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Precious, can hardly believe it....
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the London look, September 1961
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photo by David Bailey, Vogue, 1965.
fashion for women over 50 Holzweg, Magdeburg (Sachsen-Anhalt), Germany | Things I love
Holzweg, Magdeburg (Sachsen-Anhalt), Germany
5 Regional Center Application

One of the most appealing features of the EB5 program is the Regional Center program, which allows investor immigrants to invest in an existing enterprise rather than starting up an enterprise from scratch. Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS. The immigrant investor must show on the EB5 Regional Center application that his or her investment funds come from a lawful source, and that the Regional Center has documentation showing the sources of its project funds.

Regional Centers Must Focus on Job Creation

When it comes to Regional Centers, moneymaking potential must take second place to job creation. If a project is capable of making a lot of money, but does not create jobs, it will not be approved as a Regional Center. When an EB5 immigrant completes an EB5 Regional Center application, he or she must be confident that the Regional Center has demonstrated that the project is a solid business decision and that it will create the required number of jobs. Choosing a Regional Center in which to invest is perhaps the biggest decision an EB5 immigrant will make, and it is critical that the decision be made based on the latest information about the Regional Center.

What the Regional Centers Approval by USCIS Means

When the USCIS approves a Regional Center, it is essentially licensing that Regional Center to continue with its enterprise. However, that doesnt mean the Regional Center can then carry on as it wants without repercussions if it should violate USCIS regulations. Should a Regional Center not live up to its obligations under the EB5 program, the USCIS can send it a Notice of Intent to Terminate. If that happens, the Regional Center must take corrective action or risk losing its status as an EB5 Regional Center. In many cases, the approved Regional Center goes on to fulfil its obligations, create jobs, and improve the economy of its region. When an investor immigrant fills out an EB5 Regional Center application, he, or she should have thoroughly researched the Regional Center and should feel confident that it will remain in good standing under the program.

EB5 Consultants Can Help Investors Make Sound Decisions

Not all Regional Centers operate honestly. The vast majority operates as they are supposed to and cause no problems, but a small minority of them have been found to use funds improperly or use investor money outside the scope of the Regional Center approved enterprise activities. Regional Centers are not allowed to obtain USCIS approval and then change their scope so that it exceeds the bounds of the Regional Center program. EB5 immigrants must be diligent in their selection of a Regional Center to avoid investing in a project that is not operating honestly.

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awesome pics: Water slide through Shark Tank in Las Vegas
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Mini MexicanTostada Appetizers
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i do this with a select few people....
charms for charm bracelets Cauliflower Sauce-tastes like alfredo sauce! 50 … | Recipes to try
Cauliflower Sauce-tastes like alfredo sauce! 50 calories in 1/2 cup instead of 500 calories in 1/2 cup Alfredo! It's worth a try.
Canna Lily Sales Face A Chaotic Future

Many agricultural plants that are reproduced by vegetative division face a mysterious problem that results in a decline in the clone vigor, and most farmers and nurserymen claim that the plant crop has run out. A number of factors adversely affect the plant clone to the point that it becomes unproductive and uneconomical to continue growing.

A technique has been discovered that has revitalized the agricultural crops such as strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, sweet potato, banana, and a newcomer: the canna lily. This flower bulb or rhizome is facing present and future disastrous consequences unless governmental regulatory steps are taken to correct the dilemma facing the canna lily industry. Since the 1940s, canna lily rhizomes have been continuously commercially grown from the original stock that could easily be harvested in the fall, packaged and resold by Dutch mailorder companies few exist today, most went bankrupt as named varieties. Commerce developed so extensively around the success of selling millions of these rhizomes that some farmers began to cultivate canna lilies in fields, planted in rows like corn, exclusively for the Dutch mailorder companies. For some canna growers in the states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, the financial rewards were so excessive, that they began to plant hundreds of acres as an exclusive agricultural crop. Because of a shift in business retailers a decade ago, when the canna lily sales were shifted away from packaged rhizomes of mailorder companies to the potted, growing, blooming canna lilies for spring and summer sales by boxstores such as Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot. The boxstores bought their potted products mainly from contracted nursery growers, purchased as dormant, canna lily rhizomes from the exclusive field grown canna farmers who originally supplied the mailorder companies just a decade ago. This dramatic change from selling dormant canna lily bulbs to trusting mailorder customers to the customers at box stores, who observed the plant flowers and leaves before purchasing, has made it necessary for box stores to reject many of the inferior potted canna lilies, that had over the years declined run out to a state of unpredictability. This rejection had not occurred to mailorder customers who were buying an unseen, untested rhizome with a wish that it grow into that beautifullypictured dormant plant that was packaged for sale in the mailorder catalog.

