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Centre for Womens Studies

Founded in 1984, the Centre for Womens Studies at York is among Britains most wellestablished bases for feminist and genderoriented teaching and research. We adopt a womencentred and interdisciplinary approach to the changing nature of both womens experiences and gender relations. By drawing on a range of disciplines cultural studies, history, literature, philosophy, politics, sociology, social policy we explore the differing perspectives each has to offer, as well as the creative tensions between them.

Our international reputation is based on:

The Centre for Womens Studies has good relations with departments throughout the University, especially those in the humanities and the social sciences. Each department runs its own research seminar series which are open to any graduate student. The Centre for Womens Studies organises its own regular staffgraduate seminars at which members of staff, graduate students and distinguished visiting scholars present research papers.

Stevi Jackson, Gabriele Griffin, Ann KaloskiNaylor our Centrebased members of staff, Harriet Badger the Centre Administrator and our research group are housed on the third floor of Grimston House which is adjacent to the new University Information Centre and the Retail Park. There is a common room where the various constituencies that make up Womens Studies full time and parttime students, visitors, researchers and teaching staff can meet to exchange ideas and information over coffee. The Centre has an average of 55 postgraduate students each year, who are of varying ages and disciplinary backgrounds, with a number coming from overseas.

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silver engagement rings for women friendship bracelets – DIY idea | Make diy
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RNC threat to networks over Hillary Clinton programs

NBC has plans for a miniseries starring Diane Lane, while CNN is acquiring a featurelength documentary that will run theatrically before airing on the cable channel. Both are planned to air well in advance of the 2016 election a race in which Ms. Clinton is assumed by many to be running.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus calls both projects thinly veiled attempts to put a thumb on the scale for the 2016 election. He informed each network by letter that if they have not agreed to pull the programming prior to the start of the RNCs Summer Meeting Aug. 14, he will seek a binding vote of the RNC stating that the committee will neither partner with either in 2016 primary debates nor sanction primary debates that they sponsor.

Instead of making premature decisions about a project that is in the very early stages of development and months from completion, we would encourage the members of the Republican National Committee to reserve judgment until they know more, the network said in a statement Monday afternoon.

NBC, meanwhile, appeared to sidestep the issue. Spokeswoman Liz Fischer said in an email that the following is NBCs only comment on the RNC threat: NBC News is completely independent of NBC Entertainment and has no involvement in this project.

Want your top political issues explained? Get customized DC Decoder updates.

The NBC project will be handled by the entertainment division. Political debates are typically covered by the news division.

While many miniseries and TV movies have ruffled feathers of both political parties in the past and networks have changed plans in response think CBS shuffling The Reagans over to Showtime back in 2003 there is little precedent for this current brinkmanship.

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Backyard Veranda closing doors

Backyard Veranda was launched 11 years ago with a store on Spring Garden Road in Halifax. That Park Lane store closed in 2006 when it moved to a larger space in Dartmouth Crossing.

the last couple of years, business has been down, Haley said. the last year, their sales were down 30 per cent.

have been victim to some online competition. Showrooming has definitely affected them. When you deal with products that are sometimes sold directly from the supplier themselves, and it sold from other retailers, you run the risk of being undercut. to its name, the business sold more than patio furniture.

a common misconception that it was just outdoor furniture, Haley said. it was actually for the whole house. We were a very fashionforward brand. Very stylish for the whole home. stores also sold kitchenware, a dog line and food items, he said.

CharlesMichel LeBlanc, who headed the company and was its main shareholder, has stepped down from his position as chief executive officer.

was his baby for 11 years, Haley said.

LeBlanc could not be reached for comment.

it very sad, Haley said of the closure.

though we were a local business, we had clients from across the country. Definitely, we felt like we provided something different to the marketplace, especially in Atlantic Canada. company owes 54 creditors a total of about $500,000, said Peter Wedlake of Grant Thornton, the trustee in bankruptcy.

The Canada Revenue Agency is owed more than $100,000, Wedlake said.

The estimated value of the company assets is about $364,000, he said.

Wedlake hasn decided yet how he will dispose of those.

While the two stores were closed Wednesday for inventory counts, Wedlake said he has organized liquidation sales in the past to sell off assets.

