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online jewelry stores Walk Off the Weight! Find out how to Shed More … | Health and Fitne
Walk Off the Weight! Find out how to Shed More Pounds by Walking!
´╗┐REVAMMAD Project

The REVAMMAD Project training anew generation of scientists to detect diseases through retinal imaging

A unique opportunity to study for PhD as part of major EU initiative

REVAMMAD is aEuropean Union project aimed at combatting some of the EUs most prevalent chronic medical conditions using retinal imaging.

REVAMMAD ispart ofthe European Union Framework FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network programme, which provides a supportive interdisciplinary framework for training of Early Stage Researchers ESRs who study PhDs supervised by at least two partners in different EU countries, and who will undertake a supportive training programme. Every ECR will experience a rich training environment including mentoring from clinicians and industry, summer schools, eseminars, and multiple placements with other project partners. The consortium mix of computer science, biomedical and clinical expertise guarantees a unique environment for scientific study.

Professor Andrew Hunter, Pro Vice Chancellor and Head of College of Science at the University of Lincoln, is the projectcoordinator. He states:

The vasculature plays a key role in chronic medical conditions that account for an increasing proportion of EU member state healthcare costs, including Alzheimers, diabetes, stroke and coronary heart disease. These issues have ignited considerable interest in computerised analysis of vascular images, to support scientific enquiry, diagnosis, prognosis and screening. However, until now research has been fragmented. There is therefore a clear need to establish a research community that integrates modelling, measurement and clinical investigation. This requires the training of a community of interdisciplinary experts with the scientific and mathematical expertise to determine how physiological changes can affect the vasculature, the computer vision skills to detect measurements that are correlated to such changes, and the medical expertise to relatethese to effective prognosis and diagnosis. The project partners have therefore worked together to devise the REVAMMAD project, whichwill provide a generation of experts with a unique blend of skills uniting theory, modelling, measurement and decision support, laying the ground work for improved retinal research in the next generation.

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ring for women Long hair and no bangs. dont know how id look with a middle … | Hai
Long hair and no bangs. dont know how id look with a middle part but i am tired of hair in my face 24/7! hmm.
´╗┐Businessman to reopen Cape Breton watering hole

Ellis, who has owned several Sydney bars and pubs, is planning to reopen the nightclub formerly known as Smooth Herman that closed its doors in March 2010. A downturn in the economy and the outmigration of Cape Breton young people were cited as reasons for the closure.

The adjoining restauraunt, Joe Warehouse, shut down at the same time.

going to be an Irish pub upstairs, and it going to be an entertainment venue downstairs of some sort. We just working on the breakdown of what it going to be. leasetopurchase agreement for 424 Charlotte St. shows a numbered Nova Scotia company headed by Ellis has the option to buy the venue from Martin Chernin, president of Joe Warehouse Ltd., before the end of December 2017.

The former Canadian Tire store was turned into a nightclub and restaurant in 1980. Chernin was parters in the business with Joe Salter, Hugh Tweedie and Alan Henderson.

Ellis said Monday he would likely have more details in the coming weeks about plans for the 22,000squarefoot building.

a lot of entertainment space in there, let me tell you. We haven done any advertising, haven told anybody. We been just quietly getting it together. city doesn have a watering hole any magnitude, now, he said.

deal is done with the former owners, but the whole concept and the other players that are involved in this haven been lined up yet. We just in the middle of negotiating that now, with the foodservice guys and the entertainment partners. establishment doesn have an opening date or a liquor licence because the Smooth Herman licence expired a year after it closed, he said..