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cheap jewelry sets Found my bed set. Now to make it myself or thrift it. … | Bedrooms
Found my bed set. Now to make it myself or thrift it. Hmmmm!
Can US trust North Korean leader to act rationally

But just how confident can Pentagon officials be about whether Mr. Kim is a rational actor?

Could he, in fact, be young, reckless, without great political savvy and in grave danger of making a move that could set off a chain of events including an inadvertent war with dire consequences?

Weve seen some historical trajectory here on where North Korea occasionally will go to try to get the attention of the United States, to try to maneuver us into some position favorably to them, whether its more assistance or bilateral engagement, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said during a press conference last week.

But the fact is that this is the wrong way to go. The action that hes taken and the actions theyve taken and the words hes used, it is not going to project a more responsible, accountable relationship.

That seems evident. But how clear is it that Kim knows what hes doing, anyway? And is he, in fact, the one in charge? Or could he be vying for power with, say, North Korean military leaders?

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On this question, Mr. Hagel appeared, publicly at least, to have little interest in a North Korean version of Kremlinology. Well, hes the leader, he said. I mean, hes the leader of North Korea.

Defense analysts say that there are indeed some hints that Kim may be losing his hold on the military.

There have been defections of small units of North Korean soldiers to China soldiers who were subsequently turned around and sent back to North Korea, says retired Brig. Gen. Russell Howard, former commander of the 1st Special Forces Group, which has an Asia focus.

This may seem like a positive development, but it is a problem because it means that Kim may feel the need to reassert his control over the military, by beating the war drum and trying to get his troops to rally around it. The more he needs their support, the harder he might beat the drum.

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saucisse polonaise

Le froid porte la consommation de protines. Cest ce quaffirmait un ami, grand amateur de bidoche en tout genre. Il faut dire que les petits frissons de lautomne et les menaces de grippe et autres dangers de la saison froide nous menacent, chaque fois quon met les pieds dehors.

Mme si cela vous paratra un peu clich, ma solution moi sera la cuisine polonaise, si bien adapte aux rigueurs de notre climat. vrai dire, on devrait ladopter tout lhiver, comme on a adopt la cuisine italienne pendant la saison chaude.

On trouve quelques restos de ce genre ici et l en ville, dont une petite affaire familiale colorie et sympathique, dans le Village. La cuisine y est faite modestement, mais avec soin, pour des gens urbains. On est loin des gargotes hotdogs qui passent pisodiquement pour de la cuisine locale; ici tout est fait sur place, sauf le pain et les charcuteries.

Afficher Euro Polonia sur une carte plus grande

Dans ce petit local de six tables, ouvert les midis sur semaine seulement, on trouve pourtant un menu vari, fait de spcialits nationales comme le bigos de la choucroute saute avec des viandes, de la saucisse, parfois de la tomate; une sorte de ragot du chasseur, en somme; le chou farci; les pierogis; le barszcz essayez de prononcer a!; la soupe de betteraves, presque un jus, quon sert ici en tasse, sans crme ni solides; les krokiet, et ce potage un peu spcial fait base de tripes de boeuf, le flaki, que vous devriez essayer sil figure au menu ce jourl. Mais audel de ces plats roboratifs, la maison propose aussi des sandwichs en six varits, qui sont parmi les meilleurs quil mait t donn de manger en ville. Ainsi, celui la saucisse, tranche finement, est assembl avec de la choucroute et un peu de mayo. Il est copieux, dbordant de bonnes choses et tient dans un pain qui a du got estce encore possible?

En un mot, Polonia, cest un petit remde maison pour combattre le cafard du changement dheure!

1565, rue Amherst 5142234240

On y retourne? Bien sr! Puisque cest lautomne, quon a froid et quon adore les pierogis, quand ils sont faits maison.

+ exposes l, juste audessus de nos ttes, de trs belles peintures dartistes locaux; a nous change des affiches touristiques. On trouve aussi quelques produits dpicerie imports de Pologne bien sr, tisanes, saucisses et charcuterie de trs belle qualit.

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Arriving in New York City to film the "Seven Year Itch", September 9, 1954 photographed by Sam Shaw
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Charles Hester Kitsap Sun

Charles Hester grew up in Kitsap County and attended Bremerton HS. He was a wonderful child growing up: kind hearted, easy going, unassuming. He loved fishing and listening to and playing music as he taught himself to play several instruments. He grew into a fine strapping young man who loved his family, saw the good in everyone around him and never complained when things didnt go his way. If you knew him you loved him and we all did with all of our hearts. He enlisted in the Army in order to build a life for his wife and baby daughter, he adored her and she adored him. He worked very hard during his Army career and was very proud to be serving his country. We are so proud of him and humbled. Charles was the very best husband and father a woman could ever dream of.

We saw him last just before Christmas of 2006. While he was here we were all able to give him a big hug and tell him that we loved him very much. The entire family is proud of him beyond words and he will always be our biggest hero. When his father asked him to stay alert, be careful and come home safe, his reply was typical: Nah Dad Im just doing my job and anyway Ill be fine, we take care of each other over there, I love you too.

Charles Brandon Hester was killed in Iraq on May 26, 2007 when a roadside bomb struck his Army Stryker. He represented the best of us all and he will be sorely missed forever. He is survived by his wife and daughter Roxanne and Elizabeth Hester; his father and stepmother, Chuck and Gail Hester; and mother and stepfather Jody and Ben Flanig; his siblings April and Keith Derito, Daniel Hester, Nels Myrvang, Mary and John Janowiecki and Benjamin Flanig; friends and family too numerous to mention; and a grieving community and a grateful nation.