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How To: Splatter Paint Nails With the Olympic trials in full swing and the 4th of July right around the corner, I decided to get patriotic with my nail art this weekend! I searched for a quick and easy way to wear all 3 colors of the American flag and decided that splatter paint would be the perfect (and easiest) way to do it!
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Instagram photo by simplenailartdesigns
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Genius!! two tall skinny bookcases on their sides with fabric bins and custom cushions.
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I Love London
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Monkey Love Birthday Cake
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answer for everything <3
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use old blanket and make a bag.
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Rose Gold Heart Bracelet
Canucks AHL affiliate not coming to Abbotsford

The Vancouver Canucks will not be stationing their AHL affiliate in Abbotsford at least not in the immediate future.

Abbotsford mayor Bruce Banman told The News on Monday that talks between the city and the NHL club have reached a stalemate, eliminating any possibility of the Canucks bringing their AHL team to the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre AESC in time for the 201314 season.

There were time constraints, and at the end of the day, the city is not going to do a deal unless its in the best interests of the taxpayers, Banman said.

Reports of an imminent game of AHL franchise musical chairs surfaced last month. The speculation held that the Canucks would purchase the Peoria Rivermen from the St.

When the Canucks confirmed on April 1 that theyd purchased the Rivermen the first domino to fall, it seemed the rumour mill shifted into overdrive.

But the city and the Canucks were unable to agree, and Banman said he was naturally disappointed a deal didnt come together.

Banman declined to delve into specifics of negotiations with the Canucks, but said they did not request a supply fee agreement similar to the one that the Heat have with the city.

The Heat have completed the fourth year of that 10year contract, which guarantees the team a $5.7 million breakeven budget. Attendance issues have compelled the city to cover shortfalls totalling $3.58 million to date $450,000 in 200910, $1.37 million in 201011, and $1.76 million in 201112. The final numbers for 201213 wont be known until the fall.

Both of the parties which run the Heat the Flames, who own the team and handle the hockey operations, and Fraser Valley Sports and Entertainment FVSE, which manages the business side were willing to step aside and make room for the Canucks.

Thats according to FVSEs Lane Sweeting, who said his group gave the City of Abbotsford and the Canucks the opportunity to make a deal.

Our goal is to have a successful American Hockey League team in Abbotsford, Sweeting explained. It doesnt matter whether we own it or whether the Flames own it or the Canucks own it.

We would like to see the American Hockey League stay here, we would like to see the fans support it, and we would like to see that the city isnt cutting subsidy cheques. Thats a longterm business cycle for us, and it probably would have been a shorter business cycle if the Canucks had successfully negotiated a new lease in Abbotsford.

The Canucks declined interview requests on the topic, but did issue a general statement.

The purchase of the Peoria Rivermen franchise allows Canucks Sports Entertainment to assume full control of their minor league development program. No determination has been made relative to the operation of the franchise for the 201314 season and at this time no further details will be disclosed.

In order to facilitate an Abbotsford/Canucks deal, Sweeting said the Heat asked the AHL for extensions on deadlines pertaining to scheduling for the 201314 season.

Sweeting expressed surprise that a deal wasnt reached, though he pointed out he wasnt privy to any details of those negotiations.

From my perspective, I thought it was an easy thing to do, because both parties were interested in having it done, he said. I think the Canucks were interested in having their development team 65 kilometres away, and I think the city was interested in having a lease without a supply fee. Why or how it didnt get done, I dont know.

Eventually, they ran out of time, basically. They should have had this done months ago. It was putting pressure on our staff, it was putting pressure on the league.

Asked if he anticipated any negative feedback from taxpayers and hockey fans alike that the city was unable to strike a deal with the Canucks, Banman left the door open for future negotiations.

If negotiations happened once, they can happen again, he said. We would leave the door open to anyone who can improve the current position that we have. I think that some of that is our own responsibility, quite frankly, to support the team we have.

The worst thing the fans can do would be to turn their backs on this team. That will make negotiations down the road even more difficult. If the fans want a great deal, the best thing we can do is show them were a hockey town regardless of AHL affiliation.

The AESC has been home to the Heat since the 200910 season, but the team affiliated with the Flames, a division rival of the Canucks has struggled at the box office. The Heat have never averaged more than 4,000 fans per game, and they drew an average crowd of 3,778 this season, which left them 28th out of 30 teams in the AHL.

