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recours aux agences priv

Alors que le rseau de la sant qubcois utilise de moins en moins de maindoeuvre indpendante, la rgion de la CteNord a encore frquemment recours du personnel dagences prives. Une situation dsastreuse selon le syndicat local, qui lancera un vritable cri du coeur ce matin. Certains de ces employs, en plus de coter beaucoup plus cher que le personnel permanent, sont insuffisamment forms et mettent en danger la clientle.

En confrence de presse ce matin, le Syndicat des travailleuses et des travailleurs du Centre de sant et des services sociaux CSSS de Manicouagan prsentera les nombreux effets pervers du recours au personnel dagence sur leur territoire.

Le syndicat a pu obtenir le contrat liant le CSSS de Manicouagan une agence de placement de personnel. Selon ce contrat, lagence prive reoit 83$ lheure pour chaque infirmire qui travaille au CSSS Manicouagan et 48$ lheure pour chaque prpos aux bnficiaires. Un prpos du public qui travaille dans le rseau depuis 5 ans gagne 18,76$ lheure. Les employs dagence cotent beaucoup plus cher!, dnonce la prsidente du syndicat, Gisle Charrette. En plus de ce taux horaire plus lev, tout employ dagence prive qui travaille au CSSS de Manicouagan reoit 0,46$ par kilomtre pour ses dplacements. Et lagence de placement reoit 50$ par nuit en frais dhbergement.

Les employs dagence qui se rendent BaieComeau ont aussi la garantie de travailler au minimum 10 quarts de travail en 10 jours conscutifs. Des fois, on na pas besoin delles. Mais on na pas le choix de les faire travailler pour respecter le contrat. Donc, on a souvent des employs en surplus sur diffrents quarts de travail. Cest du gaspillage dargent, dplore Mme Charrette.

Prsidente locale de la Fdration interprofessionnelle de la sant du Qubec BaieComeau, MariePatricia Tremblay note quil arrive aussi frquemment que des infirmires dagence travaillent en surplus. Pendant ce temps, lhpital est en dficit de 3 millions, dnoncetelle. Cest illogique.

Le personnel dagence est souvent mal form, selon le syndicat des travailleurs et travailleuses du CSSS de Manicouagan. Par exemple, en juillet 2010, une employe dagence a failli bouillanter un rsidant en faisant couler un bain beaucoup trop chaud. La jeune femme a t congdie. Et en septembre 2011, deux nouvelles employes dagence ont tent de lever un rsidant qui ne marchait plus depuis sept ans.

Quand on se retrouve ltage avec trois autres employs dagence, on doit les former, les aider, les surveiller. a alourdit beaucoup la tche. Mais en mme temps, les patrons nous disent dtre gentils et patients avec les filles dagence parce quon veut quelles reviennent!, dnonce Mme Charrette.

Chef du service des communications lagence de la sant de la CteNord, Sandra Morin explique que le recrutement de maindoeuvre est difficile sur le territoire. Les plus rcentes statistiques du ministre de la Sant rvlent en effet que le recours la maindoeuvre indpendante a augment de 1% depuis lan pass sur la CteNord, alors que la quasitotalit des autres rgions de la province a vu ce taux diminuer. Lidal, cest davoir des employs permanents. Mais quand on est mal pris, questce quon fait?, demande Mme Morin.

Prsidente de la Fdration de la sant et des services sociaux FSSSCSN, Francine Lvesque estime quil faut agir pour freiner le recours la maindoeuvre indpendante. Ce personnel cote une fortune. Et les tablissements sont parfois obligs de les faire travailler en surplus. Cest carrment de la mauvaise gestion, soulignetelle.

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Beating the Blues with Exercise. by john

One expert in the field says exercise is clearly associated with mentalhealth benefits. And moderate exercisers show lowered bloodpressure levels and a resultant positive mood. The key is moderate exercise, performed a minimum of 30 minutes, three or four times a week. Brisk walking, swimming, lifting weights, and bicycling all achieve good results.

People who exercise regularly, even at something as simple as walking or bicycling, are more flexible. They experience less stress on the muscles and joints when they do bend down the wrong way. Conditioned muscles recover faster, too. Its the couch potato who hauls himself erect one Saturday afternoon to rake the leaves or shovel snow who has trouble.

The big problem we all face these days is living a stressful life. All families seem to be too busy to sit down together and share the joys and pleasures of life. The little things that once mattered are no longer important and now there is a race for more money, more time and more material possessions.

By using simple relaxation techniques, exercising and making changes in our lifestyles, we can manage stress and take control of your lives! Once you have become aware of stress, its time to relax! There are many techniques for relaxing and no one method is better than another, but the most basic is deep breathing. One of the bodys automatic reactions to stress is rapid, shallow breathing. Breathing slowly and deeply is one of the ways you can turn off your stress reaction and turn on your relaxation response.

Still another relaxation technique that can help you reduce stress is clearing your mind. Since your stress response is a physical and emotional interaction, giving yourself a mental break can help relax your body as well. When you clear your mind, you try to concentrate on one pleasant thought, work, or image and let the rest of your worries slip away. A short and quiet walk can do wonders and just a walk around the block will clear your head and often give you a new spurt of energy.

Muscle and joint aches and pains are a common complaint for many of us, living as we do in a sedentary, highstress society. The clich warning us to use it or lose it isnt far off the mark. Our bodies pay the price for long hours slumped at our desks or nestled in a soft chair watching television. And if you think some of our aches and pains are just another consequence of aging, youre wrong more often, its a result of inactivity and weaker muscles.

