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Peppermint Patties!
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How to Refinish Laminate Furniture. No sanding!
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Would be an awesome party dish to share!! The Easiest Mini Deep Dish Fruit Pizzas: 1 small package Pillsbury sugar cookie dough, 1 8 oz package cream cheese, softened, 1 large container cool whip, 4 cups of any kind of fruit. Cook sugar cookie dough either as 1 large pizza, small cups, or small cookies at 350- cooking time will depend on what type of cookie you are making (generally 6
bracelets en or So true. They get off an exit and I'm all, "Goodbye, … | Funny stu
So true. They get off an exit and I'm all, "Goodbye, friends. Goodbyee!!"
Christmas Lights Across Canada

Capital cities throughout the country are brought together by the annual celebration of Christmas Lights Across Canada.

In Canadas Capital, the winter landscape glows with hundreds of thousands of multicoloured lights during the holiday season. The festivities begin with an illumination ceremony in early December and continue until early January. Throughout Christmas Lights Across Canada, the lights in OttawaGatineau glow each evening from 4:30 pm to 2 am.

About Christmas Lights Across Canada

The Christmas Lights program was launched in 1985 to brighten the Ottawa winter. At first, the lights were only on Parliament Hill, but over the years the program expanded. Now, Ottawa and Gatineau glow each winter with Christmas lights at over 60 sites along Confederation Boulevard.

The program also grew to include our 13 provincial and territorial capitals, becoming Christmas Lights Across Canada. Throughout the country, Canadians come together each year to brighten their wintery capitals with thousands of holiday lights.

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Nail polish tricks. I think these just changed my life.
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Heart Tattoo
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When I was thinking about the tattoo that I would want if I was ever to get one, this is exactly what I was picturing except with a different quote and smaller. I could never actually imagine what it would look like.
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cornstarch/baking soda clay that dries like porcelain, beautiful white
Robert Maxwell

A native of Canada, Robert attended the Carleton University School of Journalism in his hometown of Ottawa, Ontario. The program involved four years of intense training and internships at venues like Parliament Hill that led directly to his first radio job.

While working in radio news in Montreal, Quebec a friend told Robert about a job opportunity at the Weather Network, Canadas answer to The Weather Channel. When he showed up for what he thought was an audition for a national radio gig, Robert found himself in front of a TV camera and green screen and loved every minute of it. He was soon hired as a Regional Weather Specialist at The Weather Networks popular Toronto morning show.

But telling news stories remains Roberts true passion. That drive has led to exciting television reporting and anchoring roles in Toronto and at the ABC affiliates in Orlando, Florida and Salt Lake City, Utah. Robert broke a number of significant stories including one that led to reforms in how law enforcement is trained in applying state concealandcarry laws. Another dealt with public employees generating fake documents at a Driver License Division office. During his free time, Robert enjoys exploring Austins everexpanding list of restaurants, music venues, wineries and the winding roads of the Hill Country.

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Love will have to get these done for the 4th of july:)
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putting stone under the bar counter makes sense to minimize scuff marks when people are seated on stools around your breakfast bar...much better than painted wall...
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DIY backpack with just 1 1/2 yards of fabric.
snake bracelet wooord | Funny (Ecards)
tungsten wedding rings for women A place for all of the keepsakes. | Love love love!
A place for all of the keepsakes.
Rock of Vegas Summer Concert Series Coming to Fremont Street Experience

LAS VEGAS, April 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ Street Experience announces its summer concert series Rock of Vegas with an entertainment lineup of legendary rock n rollers from the 1980s. The free concert series in Downtown Las Vegas will kick off Memorial Day Weekend with Vince Neil, legendary singer of Motley Crue, and runs through Labor Day Weekend with a performance by the ultimate glam metal rocker, Dee Snider, legendary singer of Twisted Sister.This is the fourth summer concert series at Fremont Street Experience and this year Rock of Vegas will bring the classic rock hits of the 80s to life with plenty of power ballads and guitar shredding, said Jeff Victor, president of Fremont Street Experience. Downtown Vegas is a fun place to see a concert and offers one of the best values in Las Vegas. All the concerts and stage shows are free, plus downtown hotelcasinos offer great deals on room rates, gambling and many food and drink specials.

Rock of Vegas Summer Concert Series at Fremont Street Experience headliner concerts are:

1 DEE SNIDER Legendary Singer of Twisted Sister with special guest JAC All concerts are Saturday nights with the exception of June 22, which is a Friday night.

So if youre looking for nothing but a good time and wanna rock, come to Fremont Street Experience this summer where you can still rock in America and have the best of times, added Victor.

