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simple, but versatile and elegant--gone from Etsy. Wish we could see the sides/back--looks completely hackable but would like more info re how joined (if) and how long in back.
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Cells And Rare Fluid Exchange

John J. Moulds, MTASCPSBB, world renowned immunohematologist, teacher and founder of the International SCARF Exchange Program, passed away on June 13th, 2011, after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer.

John was born on July 29th, 1943 in McPherson, KS. He was a graduate of Chadron State College, Chadron, NB, and began his medical technology career in 1965 at St. John McNamara Hospital; Rapid City, SD. He obtained his Specialist in Blood Banking in 1968 at the then Minneapolis War Memorial Blood Bank in Minneapolis, MN, and later became Supervisor of the Reference Laboratory there. In 1975, John moved to Gamma Biologicals in Houston, TX, as Director of Consultation and Education. He ultimately became President and Chief Operating Officer of Gamma, before moving to Baylor Medical College in Houston, TX, then to Ortho Clinical Diagnostics in Raritan, NJ, as Director, Immunohematology Assay Development and Research, and later a Senior Research Fellow. John finished his career as Director, Scientific Support Services at LifeShare Blood Centers in Shreveport, LA. Earlier this year, at his retirement, the laboratories were renamed The John J. Moulds Reference and Scientific Support Laboratories. He was the recipient of several awards, including: the Ivor Dunsford Award and Sally Frank Award from the AABB; the Kay Beattie Lectureship from the Michigan Association of Blood Banks; the Angela Konugres Award from the Massachusetts Association of Blood Banks; the L. Jean Stubbins Award and the Larry Trow Memorial Award from SCABB, and the Award for Technical Excellence from Americas Blood Centers/Institute for Transfusion Medicine. John was preceded in death by his father Robert Moulds. He leaves behind his wife JoAnn, his mother Edith Moulds, siblings Robert Moulds, Jr. and Barbara MouldsPowers, two daughters Dr. Terri L. MouldsBowen and Dr. Christine C. MouldsMerritt and their mother Marilyn K. Moulds, two grandchildren Daniel Bartley Merritt, III and Matthew Ryan Merritt, and six dogs. He recently stated that the most notable thing to remember about him is that his dogs liked him, and what could be better than that? However, Johns greatest legacy is undoubtedly the SCARF International Exchange Program, which he founded in 1972. This program, at one time comprising 150+ members, facilitates exchange of rare red blood cell phenotypes and antisera, thereby providing immunohematolgy reference laboratories the resources to resolve complex antibody identification cases and screen for rare donors.

It has been my privilege to have known John as both a colleague and friend. I truly believe that sentiment is shared by all fellow blood bank serologists.

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Quick & Easy way to cook delicious corn on the cob. Simply place the entire corn (husk & hall) in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes. The husk will peel off easily and the corn has a great, roasted flavor!
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: street chic.
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Elsa Martinelli by Willy Rizzo for Vogue Italia, 1967.
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website for discount raybans $12.55 {hello summer}
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layers of black tulle
chunky silver rings Thin trench coat with waist band- red | Fashion
Thin trench coat with waist band- red
Russian forces will provide security at events in the US

The Ministry of the Russian Federation put out a press release on June 26th which explained a new deal that has been signed between the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry and the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA

According to the new deal, Russia and the United States will exchange experts during joint rescue operations and in major disasters and exchange experience in monitoring and forecasting emergency situations, training rescuers, developing minerescuing and providing security at mass events.

So according to this deal, Russian forces will be present at any event considered a National Special Security Event, which, according to the United States Secret Service website, is a title designated by the Secretary of Homeland Security. Past events that have been considered National Special Security Events include Super Bowls, State of the Union Addresses, the Olympics, and the Democratic and Republican national conventions.

United States and Russian forces have previously trained together on US soil. In fact, the first time Russians ever trained on US soil was just last year.

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jewelry on MISI?N OLVIDO de Mar
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Reds to face AS Roma in Boston

The match against the Italian giants will take place on July 25 and will form part of Liverpool FCs North American preseason tour presented by Standard Chartered Bank.