The Heats attendance this season represented a 6.6 per cent increase over the 3,545 they drew last year the first time theyve trended in an upward direction after two straight years of decline. While that can be partially attributed to heightened exposure during the NHL lockout, the local teams attendance growth did outpace the leaguewide increase of 1.3 per cent.

I think we built our fan base, but we still have work to do, Sweeting said. The taxpayers arent obligated to come to these games we have to make them want to come to these games. I think were doing a good job of pricing it and showing that its an evenings entertainment for a good dollar.

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this seriously did work. I did it twice on a burner that's had scorch marks for a year or more and they're gone! For anyone as OCD about cleaning as I am, this is a must! I would be prepared to do it at least twice, more if you've got bad burns. This really works!!!
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Simple stack of multiple fabric-covered foam pads. makes a cushy "sofa" in the playroom, and can be pulled apart for multiple sleepover guests, movie night pillows, or tumbling games, etc.
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Success quote - Michael Jordan
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Luxury Watches and Unique by H. Stern | Modern Watches from Material Diamond and Silk
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I have Reptile a Dysfunction funny pictures meme jokes
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Unisex Luxury Binary Fashion 29 LED Digital Wrist Watch
RT Local Heroes

Six years into a deep recession, and across Ireland towns and communities are struggling and unemployment remains stubbornly high. While it seems that much of our economic situation is beyond our control, every individual, business and community in Ireland has the power to make a difference to the wider economy. In December 2012, RT Local Heroes, in association with MACE, invited applications from individuals or groups around the country who were doing something visionary to create jobs in their local communities.

Last year the town of Drogheda was transformed with the support and entrepreneurial spirit of the local community which saw hundreds of jobs created. This year Local Heroes will feature the stories of six inspirational Irish towns who are fighting back against the recession. For the last five months, presenter Joe Duffy has followed the progress of six of those projects. Travelling the length and breadth of the country Joe visits the towns of Wexford, Killaloe/Ballina, Boyle, Ballyshannon, CarrickOnSuir and an initiative in the heart of Dublin City as groups and individuals come together, under the local heroes banner, to do their bit to boost their local economy and keep their town on the map.

In each town, the local heroes come up with a unique idea and set themselves a strict deadline to launch their initiative. Any success could help to sustain, or even in time create, jobs in each of these communities. The series follows these six projects over a three month period, to see if they really can make a difference.

Alex Banahan, Sales Director for MACE Ireland said: As a local retailer operating in towns and communities across Ireland, MACE is very proud to be supporting a cause close to our own heart local enterprise and employment. Our retailers are independent operators and like the Local Heroes highlighted in this series, are working hard to create sustainable and thriving communities. We congratulate those individuals and groups who are passionate about making a positive contribution to the places they live and work, he said.

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Stop hay abuse.
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Funny ecard - Knowitall prescription
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Stone Interiors
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Oreo Funfetti Cake with Oreo Cheesecake Filling
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Have your child make their own 4th of July shirt.
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I don't need to swim.... Swimming isn't that fun...
Relationship Advice and Love Advice at Live Advice

Live Advice feedback and ratings system is built around your community voice. This feature gives you the power to view the experiences of other members with a particular advisor, as well as leave your own comments and rate your experience after a call, mail interaction and recorded listings. These comments and ratings from customers, like you, are valuable indicators of an advisor reputation. Please be sure to leave your comments so that other members may benefit from your experience.

Ratings: After you make a call, youll be asked to rate your experience from that advisor by using your touchtone keypad to give that advisor listing a rating of between 1 to 5 stars 5 stars being the highest. A rating of 4 or 5 will improve that listings overall rating; a rating of 1 or 2 will lower it.

After you received a paid mail service, youll see a page inviting you to leave feedback in the form of a 1 to 5 star rating, along with written comments which will appear alongside the listing.

Feedback: Through the web site, you can also leave written feedback by finding the listing you just called on your page found on the Payment Info page in My Account and selecting Leave Feedback.

Note: Please be fair and responsible in your comments; remember, anyone who clicks on that listing will be able to read them. You may only rate up to 3 calls or Mails per day with any given advisor. You have up to 90 days to leave feedback for a call or Paid Mail.

What does the number next to a listing mean?