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I love those curtains
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honey brown hair
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nice , simple, & chic. ze neon shorts.
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ASUS P8P67 Deluxe Motherboard Review

ASUS P8P67 Deluxe Motherboard ReviewASUS has a ton of P8P67 variants. Some are light on features, some aren The P8P67 Deluxe is certainly anything but light on features but how does it perform How does it stack up in the sea of recent P67 Express based boards ASUS AI Suite II

ASUS once again included their AI Suite II which includes TurboV EVO. While I not been a huge fan of this software in the past, I beginning to like it more and more. While I think there is a lot of things in it which aren necessary, or even beneficial, the things that count work well. The application starts out with a tool bar just as all the most recent versions do. This one also includes an Auto Tuning button if you want to get right down to it. Once you click on some of the various buttons, you will see expanding menus which allow you to access the various features of the utility. TurboV EVO being the first one I cover.

TurboV EVO is where you will find most of your overclocking and performance settings. Initially you two tabs at the top. A TurboV and an Auto Tuning tab. Starting with the TurboV tab we immediately see BCLK, CPU and DDR voltage sliders. There is a pain off to the right side which currently shows your CPU clock speed and multiplier settings, as well as core usage statistics. This pain can be changed depending on the utility selected. Next you notice that there is a More Settings drop down. Once selected, an Advanced Mode and a CPU Ratio tab appear. Below that are additional voltage adjustments. The most important of these is the CPU PLL voltage adjustment. CPU ratio may or may not prompt for a reboot of the system. What this does is adjust the setting in BIOS to allow for your CPU core multipliers to be adjusted via the OS. I not sure why this doesn default to being on as it should in my opinion.

Next the Auto Tuning tab shows us basically the same CPU Level Up functionality we seen in ASUS BIOS now for a few years. There are two presets, Fast and Extreme. The latter only gives you about a 4.1GHz to 4.2GHz overclock using a Core i7 2600K. Not really extreme, but nice given that there is virtually no effort involved here. Then there is the DIGI+VRM settings. This menu allows you to set LoadLine calibration and CPU current capabilities. You can also adjust the VRM frequency mode if you desire. Phase Control is also available here as is the DIGI+VRM duty cycle setting.

What nice about overclocking through this utility as opposed to the BIOS are the rollovers. While they aren super technical, they do explain in layman terms what each of the settings do and what effect they might have on your overclocking experience. Given how well we seen software overclocking work on most of the P67 Express chipset based boards, its reason enough to overclock here rather than through the BIOS. Moving on we find the ASUS EPU control panel. This is basically power saving presets. There are also energy savings counters, etc. You can also edit the profiles if you choose and customize them. Also you notice that the pain on the right hand side has an EPU Status and a Sensor feature. The latter shows all your temperatures and voltage ranges. It also displays fan RPM ranges if you care to monitor those. I don actually have any fans beyond the water pump connected to this so mine all show zero RPM here.

Here we see the FAN Xpert. I hate it. Simply put I hate line graphs despite being well aware of their advantages and I hate any type of controls using the form of a line graph even more. Still it works well enough, I just don care for it myself. It a minor complaint at best. As you can see you can set fan profile presets as well. What I do like is that there is a built in test function for your fan profiles. I can recall ever seeing anything like that in any software utilities. Certainly, not in recent memory anyway. Moving on, we can see the actual profile adjustments for the EPU profiles. This is the High Performance profile for reference.

Moving on once again we get into the ASUS Probe II. While the name is similar to the ASUS PC Probe II which ASUS bundled with its boards for what seems like an eternity, the two could not be more different in terms of visual presentation. This one is integrated into the AI Suite II better than any efforts previous. More so this one is easier to read and far more user friendly. This utility allows for the monitoring of voltages, fan speeds, and various temperature zones. It doesn really allow for any changes beyond alert thresholds. It also shows a logging function which displays and alerts which have occurred previously on the system. You can also save your settings into a profile if you wish. Running through them quickly you see several tabs starting with voltage, temperature, fan speed, preference, and finally the alert log.

As usual ASUS likes to throw everything but the kitchen sink in with its utilities so this goes on and on. As soon as ASUS can digitally include a kitchen sink, I sure they will just to one up their competitors. In any case the next feature is the BT GO or Bluetooth Go or whatever. This allows you to connect your Bluetooth enabled phone or other devices to the system. You can transfer files, share media, and do a whole bunch of things. I didn play with this feature too much but I did connect my phone to it and move some files around. This utility is actually a double effort as there is another one which isn as fancy, but is essentially the same as this which gets installed and is accessible through Windows Start Menu. I almost cringed in fear when I saw this next part. The ASUS Update utility. I say It back but I don think it ever really left. Since bricking two boards using this back in the 680i SLI chipset days I haven touched this utility and I been gun shy about ever flashing my BIOS over the internet. Instead I prefer to download the BIOS and use EZFlash or the equivalent if using another brand of board. But anyway this feature is prominently integrated into ASUS AI Suite for better or for worse. Editors Note: Flashing a BIOS inside of a Windows OS has come a long way since the 680i days. I have used this program extensively and not had issues with it. Still when it comes to my personal hardware or even most test bench hardware I like to use the BIOS based flashing utilities.