Growing canna lilies for retail sale has now become a crisis much like the one that threatened the growers of strawberry plants, raspberry bushes, blackberry bushes, and banana trees years ago.

The canna commercial growers proceeded each year to set aside part of the current canna rhizome crop to use as seed for renewal planting the following season. As growing continued each year, certain genetic defects and susceptibilities began to appear and accumulate and grow more seriously each year. The canna farms continued regrowing and selling more and more diseased and mutated canna rhizomes each year, until they can be viewed with horror in full bloom and the distorted flowers and ratty leaves by the contrast the buyers at the stores and the retail customers. Many of these canna varieties were originally grown and sold as true to name varieties. After many decades of vegetative reproduction, the canna crop has become a mixture of harmful and inferior mutations susceptible to many diseases, insects, nematodes, and flower abnormalities. Commercial growers of cannas practiced a technique that they called roguing that involved searching through rows of cannas in full bloom and discarding those that appeared to vary visually from the desired variety intended to be grown. This technique only worked partially, because many of the weaknesses and inferior qualities could not be visually determined, such as canna rhizomes that failed to bloom at the time the farmer decided to rogue the canna fields. Additionally, the genetic factors that were mutated into the rhizomes that made the plant susceptible to diseases and other impediments would not be seen, since the commercial fields were normally sprayed effectively to remove pests; however, the normal home gardener does not expect to buy a plant that must be continuously sprayed with fungicides, nematode treatments, or for insects, and as soon as their potted plants are placed in the home garden, the leaves are exposed to the assaults of the leaf rollers, and the webworms, and the rhizomes become infested with the ravages of the nematodes. This disenchantment of retail buyers and admirers of cannas is expected to drastically curb the future purchases of canna lilies.

Plant decline in such agricultural products as strawberry plants, raspberry plants, blackberry plants, sweet potato vines, and banana trees has been approached and largely overcome by the process of tissue culture. Plant scientists have discovered that the rapidly growing tip of a plant called the apical meristem, can be removed and placed into a tissue growing medium. The plants from which the apical meristems are removed are carefully selected to reproduce and must conform to the original desirable characteristics of the parent cultivar. The apical meristem grows so rapidly that by carefully selecting the few cells at the tip, virus and other mutation problems are left behind to result in a new plant that is vigorous, diseasefree, and fast growing.

This group of cells grows into a complete plant with a shoot and root system intact, that are collectively called nuclear stock mother plants. These mother plants are used to divide vegetatively from which commercial, private sector nurseries are permitted to sell certified plants to farmers that are free of virus, bacteria, and other diseases.

As of August 1, 2006, no suggestion has been made to restore the canna growing industry from its present chaotic disposition by the use of tissue culture technique. Tissue culture could restore the reputation of marketing and production of canna lily rhizomes to a satisfactory acceptance level of approval by both wholesale and retail customers.

Many agricultural plants that are reproduced by vegetative division face a mysterious problem that results in a decline in the clone vigor, and most farmers and nurserymen claim that the plant crop has run out. A number of factors adversely affect the plant clone to the point that it becomes unproductive and uneconomical to continue growing.

