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Love these!
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Australia Fashion Week Spring 2013
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My new nike gear! :)
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Magazine rack as pot lid holder.- i need to do this
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reclaimed wood with hooks for curtain
clothing stores bright colored cake | Cutest Cakes
bright colored cake
´╗┐Scottish Government Housing

Useful links Are you a homeowner, tenant, landlord, developer, researcher?

Housing Strategy Readour strategy and action plan for housing in the next decade.

Housing Act TheHousing Act aims to safeguard social housing for future generations by reforming the right to buy and improving value for tenants and taxpayers by modernising social housing regulation. As part of the Act, the Scottish Social Housing Charter sets standards and outcomes that all social landlords should achieve for their tenants and other customers.

Home Report We offer information for buyers and sellers through the Home Report and help homeowners at risk of losing their homes through the Home Owners Support Fund.

Private Renting We are encouraging a thriving private rented sector, which provides good quality and wellmanaged accommodation, and in which both landlords and tenants understand their rights and responsibilities.

Innovative funding We are pursuing innovative funding solutions that can achieve more from government resources. The National Housing Trustinitiative showcases the benefits from this approach and we are working on other innovative proposals to help increase the supply of affordable housing in Scotland and meet other policy objectives.

Weve also created a PreAssessment Tool to help our partners evaluate new proposals brought to them by prospective funders ofaffordable housing or regeneration projects.

Homelessness Scotland has achievedits historic 2012 homelessness commitment.

Fuel Poverty Energy Assistance Scheme

From 1 April the new Energy Assistance Scheme replaces stage 4 of the Energy Assistance Package. Eligibility criteria will be different primarily for those aged 75 or over. Call our hotline on 0800 512 012 to find out more.

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I THINK RED by mosaicdownunder/ Inge, via Flickr
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Peacock floor
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Hanauma Bay - Zach McCaffree
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Glo Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device
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jewelry fashion wholesale White table, colored chairs. | ? Home
White table, colored chairs.
´╗┐restaurant and cornershop deli

Please call or better still, text us with the date you wish to book for, a preferred time, number of people and your name and we will get back as quickly as we can. As the market closes strictly at 10.00 pm we have to be out then as well we take food orders only up to 8.30pm.

For bookings of 8 or more we ask for an order or 2/3 courses per person. Our largest table seats 1012. We are located in the vibrant heart of Brixton Village Market and our food celebrates the abundancy and diversity of ingredients and available on our doorstep, in the market or through local growers and artisan makers. Cornercopia is run by Anne Fairbrother and chef Ian Riley and was established through the Spacemakers empty shops initiative.

our menu we use primarily market sourced, locally grown or foraged ingredients. A typical summer menu might include Dorset Mullet bought from Daegons the local fishmonger, vegetables, herbs and spices from the surrounding market, fresh green leaves from the farmers market and a pudding made with local allotment grown damson, all washed down with an English white wine. For examples of recent menus please see the blog section.

the shelves of our small corner shop you will find jars of damson jam made with fruit collected from the gardens around Brockwell park, honey made by South London bees, next to pots of mango and habenero relish and bottles of Brixton Pound sauce made using ingredients sourced in Brixton market. All the food is made by us or other small producers in South London. The furthest afield of our chutney makers is from Croyden, but most makers live within a couple of miles.