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rope bracelets Pin now, read later — A list of drugstore make-ups that are … | DIY
Pin now, read later -- A list of drugstore make-ups that are duplicates of department store brands.. pretty much the greatest pin on the planet
Search ends after presumed drowning near Kenosha

Coast Guard boats were taking the overnight hours to find a man who had gone missing in Lake Michigan. Read details and see Chopper 4 raw and photos from the scene.

Earlier Tuesday, the Coast Guard identified Benjamin T. McCarter, 31 of Kenosha, as presumed drowned after the Coast Guard called off the initial search. Monday night.

Searchers were trying to rescue a man in the water for hours.

Two other people reportedly tried to rescue him, could not, then got out safely. One of the people, a woman, was able to grab him, but could not hold on.

They did they best they could to save him, said friend Manny Murillo. Its not their fault.

Police say McCarter went under the water and did not resurface.

Kenosha Fire and dive rescue crews worked through late Monday evening, but called off their search for the night.

They announced Tuesday morning they would not continue their search, unless any of the mans belongings are found.

We have to be strong for him, because we know thats what he would want us to do, said Murillo.

By many accounts, he was McCarters best friend.

The pair loved the water, and the rush brought on by jumping into the waves of Lake Michigan.

Just that excitement of doing something new, conquering fears if you fear jumping off of higher points in the water.

McCarter was boasting to friends that he would take the plunge.

He had been talking about going off of that pier for the past two weeks, said Murillo.

Bens friends are trying to focus on happy memories, but theyre mindful of the dangers that led to the disappearance.

I wouldnt want to put my family through this, or the rest of my friends, because if I go out there and I jump or fall victim, what would we have learned from this tragedy.

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Treat yourself to a delicious carrot cupcake topped with cream cheese icing!
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I actually had a mexican lady at walmart tell me this lol...Best kept secret for an amazing tan...COCA COLA! Apparently this is used all the time in Australia. All you need is regular (not diet, flavored, or any generic brand) Coca Cola. Just rub it on, lay out in the sun for a while...and you'll get a dark NATURAL tan that lasts for months after.
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Cadeau de naissance .... - Ateliers d'Antan
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Light Potato Cheese Soup Recipe
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jogo americano
Rhondella Richardson

Rhondella Richardson is a member of Team 5 Investigates, WCVBTV Channel 5s investigative unit. She has previously served as coanchor of the weekend edition of the EyeOpener and Sunday 10AM and Midday newscasts. Richardson joined the station as a general assignment news reporter.

Prior to joining NewsCenter 5, Richardson was a general assignment reporter at KINGTV, the NBC affiliate in Seattle, Washington in 1994. While at KING, the markets No. 1 station, Richardson got a taste of international reporting when she was sent on assignment to Vietnam. During the week overseas, she produced a threepart series on communism versus capitalism and the impact of trade with the Pacific Northwest.

She also cohosted the Lou Rawls Parade of Stars United Negro College Fund Telethon. From 1992 to 1994, Richardson was a general assignment reporter at WJARTV in Providence, Rhode Island, and was involved in that stations Tuesdays Child segments. In addition, in 1991 she was at WMURTV in Manchester, New Hampshire, for the first in the nation Presidential primary.

Richardsons broadcast journalism career began while attending Northeastern University in Boston. In 1987, Richardson was an assignment desk assistant for WHDHTV in Boston, and later worked as a producer and reporter for Cablevisions The Neighborhood Network News from 1988 to 1989.

In addition, Richardson was a news assistant for WGBHTVs Nightly Ten Oclock Newscast in 1989. In 1990, Richardson was the recipient of WCVBs Leo Beranek Fellowship, which brought her to NewsCenter 5 as a news assistant.

Richardson was named among the 50 Most Intriguing Women in Boston by Boston Magazine in 1997. She serves on the Board of Overseers at Northeastern University. Richardson was honored by Northeastern with its Medallion Award which recognizes young alumni who have contributed to the university and community while making significant professional strides.

