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Kenz birthday maybe?
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Mastering the Narrow Hemmer, Part One
accessories jewelry online Chicken-Berry Salad | Recipes to try
Chicken-Berry Salad
´╗┐Ron Jeremy Calls Fort Lauderdale

To be fair, Ron Jeremy is probably the most interesting male porn star ever. While todays male porn stars are all mechanics and consistency, impervious to human sensations that befall mortal men, Ron Jeremy is a dose of reality.

He sweats. He grunts. Hes strangely polite, calling breasts boobies, and referring to butts as tushies. Hes the manifestation of the Awkward American Male, who by God has found himself not only in the position to exist near a lithe beauty, but to have sex with her.

Fort Lauderdale is anything but conservative. In fact, it may be the most sexually liberated city in the United States. The reasons are legion. First, theres all the nudist resorts speckling our urban landscape like freckles.

Then, of course, there are The Gays. Once, the gays remained within the confines of South Beach. But those days have passed. Theyve migrated north and their swath is wide. Bath houses have sprouted all over the land driving home an emerging trend. When national sex chains looks to open down south, it aint Miami they go to.

That brings us to the swinging community. Per capita, and according to a rigorous New Times analysis, there are more swingers in Fort Lauderdale than anywhere else. South Florida, he said, has become a mecca the mecca for swinging in the country.

Whats that you say? Theres also a shit load of gay pornography here? Yep, theres that. With the possible exceptions of New York and Los Angeles and we say, possible more gay pornography swarms Fort Lauderdale more than anywhere else, Ryan Dixon of the South Florida Gay News told New Times.

With that in mind, Ron Jeremy, perhaps youd like to rephrase which cities you call conservative. Maybe it was 30 years ago when you were had vigor, and were pioneering American pornography.