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´╗┐recipients and advocates say

Food stamps only go so far, Rodriguez said. Any cut in benefits, such as the expected reduction in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, is cause for concern.

hard to have them take anything away, she said.

Congress funded a slight increase to the program under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, but it is scheduled to expire this fall. Unless Congress maintains the funding level, a family of three will experience a cut of $29 per month or $319 for the remaining 11 months of the federal fiscal year.

you think about it, that how many gallons of milk? That how many loaves of bread? said Bill Tibbitts, associate director of Crossroad Urban Center.

you look at it, it a few days of eating.

Advocates for lowincome people are scheduled to meet Wednesday with officials from the Department of Workforce Services, which administers food stamp benefits. The agenda of the regularly scheduled meeting includes a discussion on how DWS will notify SNAP program participants about the cuts and how community organizations can help.

Gina Cornia, executive director of Utahns Against Hunger, said the House has yet to act on SNAP since it stripped the nutrition title out of the recently passed Farm Bill. The House could reconsider the cuts, but Congress is observing its August recess.

The reduction is significant because SNAP has never experienced a benefits reduction that impacts all 22 million participants, Cornia said.

the fact that benefits are already inadequate for many families, these cuts will be particularly painful, she said. know what a difference these benefits make in the everyday lives of lowincome families. Parents don have to send their kids to bed hungry because of this program.

DWS spokesman Nic Dunn said food stamp use in Utah has declined in recent months.

more Utahns are finding jobs so they no longer need food stamps to sustain their families. We recognize that many Utahns still need some temporary help, and we committed to helping them while we search for a better employment situation, Dunn said.

Nina Spencer, of Salt Lake City, who was also picking up a box of food Monday at the Crossroads Urban Center, said she worries most about families with children. While she does not receive the SNAP benefit, she is eligible for less than $30 a month for nutrition assistance.

know that gone in about one day, Spencer said. think it worrying everybody now.

Henry Joe Haskie, who said he lives on the streets, said he highly concerned about cuts to nutrition programs because he relies on food stamps for most of his meals.