The Reds last travelled to North America in 2004 to play matches in Connecticut, New Jersey and Toronto, and will return this July for a 12day tour that will include at least two matches. Boston will serve as Liverpool FCs home base throughout the tour and the team will conduct its preseason training sessions at the esteemed Harvard University.

During its 100year history, Fenway Park has hosted some of the best in athletic competition and a match between Liverpool and AS Roma two of the worlds most wellknown and respected clubs is an appropriate way to help celebrate Fenways 100th anniversary and showcase our ballpark to an international audience, said Fenway Sports Group Principal Owner John W. Henry.

Were thrilled to bring Liverpool Football Club to North America and provide our fans with the chance to see the team live in action this summer, said Fenway Sports Group and Liverpool FC Chairman Tom Werner. Our goal is to create an unforgettable experience for our North American fans while building a lasting legacy for Liverpool here in the States.

The Clubs Managing Director Ian Ayre said, Its been a few years since we last travelled to North America to play, but everyones very excited about our plans for this summer. Well work closely with our main sponsor Standard Chartered and our other partners in the region to put together a fantastic tour schedule, which will hopefully see us engage with as many fans as possible. Taking on AS Roma at Fenway Park will be a great experience, particularly as the ballpark is currently celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Gavin Laws, Group Head of Corporate Affairs at Standard Chartered, said: Last summers preseason tour to Asia was a great success thanks to the reaction and support of the local fans. We expect the teams American fans to extend an equally warm welcome to their heroes. It will be great to see the Club playing in the States again and were looking forward to some very exciting football.

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Sunset nails // summer nails
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jewelry shops Ed Martinez, Second Opinion | ART I <3
Ed Martinez, Second Opinion
Royce Wraith convertible confirmed

RollsRoyce will build a convertible version of the Wraith, according to CEO Torsten MullerOtvos.

Speaking at the UK unveiling of the Wraith, MullerOtvos told Auto Express: The design certainly lends itself to a drophead coupe, and I think that will be the next variant.

MullerOtvos went on to say that despite recent rumours, RollsRoyce was not considering making an SUV. We have no plans to produce an SUV, definitely not, the next thing is drophead Wraith but bespoke orders are the priority. RollsRoyce sees 99 per cent of its Phantom customers opting for Bespoke customisation of their cars.

RollsRoyce is already thinking about replacing the Phantom, too, but MullerOtvos said: it will be longer than three years from now. He did confirm that RollsRoyce models would always be built in Goodwood, and with increased demand brought about by Wraith its current factory could move from producing 3000 units a year to around 4700.

The nextgeneration Phantom could come with a plugin hybrid powertrain. Plugin is definitely the direction to go in, that way you have range for commuting but also the ability to pass legal requirements that could force us in to driving as electric only in city centres.

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this is so cute
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Country Girl Checklist
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He knows
engagement bands for women Camel Contrast PU Leather Long Sleeve Zipper Shoulder … | my addict
Camel Contrast PU Leather Long Sleeve Zipper Shoulder Pads Coat
Sanpaku Eyes

It is often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Certainly, many people feel uncomfortable looking directly into another persons eyes and the recipient of such a stare can feel equally uncomfortable. This has led to striking differences between societies. In the West, being able to look someone in the eyes is taken as a sign of honesty. In the East however, this is seen as a challenge and regarded as intimidatory.

But there can be good medical reasons for looking someone in the eyes. There are indicators in the eyes that can, it is said, show the mental and physical wellbeing of the subject.

The Japanese have a word for one such condition, sanpakugan or three whites eyes, often shortened to Sanpaku. The amount of white, or sclera, that is visible when someone is looking straight ahead can say a lot. When a baby is born the coloured part of the eye, the iris, is neatly centred between the upper and lower eyelids with the sclera only visible at the sides. This indicates that the baby is unstressed and in good physical condition.

But there are states of illhealth that may cause the lower or upper sclera to become visible. Traditional Chinese medicine and homeopathy relies heavily on assessing visible often seemingly unrelated symptoms. When the lower sclera is visible, this is called Yin Sanpaku and is attributed to physical imbalances in the body. Drug addicts, alcoholics and people who eat too much sugar or grain may exhibit Yin Sanpaku. Yang Sanpaku is where the upper sclera is visible and is sometimes indicative of mental imbalance. Psychotics, murderers, and people generally filled with rage are said to be liable to exhibit Yang Sanpaku. However, stress and fatigue may also cause this symptom.