The number you see next to every listing is its rating, a figure that combines three essential advisor attributes:

Qualityow many stars on a 1to5 scale customers give this advisor after each call. note: Quality ratings can only be given for calls or Mails that cost $2.00 or more, unless it is the customers first contact with a given advisor. Customers may only rate up to 3 calls or Mails per day with any given advisor.

Reliabilityhe number of calls this advisor has missed.

Serviceow often customers choose to have extended conversations with this advisor.

What do the Stars mean?

The number of stars you see by an advisors listing indicates the average rating on the 1to5 scale described above that he or she has received from customers who have called this listing in the past.

Stars help customers choose which advisor to call for advice and reward advisors for providing high customer satisfaction.

Ingenio does not refer, recommend, endorse or guarantee any advisor or services. We do not represent or warrant that the advisor you select is qualified or licensed to provide the information or advice you seek. You are solely responsible to select your advisor and determine whether that advisor has the right qualifications and experience for your needs. Ingenio is not responsible for and does not warrant any advice or information that you receive from your advisor. You and the advisor are solely responsible for your conversations and communications. Whether or not you rely on any advice or information given is your decision.

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Madagascar Topsy-Turvy Cake
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DIY Console Table
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The new scooby doo cartoon Is dope.
italian silver jewelry So here's the new generation of wall papers. … | For when I'm marr
So here's the new generation of wall papers. Basically SINCOL x mt is like a giant washi tape that allows you to turn a wall into a canvas. The possibilities are endless ;)
Cape Breton Post

The event took place at John Bernard Croak VC Royal Canadian Legion branch 3 to honour people who served in the conflict. Wreaths were laid for each of the 12 Cape Bretoners who died in the war.

All I can say, war is hell, said Archbishop Vincent Waterman, who served in the conflict and who acts now as chaplain of branch 28 and the Cape Breton Naval Veterans Association.

And I hope and pray we never see another one. When you look at the devastation it causes, the people hurt, soldiers coming back maimed, its not easy. When you were visiting the hospitals and homes, it would tear your heart out. These men here gave everything they had God bless Canada. It is the land of the free and home also of those who were brave and willing to keep it that way.

One man who will never forget is George Aucoin. The Margaree native was a gunner and went over to Korea twice.

Its the forgotten war, he said. It was a war they were firing real bullets and it was a real war but they didnt give us credit until 1992.

Aucoin said events like the one held Saturday are important but hed also like to see the association for Korean War veterans reactivated.

Id like to see the association start again. Theres still some people around here who remember Korea 12 Cape Bretoners were killed there during war and theres a monument on waterfront. Nobody gets there anymore its very sad.

Arlene Kelly attended Saturdays service on behalf of her father, Joe Wilson, who was one of 10 people from across Canada selected to go to South Korea to attend special services for Korean War veterans from Canada.

He always wanted to go back but never thought he could afford it, said Kelly, her voice cracking with emotion. So for him to go back and see the changes in the country, its been amazing for me to watch him but I cant even imagine whats hes going through right now.

Theres no word to describe this he didnt sleep for two nights. Theres not much that makes a 79yearold man excited these days but he was so excited about going and he wanted to see the changes over there.

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Cut up a plastic shoe holder for bathroom's under counter storage...genius idea!
man jewelry Movie Poster | Cinematic Movie Posters
Movie Poster
ASUS P8Z77 WS Workstation Motherboard Review

ASUS P8Z77 WS Workstation Motherboard ReviewThe ASUS P8Z77 WS is the latest in the ASUS Workstation series and has virtually every feature but the kitchen sink thrown into it. If you are looking for a board that can fill almost any role while utilizing a desktop LGA1155 processor, then this motherboard is worth a serious look. Its product lines span virtually every price point and market segment you can think of.

The ASUS P8Z77 WS is based on the Intel Z77 Express chipset supporting all current LGA1155 socket processors. While E3 Xeon should work on most LGA1155 boards, many boards do not officially support them. Being a board marketed toward the workstation crowd, the P8Z77 WS does carry official Xeon compatibility, though this board is largely targeted towards users of Ivy Bridge. The PCIe slot configuration is what tells you this is the case as Sandy Bridge isn flexible enough to allow for the use of all the board PCIe x16 slots simultaneously. The Z77 Express chipset is also the first chipset from Intel which supports USB 3.0 natively, and while SATA 6G support is present; Intel didn really do anything new here. So as usual, only two SATA 6Gbps ports are supported.

