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Obama and Catholicism do not mix!!!!
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Another pinner warns: never make, unless it is for someone else. You WILL eat the entire thing. Not a baker so someone else needs to make this for me!!!!!
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LotsaLoveLissa: Shoesday: Charles & Keith
beaded bracelet WHAT THE HECK. THE PINK LEAP-FROG FRIDGE FARM … | *insertlaughterhe
6 athletes among inductees to county Hall of Fame

The list includes former Olympians, notable pros, college stars and outstanding coaches, plus two of the areas alltime greatest high school teams.

They are the 2013 class of inductees into the Snohomish County Sports Hall of Fame and they are, like their three preceding classes, some of the best and brightest in the countys sports history. This years class is comprised of six athletes, three coaches, two teams and one contributor.

Year in and year out, you always wonder if next years class can be as stellar as the previous year, said Frank Foster, chair of the 28member Hall of Fame committee. And each year the answer is yes. national junior boxing champion, a world junior boxing champion and a twotime Olympian 1980, 1984 before beginning a pro career.

The three coaches being inducted are:

Karen Blair, a former Meadowdale High School player who guided the schools girls basketball program for 11 seasons, compiling a 25539 record while advancing to the state tournament 10 times including eight in a row and winning state titles in 2000 and 2004;

Tom Campbell, the longtime cross country coach at Edmonds High School later EdmondsWoodway High School beginning in the late 1960s, who led teams to seven boys and five girls state championships, for which he was later inducted into the Washington State Cross Country Coaches Hall of Fame and the WIAA Hall of Fame, and;

Dick Erickson, an Arlington native who rowed at the University of Washington and later guided the program to national titles and international prominence.

The sports contributor is:

Cliff Gillies, an educator who worked in the Monroe, Snohomish and Mukilteo school districts, and was a member of the WIAA executive board and later served as the associations executive director before being inducted into the WIAA Hall of Fame.

Lastly, the two teams being inducted are:

The 200304 Meadowdale High School girls basketball team, coached by Blair, which finished with a 261 record and was the Class 3A state champion, and;

The 1972 Sultan High School football team, which went 90 in an era before the state high school playoffs, outscoring its opponents 39344 with four shutouts.

According to Foster, the Hall of Fame committee gathered nominations, including those submitted by the public, beginning in January and then pared the list before voting to determine this years class of inductees.

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Camembert Cheese

Not to be confused with its larger cousin Brie, this soft white cheese, presented in its distinctive round wooden box, is as French as oohlala1 and as Norman as Hastings in 1066.

Origin and GovernanceCamembert is named after the French Normandy town whose inhabitants claim somewhat dubiously to have invented it during the French Revolution in the late 18th Century, having at some stage fed some to Napoleon and passed it off as their own. Even the commonly accepted folklore tale of CharlesJean Bonvoust, a priest who in 1790 took sanctuary in the town of Camembert, in return for which he related the recipe to the nowmemorialised Marie Harel implies that the cheese had existed previously. Nevertheless, the bicentennial of this little round cheese was celebrated in 1991, the boxes having been introduced in 1890 by French engineer Ridel, to facilitate transportation.

To guard against anybody fobbing off cheap foreign cheese as proper Camembert, the Syndicat des Fabricants du Vritable Camembert de Normandie Normandy Real Camembert Producers Association was established in 1909. This was backed up by the issuance of Appellation dOrigine Controle AOC legislation by the French Government during the 1980s, and subsequently protected since 1996 by European Commission Law through Protected Designation of Origin PDO legislation.

ManufactureMaking Camembert is as labourintensive as cheesemaking gets, but the endproduct is ready in about three weeks, a relatively quick turnaround in the world of classic cheese manufacture.

Day OneRaw, fresh Norman cows milk is heated to slightly below, but Zut Alors! never above, 37C body temperature or thereabouts.

The milk is poured into large vats in a warm room, and natural rennet2 and the curdling process ensues.

The curds the coagulated protein are ladled by hand into the individual cheesemoulds. Each cheesemould takes around five ladle passes to fill.

The cheesemould is allowed to drain, and is flipped over.

Day TwoThe fledgling cheeses are taken from the warm room into the cooler salting room, and dry salt is shaken onto the outside of each cheese.