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SC nod sufficient to probe corrupt officials

Appearing for Centre for Public Interest Litigation, counsel Prashant Bhushan told the court that since the CBI worked under the supervision of the Central Vigilance Commission there was no need for it to take sanction from the government.

The court would next hear the case Aug 29. It court asked the CBI to file three status reports on coal blocks allocation by Aug 27.

Vahanvati strongly resisted the suggestion from the court that in cases monitored by it there was no need for the governments sanction to proceed against the high ranking officers.

Once the departure is there in extraordinary circumstances court ordering investigation and monitoring it why you want to come back to 6A section of the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act mandating sanction by the government. There is no justification for the governments sanction in courtmonitored cases, Justice Lodha told Vahanvati.

The court asked him: When court is monitoring the investigation, is it not a sufficient check on the CBI that it should not go about its investigation in an arbitrary way.

There should not be any apprehension that the CBI would investigate unfairly, Vahanvati was told.

Merely because the constitution bench is looking into the validity of DSPE Act, it does not mean that till it had considered it that the court cant look into different diverse aspect and facets emerging from that provision, Justice Lodha said.

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Baby Boy Drool Dribble Bib Necktie by mabelretro on Etsy, $15.00
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gold tennis bracelet 50 old fashioned games for kids (indoor, outdoor, no … | Things to
50 old fashioned games for kids (indoor, outdoor, no electronics).
Rosanna Scotto

She has been a member of WNYWFOX 5 News since 1986.

Scotto began her career in television at WTBS, Ted Turner UHF television station in Atlanta, where she was a reporter for two local programs and an associate producer of the station evening newscast. She returned to her native New York in the early 1980s as a reporter for WABC Good Morning New York, which eventually became Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. After a year with Good Morning New York and The Morning Show, Scotto joined WABCTV Eyewitness News as a reporter, where she remained until she joined FOX 5.

Having covered many major stories in the tristate area, her assignments have also taken her to Israel, Rome and across the United States. As a reporter, she won an endless string of coveted assignments including the first exclusive interview with Diana Bianchi, the other woman in the Christie Brinkley divorce case, the Woody Allen/Mia Farrow child custody battle, the notorious Preppie Murder Trial and the trials of Joel Steinberg and the Swiss Nanny. Scotto also led FOX 5 news to the forefront in getting Marty Tankleff a new trial and was granted an exclusive interview with him in jail.

Scotto has won three Emmys for anchoring FOX 5 News at 10 and Good Day New York. She is the winner of the 1995 New York State Associated Press First Place Award for her report New York Survival Guideand also the winner of three other Associated Press First Place Awards, including two special Associated Press Award nominations.

Scotto has received a host of honors and awards for her community service work. She is a graduate of Catholic University and holds a bachelor degree in fine arts. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Scotto lives in the New York area with her husband and their two children.

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women over 50 fashion palazzo-versace-hotel-goldcoast,australia. | Living room
Seacrest to host game show with

The busy entertainment personality has lined up a new job as host of NBCs The Million Second Quiz.

Described as the ultimate endurance game, players compete in headtohead trivia bouts for 11 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes and 40 seconds or a million seconds, NBC says.

Each trivia round, one player sits in the money chair and answers as many questions as possible while competing against his or her rival in an opposite chair. The more time spent in the money chair, the more loot the player can walk away with as every second in the money chair brings in $10.

Cant wait for u guys to see the new show im hosting, Million Second Quiz. Insane concept, Seacrest tweeted on Monday, as NBC announced his new role. the game will take one million seconds to finish.12 days, unknown bathroom breaks.

That sounds like a big job, but NBC believes Seacrest is the right man to pull it off.

When people see Ryan Seacrest, whether at the Emmys, the Oscars or New Years Eve, he is at the epicenter of national events Paul Telegdy, NBCs president of alternative and late night programming, said in a statement. He is a broadcaster, in all the traditional sense, but also in the most contemporary he is an accomplished host of live TV and a master of social media and pop culture. This makes him perfect for The Million Second Quiz.