimate reliability and impressive amounts of I/O scalability.

The I/O panel of the ASUS P8Z77WS is missing some of the ports usually found in the typical ASUS motherboard. There is no VGA DSub or HDMI out. Aside from those we have four SuperSpeed USB 3.0, four USB 2.0, two eSATA ports, DVI, Clear CMOS button, Gigabit LAN, and the typical six audio jacks.

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Extra Cheesy Parmesan And Garlic Pull Apart Bread
unique rings A JimmyBuffett themed cake | Cutest Cakes
A JimmyBuffett themed cake
Russian Orthodox Church apologizes for photoshopping patriarchs expensive watch

12:56pm, EDTA doctored photograph of the Russian patriarch, left, which has since been removed from his official website to be replaced by the original photo showing his watch, right.

The church responded after bloggers said a 2009 photo of the Patriarch on its website showed the reflection of a Breguet watch worth about $30,000 in the polished surface of a table where his arms rested during talks.

The Church made no reference to a watch in a statement, but said a rude violation of our internal ethics had been made and removed the doctored 2009 photo from its Website, replacing it on Thursday with a version showing a watch on his wrist.

Employees of the press services photoediting desk made a silly mistake while working with the photo archives, the statement said, promising they would be punished.

We apologize to all the users of the website for the technical mistake, it said.

They have completely lost their minds in the Russian Orthodox Church, wrote blogger Vadim Petrichenko, a blogger who posted the doctored photo on his Facebook page on Wednesday, according to The Telegraph.

Bloggers have since then stepped up accusations that Kirill leads an opulent lifestyle that is unbecoming of his status as head of the Church, and proopposition media outlets have questioned an alleged role in dealings around dutyfree alcohol and tobacco imports in the 1990s.

A journalist who met Kirill to discuss the allegations told Vesti FM radio that the Patriarch had acknowledged receiving a luxury watch as a gift but that he had not worn it. Kirill was quoted as saying photos of him wearing it were a collage.

Reuters contributed to this report. First, blowing up trucks that do not blow up themselves, to removing wrist watches from photos and now purposefully editing audio and video tapes of a White/Hispanic American making it sound like he said things he didnt and doctoring video evidence to make him look like a liar. All to further stir their anti American bias and to shield Democrat/CommunistObama from any scrutiny of his abject failure as a leader and to provide him distracting ammunition in his war against the America that he so hates.