The P8Z77 WS is interesting in that it differentiates itself from most of the P8xxx series by being a workstation oriented solution. Sure it shares many commonalities with normal enthusiast products, but the feature set is a little more in line with someone that might choose a workstation build. While the highest end workstations built today would most like by single or even dual socket LGA2011 based boards, there is still a market for midrange and lower priced LGA1155 based workstations which are in most respects almost as capable. To that end the feature set reflects this thinking. ASUS gave this board dual Intel 82574L NICs instead of the usual V series parts desktop oriented boards are lucky to have. These are of course server grade parts. Not super high end, but definitely capable for workstation and light server type duties.

ASUS of course made sure the board had you covered in the storage department as workstations typically have more storage or at least, faster storage arrays than a desktop user might. These days we rarely see this on ASUS boards, but the P8Z77 WS brings back multiple RAID controllers, and goes a step further by adding SSD disk caching to the third party controller. eSATA is also present, which again many companies are getting away from that and ASUS is no exception. Rather than waste the space on something which many do not use, ASUS simply include a bracket that can appropriate one of your internal SATA ports and put a connector for it on the expansion slot area instead. With the ASUS P8Z77 WS, this isn the case. You get two real eSATA 6Gb/s ports on the back plane.

Of course the P8Z77 WS also features ASUS DIGI+ VRM design which is an all digital VRM solution which supports Intel VRD 12.5 specifications. It allows for a great deal of adjustment to your loadline calibration and voltage settings. This in conjunction with ASUS TPU and EPU features provides optimal power savings and efficiency. In addition to being digital, the board features a 20 phase or 16+4 power solution; 16 phases for CPU power and 4 for the iGPU. 2 phases are dedicated to the DRAM as well. ASUS also brings industry leading fan control to the party allowing a great deal of customization of fan speeds and monitoring to each header individually, supporting multiple 4 and 3pin fan devices. ASUS new BIOS Flashback feature also makes an appearance on the P8Z77 WS as it does on the rest of its Z77 line.

Of course that not all of the feature list. In addition ASUS added more USB 3.0 ports via the ASMedia 1042 controller, SLI, 3Way SLI, QuadSLI, and even 4Way SLI are supported along with AMD CrossFireX for up to 4 cards or 4 GPUs. Onboard graphics connectivity and LucidLogix Virtu MVP technology are supported as well. Being a workstation board, the P8Z77 WS supports ASUS SASsaby M SASsaby 1064E cards. Additionally the board supports an internal vertical USB port. This may not make a lot of sense to those familiar with consumer oriented boards, and systems. However, there are many high end workstation and productivity applications which require USB dongles as hardware keys. Vertical ports like this allow the dongle to be stored internally in the system where it is less likely to be stolen. Basically just about everything but the kitchen sink was thrown in here and you be hard pressed to find a more feature rich solution without stepping up to an ROG line board which of course is going to be focused a bit differently in terms of features.

The board ships in the usual P8xxx series packaging we are used to seeing. Though this one does have a slip cover with a flap providing some more information concerning the board numerous features. Our board arrived damage free and with all accessories. Inside the box you find the following items: P8Z77 WS motherboard, User guide, driver disc with ASUS logo sticker, I/O shield, SATA cables, Qconnectors, SLI and Crossfire bridges, 3Way SLI and 4Way SLI bridges, RS232 port on an expansion slot bracket, SATA power adapters, and an USB/IEEE1394a bracket.

Most boards these days have a competently executed layout, but the P8Z77 WS is executed masterfully. It goes above and beyond with superior attention to detail. Expansion slot spacing, single sided locking tabs, and excellent placement of the ASUS EZPlug are what elevate it to this status. About the only thing I could potentially complain about are the location of the onboard power and reset buttons. These are places where it would be difficult to reach these if any expansion cards are in the bottom three PCIe slots. That just not forward thinking at all, but this isn truy that big a deal as these controls aren really going to get used with the board installed in a chassis.