Famous people who exhibited Sanpaku eyes at various points in their lives were John F Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and particularly Abraham Lincoln, who can be seen exhibiting Yin Sanpaku in this famous postcard.

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Chain-link Bracelet
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Pillows: Good morning gorgeous. Hello there handsome
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Hoppy Weekend | Atlantic-Pacific
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ombre wall
Resistance Band Workout

The resistance feels manageable at first, but by the 20th second Im curling in painful slow motion. He then commands me to immediately do 30 seconds of speed extensions, which are triceps presses done at the same pace with a suspended band. When Im finished, my arms feel blasted but also big.

Cruelly, this feeling can be replicated for every muscle group. For instance, by standing on the same band and wrapping it over your shoulders or stretching it overhead, you can do fullbody squats until your legs are in knots. By wedging the band in a door or hooking it around a doorknob or other stationary object, you can do standing crunches until youre crying for absolution from not exercising enough. Indeed, just about any exercise done with conventional weights can be done with bands.

Besides building strength, band training boosts cardiovascular endurance and calorie combustion. To prove this, Santana had me wear a heartrate monitor. The highest I can usually peg my ticker is the mid to upper 140s, when Im cranking uphill on a mountain bike. This phenomenon is called EPOC, or excess postexercise oxygen consumption. Its a great benefit of resistance training your body can burn calories up to 48 hours after a workout. The fact that bands can produce the same effect as traditional weights is a testament to their value.

Another advantage I immediately noticed was that bands are infinitely variable in direction as well as resistance. Unlike Nautilus machines and traditional cables, these elastic bands can be used in any plane of movement to mimic tennis, golf, and baseball swings, or even swimming and poling strokes. If youre creative enough, any key sports movement can be replicated with bands.

Learning a painful lesson

Enlightened, inspired, and armed with a specific training program see Take Your Workout Anywhere in this months workout poster, I headed home for 8 weeks of workouts. The plan was to spend the first 4 weeks building a foundation and then the next 4 the socalled metabolic stage focusing on explosiveness. I cut back dramatically on my running and biking. Instead, I took my bands into the basement every other day. At first I had trouble climbing back up those stairs after the workouts my legs were quivering like Nanas JellO but eventually I began to feel a kind of strength I had never felt before. It seemed more inherently core, like I was becoming powerful.

My family was intrigued by my somewhat unorthodox experiment. My 23yearold son, who was home from college, ridiculed me at first. Then he joined me for a few sets and became addicted. My wife and 19yearold daughter were also curious, largely because it looked like a more accessible, less testosteronecharged form of strength training. They, too, gave it a try.

But then something horrible happened. In fact, Im fortunate to be here today with my manhood still intact. I thought I had adequately wedged one end into a door frame, but just as I stretched the band to its fullest it broke free and snapped into my thighs, inches from my groin. I doubled over, screaming. There was no blood, but over the next few days my thighs changed color from red to purple to yellow, and I was seriously hobbled. Neither my daughter nor my wife ever picked up a band again. But I learned a valuable lesson: These things can be lethal. You need to secure them properly, as I had foolishly failed to do.

Nonetheless, after a brief respite, I resumed training. After the prescribed 2 months, I had added 5 pounds of muscle and noticeable definition. I was feeling stronger while running, biking, driving golf balls, and jumping for rebounds. Whats more, when I got a lastminute story assignment and had to hop a plane, all I needed to throw in my suitcase were a few pieces of elastic. Suddenly, even a cheap motor lodge had a pretty nice gym.

Although Santana admits that band training isnt the best way to add lots of bulk classic freeweight training is still tops for that, Ive found it to be a solid option for maintaining and building muscle and endurance when I dont have access to my normal equipment, or simply want to change pace or train a specific sports movement. In fact, bands are a great addition to any workout, even if you already pump iron the oldfashioned way.