Spores of the mould Penicillium camemberti are applied to the outside surface of each cheese. Over the next few weeks, the mould adds flavour by encouraging the cheese to mature, which occurs from the outside in.

Days Three FifteenThe cheeses are left in the drying room, which is kept around a brisk 12C.

Days 1620The cheeses spend five days in the ageing room, which is maintained at an assuredly parky3 9C.

Day 21The new Camembert is ready to go to market.

Consuming Camembert A good Camembert is pure white and velvety or downy on the outside and soft, almost crumblysmooth on the inside. Camembert snobs will tend to seek a riper specimen. Depending on conditions, a Camembert can continue to ripen for two to three weeks, during which time the smell of ammonia will become apparent while the creamy golden interior will become evermore liquid. Eventually, even the hardiest of Camembertlovers will concede defeat to an odour that is not far removed from wet gym kit that has been allowed to fester undisturbed in a moderate environment inside a plastic bag for more than week. If the cheese reaches this stage, it should be chucked out, or buried.

Notably, the rind can and should be eaten as part of the Camembert experience, which should also feature a stick of crusty French bread a baguette, and a cup or two of St Emilion. Accordion music is essential, backgammon optional.

1Stereotypical French exclamation used extensively in British parody to indicate surprise.2An extract from the fourth stomach of a calf, containing rennin, the enzyme responsible for coagulating the protein in the milk.3A colloquialism for chilly.

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Baby born in West Bend hospitals parking lot

CEDARBURG This is one Mothers Day a Cedarburg family will never forget. A woman in labor, leaving her husband in a mad dash to get her to the hospital. But their baby girl had plans of her own.

Mallie Propst knows how to make an entrance. It was midnight back in March when Mallies mom Courtney woke up with contractions. Mallie wasnt messing around.

He came in, my husband Chad, to ask me if we needed to go to the hospital and I said I dont think I can make it at that point, said Courtney Propst.

They got going as fast as they could, but it wasnt long before Chad knew they didnt have much time.

My wifes water broke in the car and thats when I knew things were getting escalated. So I kind of put my pedal to the metal, Chad Propst remembered.

All while keeping Courtney calm.

He kept saying You can do it, you can make it, Courtney said. He kept giving me updates. have two minutes to go. at St. Joes in West Bend, they had their gear ready to go.

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Are OCZ 1600MHz Modules Right For You

OCZ Technology has been one of the front runners in the DDR3 memory market and today I will be taking a look at their 2GB 1600MHz Platinum Series performance memory kit. This kit will be very popular in upcoming months once the Intel X48 Express chipset hit the market as this chipset will support 1600MHz Front Side Bus FSB processors and 1600MHz memory clock frequencies from the get go. The kit that OCZ Technology sent out for review is the 2GB DDR3 PC312800 1600MHz Platinum Series Kit that is part Enhanced Bandwidth Edition. Since that is hard to remember, the part number is OCZ3P1600EB2GK.

Before we get into the details of this new OCZ memory kit, be sure to read our previous DDR3 memory articles to make sure you know what the changes in DDR3 are and how it performs compared to DDR2.

If you feel you have a firm background on DDR3 modules and what the performance level was on various kits, then lets take a look at what OCZ has been up to since we looked at their 1333MHz DDR3 kit a couple months ago.

OCZ let us know that each memory kit in this series is 100% handtested for quality assurance and compatibility, which means they should work when you plug them in! If they by chance dont, they are covered from the time you purchase them thanks to the lifetime warranty that comes on all OCZ DDR3 memory modules. From the outside, the modules look familiar since they clad OCZs proprietary platinummirrored XTC Xtreme Thermal Convection heatspreaders for the enhanced heat dissipation.

The 1600MHz dual channel memory kit comes rated with 76624 at 1.9V and it was able to run either a command rate of 1T or 2T with no issues at this clock frequency. This is due to the fact that OCZs 1600MHz memory kits use highly screened Micron ICs that have been found to offer great timings and high clock frequencies. This memory kit was specially designed and optimized using the ASUS P5K3 series of motherboards with the Intel P35 Express chipset, so if you own this board you are in luck.