The P8Z77 WS has 4 color coded DIMM slots located in the usual area. The board features support for dual channel memory mode operation and supports up to 32GB of RAM in 4 DIMMs. As is the case with all current ASUS boards I seen, the P8Z77 WS features DIMM slots with single sided locking tabs. Modules are simply inserted at an angle into the side closest to the primary PCIe slot and pressed down locking the module into place. This type of DIMM retention mechanism is ideal when space is at a premium and given the location of the DIMM slot relative to the expansion slot area, this design was a good call.

The expansion slot area is what I call optimal. It allows for the installation of up to 4 graphics cards assuming that your case will allow for the fourth card to simply hang off the board edge. The top most slot of course is well thought out because under no circumstances would a normal dual slot solution block any slot for any reason. PCIe x1 slots would get blocked as usual but there isn much getting around that unless the cards you install are single slot solutions. Given the board intended audience, single slot RAID controllers, or additional network cards could be a possibility, and therefore these x1 slots could get used. But otherwise the four PCIe x16 slots can operate at x8 speeds with up to four graphics cards being installed, so long as you use an Ivy Bridge CPU and not the older Sandy Bridge CPU due to differences in the integrated PCIe controllers.

The expansion slot area of the P8Z77 WS is packed with ports. The board back panel features a PS/2 keyboard or mouse combination port, dual eSATA ports, 4 USB 2.0 ports, 4 USB 3.0 ports, 1 DVII port, 2 RJ45 LAN ports, 1 optical SP/DIF port, and six ministereo jacks for analog audio output. Lastly the BIOS Flashback button is present as well.

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DIY - put a shelf over a window & use the shelf brackets to hold a curtain rod.
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This is our Orange Kiss cupcake! It is a delicious orange cake topped with orange icing and a candy!
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diy gold striped vases // cute gift idea
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i love the natural look of the flowers and the bark vase
Applying to Oberlin

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a fouryear undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree and provides a rich and balanced curriculum in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

Since 1920, more Oberlin graduates have gone on to earn PhDs than have graduates of any other American baccalaureate college. college or university.

The Conservatory of Music offers fouryear undergraduate programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree; fiveyear integrated programs leading to the Master of Music; and twoyear certificate programs in music, including a Performance Diploma undergraduate and an Artist Diploma graduate.

The oldest continuously operating Conservatory of Music in the United States.

A collection of more than 1,500 musical instruments of the highest quality.

Exceptional facilities that include five concert halls and 150 practice rooms.

Oberlin owns 231 Steinway pianos, and the Conservatorys concert and recital halls, classrooms, studios, and most practice rooms are equipped with Steinway grands.

Oberlin College offers a unique opportunity to students who want to combine rigorous preprofessional music training with a broad liberal arts education. In as few as five years, doubledegree students may complete work for the Bachelor of Music degree from the Conservatory of Music and the Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Arts and Sciences. Doubledegree students commit exceptional talent and intellectual passion. They often demonstrate a capacity for intensive focus in an academic discipline, which brings context and imagination to their music.

The College of Arts and Science and the Conservatory of Music have separate application processes; students must be accepted to both the College of Arts and Sciences and the Conservatory of Music to pursue the doubledegree program.

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Blue Flowers
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How to make a PVC fort.
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Birthday Cake
men rings Wedding nails? Summer nails? And a host of other … | Cool nail art
Wedding nails? Summer nails? And a host of other design ideas.
Celebrating Kwanzaa

In the mid60s, Dr. Maulana Karenga created Kwanzaa, an observance that honors African heritage in AfricanAmerican and PanAfrican cultures. From Dec. 26 to Jan. 1, these days are dedicated to the seven principles Nguzo Saba focusing on African philosophy that encompasses the mutual and interactive relationship with family, community, environment and the world. For more information on Kwanzaa, the principles and symbols, visit the official Kwanzaa website. Join us in celebrating Kwanzaa and enriching our lives with its beauty and truths.

One of the seven principles of Kwanzaa is Umoja, which calls for promoting unity in our families and communities. We can accomplish this by spending quality time together, striving to overcome our differences and celebrating the ties that bind us. Our country is a melting pot of cultures, ethnicities and religions, yet we all share the common experience of belonging to one family the human race.

As we celebrate this holiday season with loved ones, our hearts and minds are with the victims and families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Such devastating tragedies reinforce the need for us to unite as a people to bring peace and healing to our communities and our nation. As a Swahili proverb rightly states, Unity is strength, division is weakness.