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silver jewelry bracelets How To Make a Plastic Bag Keeper ? Curbly | DIY Design … | Design :)
How To Make a Plastic Bag Keeper ? Curbly | DIY Design Community (Found amongst another link of wonderful camping idea was this wonderful little idea, but it felt so useful that it needed it's own post imo.)
Scotlands Environment

Welcome to Scotlands Environment Web

Scotlands Environment Web SEWeb brings together information on Scotlands environment. Nowhere else can environmental data, information and reports, from known and trusted sources, be looked at in one place.

Within the Our Environment section of the website, a report on the State of Scotlands Environment is provided; written by the organisations who are working to protect, understand and improve the environment. The report summarises the condition of the environment, why its like that, why you should care, and whats being done to improve it. If you want know more about the environment in your local area, search the Maps or use the Whats In My Backyard postcode search, to access a wide range of environmental data collated and published by Scottish organisations and agencies. The SEWeb Library can help you find further information and guidance relating to Scotlands environment from the websites of our Partners. If you are interested in collecting data and observations on your local environment, the Get Involved section provides more information.

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reclaimed wood with hooks for curtain
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platform - looks like Jeffrey Campbell
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Tory Burch Vivian T-Strap pump
carriers and passengers alike


The FAA furloughs kicked in on Sunday despite a lawsuit filed by two airline trade associations and the Airline Pilots Association, and it already causing frustration for those trying to fly the friendly skies.

Some analysts estimate that the MinneapolisSt. Paul International Airport won see much of an effect, but several travelers told FOX 9 News they are bracing themselves.

Federal officials say they have no choice but to furlough all 47,000 FAA employees, including 15,000 air traffic controllers, if they are going to cut more than $600 million from the agency budget by the end of September as required by the sequester cuts. That means each employee will lose a day of work every other week.

As one might expect, fewer air traffic controllers means planes have to take off and land less often, and the furloughs could result in flight delays or cancellations for a third of passengers.

When the furloughs began on Sunday morning, Delta Airlines put the following statement on their website to voice their disappointment:

On behalf of our customers and employees, Delta is disappointed that furloughs of Federal Aviation Administration personnel will result in delays and cancellations across the national air transportation system. The FAA has advised Delta that furloughdriven delays are most likely to occur at the following 10 airports:New YorkJFKChicago O Chicago MidwayLos Angeles LAX

San Diego

Since so many major hubs are likely to feel the impact of the furloughs, travelers in the Twin Cities are expected to feel the ripple effects. AAA recommends getting to the airport earlier than normal and remember to pack your patience.

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Aqua / Anarkali Suits
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This looks really yummy!
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1/2-length sleeves, a ballet neck, and vertical stripes make this cardigan an absolutely stunning stand-out piece. Shown in Patons Metallic. #crochet
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Vanilla Caramel ?clair + Chocolate Glaze
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Cute Short hair bob
Campaign to get Lily walking Tasmania News

Because of her chromosomal disorder, 22monthold Lily is only able to sit and play for short periods. She is unable to walk, crawl or roll over without help.

Parents Amy Males and Tim Parremore have been told Lily has the brain capacity of an eight or ninemonthold child. She was not diagnosed with PKS until she was about three weeks old.

One of the hardest things is not knowing what to expect. Some children with the same thing learn to walk, some dont. You cant predict it, Ms Males said.

The Royal Hobart Hospital have been great but in her short life Lily has had four different paediatricians which makes it difficult especially as what she has is so rare.

There have been countless paediatrician visits. She has regular EEG brain activity scans because of seizures.

The young family is being helped by family friends who have set up a Facebook page Luv 4 Lily and are running a charity auction to raise funds for Lilys walker.

We are grateful for the generosity of many local businesses and people. We also sold some fund raising chocolates to purchase a second skin to help her development, Ms Males said.

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Ming Makes Cupcakes - 33 delicious recipes! :)
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So doing this one day
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DIY Closet Doors
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Baltimore Sports Blitz Blog

Training camp is officially underway, and over the next three weeks, John Harbaugh and the Ravens must get a lot accomplished in those steamy late afternoon sessions at the Castle if they are to maintain their grasp of the AFC North. These practices build the foundation of a successful season and there are also significant issues still left to be addressed. In this weeks Five for Friday, blogger and reporter Matt Vensel lists five things the Ravens must get done in training camp to remain the class of the AFC North.

Believe it or not, the start of Ravens training camp is suddenly just a few days away. Soon, in these steamy days of summer, dozens of large men will be competing for roster spots, playing time and, for some, the chance to be in the starting lineup. Whether the coaches will admit it or not, most of the starting spots are settled. But there are a few still up for grabs. In this weeks Five for Friday, Baltimore Sun blogger and reporter Matt Vensel lists five heated position battles we will be keeping an eye on training camp.