Doctors now say that walking is one of the best exercises. It helps the total circulation of blood throughout the body, and thus has a direct effect on your overall feeling of health. There are things such a aerobics, jogging, swimming and many other exercises which will benefit a person both physically and mentally. Researchers agree that exercise helps to ease anxiety and lift spirits.

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5 Indian soldiers killed in Kashmir attack

Indian Defence Minister AK Antony told parliament the ambush was carried out by approximately 20 heavily armed terrorists along with persons dressed in Pakistan army uniforms.

The chief minister of Indianadministered Kashmir denounced the attack on Twitter.

These incidents dont help efforts to normalise or even improve relations with Pak call in to question the Pak Govts recent overtures, Omar Abdullah tweeted Tuesday morning.

Pakistan denied playing a part in the attack.

No such incident has taken place, the military said, while Pakistans ministry of foreign affairs also rejected the claim.

These are baseless and unfounded allegations.

The two South Asian neighbors have had a ceasefire along the de facto border, known as the Line of Control, since November 2003. But it has been violated repeatedly, with both sides accusing the other of offenses.

Tuesdays ambush came close on the heels of the Indian armys operations against militants infiltrating into the Indian side of Kashmir, resulting in the deaths of 13 militants last week. One Indian army soldier was also killed in one of the gunfights in north Kashmirs frontier Kupwara district, according to the defense spokesman.

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Californians have right to know about pensions

Amid several alarming threats to state government transparency recently, there was an encouraging example of a spontaneous effort to let Californians know more about where their tax money is going.

The California Public Employees Retirement System was all set to launch a sortable database last month showing how much individual pensioners are receiving. The announcement was cheered by Capitol watchdogs and goodgovernment organizations concerned about the effects of overgenerous retirement benefits on state and local budgets.

It didnt happen. CalPERS called off the plan under pressure from three groups representing state retirees.

The groups want to promote legislation to restrict information about retirees.

Any lawmaker who thinks it would be politically wise to sponsor such a bill must have already forgotten how the public responded when Gov. Jerry Brown tried in June to gut Californias Public Records Act and openmeeting laws.

Brown backed down. The retirees groups should too.

The groups claim that putting information about public pensions online would expose retirees to scam artists and identity thieves. We hear that argument against the release of salary and pension data all the time, and it rarely makes sense.

It certainly doesnt make sense Advertisement

For one thing, CalPERS planned to post information that it is already legally required to provide upon request. The organizations leaders reason that its 1.6 million members, including a halfmillion retirees and their survivors and beneficiaries, are better protected by having their information posted by CalPERS itself than by outsiders.

Also, the information provided online would include the retirees name, monthly pension, inflation adjustment, benefits formula, years of service, final employer and compensation in their final year of work. It would not include Social Security numbers, birth dates or health information.

Thats too much information, says Retired Public Employees Association, the Peace Officers Research Association of California and CDF Firefighters. They want a bill to alter the Public Records Act to at least prevent pension recipients names from being posted.

This is a bad idea. Bad for the taxpayers who fund public employees retirement benefits, and bad for public employees.

The last thing public employees should want is to encourage more suspicion about the amounts of money they receive and more generalized anger about the squeeze that rising retirement costs put on government budgets.

Without easy access to complete data about public employee compensation, Californians know only of the terrible abuses in cities like Bell; of obscene examples like former Vernon City Manager Bruce Malkenhorst, his $900,000 salary and $115,000ayear pension and his lawsuit to seek more; and old Bellflower City Councilman Randy Bomgaars, who retired with $118,000 a year, more than he ever made annually as a teacher and public official.

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Rumors On Upcoming Releases

Walk on Mars using the Oculus Rift and Omni treadmill August 6, 2013 at 11:47 amThe Oculus Rift is still in development kit mode, with no timetable for an official retail release on the horizon. When the Rift tech demos work, they work well, but they very simple and often don allow the user to do much. NASA got ahold of a Rift and an Omni a multidirectional treadmill and created a tech demo in which you can walk around on Mars. The truth is more complicated.

Xbox One is built to last for 10 years while powered on, sources say August 2, 2013 at 1:31 pmIt seems Microsoft learned its lesson with the high failure rates of Xbox 360s, and plans on keeping the hardware lowpower, cool, and well ventilated. Reportedly, Microsoft wants each Xbox One system to last for ten years even with the console turned on the entire time.

Xbox One and PS4 hardware specs are the same, says John Carmack August 2, 2013 at 11:29 amAccording to John Carmack, the PS4 and Xbox One hardware is the same. This comes at an interesting time, as Microsoft has just boosted the Xbox One GPU to keep up with the PS4 significantly 50% more powerful GPU. In the same keynote talk, Carmack makes two other interesting observations: Three or four years ago, he thought that Intel would make a play for the console space with its nowDOA Larrabee GPU or, alternatively, that the Xbox One and PS4 could easily have been based on architectures with ARM cores and whole bunch of PowerVR graphics cores. Today, Microsoft confirms that the console GPU will receive a modest boost in power.

Nvidia Shield benchmarked and torn down: Is this the first and last Tegra 4 device? August 1, 2013 at 10:36 amYesterday, Nvidia Shield handheld game console was finally released to the public and today, it has been torn down and benchmarked, revealing impressive performance figures for the Tegra 4 SoC first outing. The first batch of Shield reviews were generally negative, citing a high price and limited games library, but they did all agree on one positive point: The crippling lack of functionality aside, the hardware itself is seriously impressive.

DIY external Thunderbolt GPU turbocharges MacBook Air graphics performance by 7X July 31, 2013 at 9:30 amAn enthusiast gamer and Macbook Air gamer has worked out a method for combining an external desktop GPU, various adapters, and a Thunderbolt controller on Windows 7. The performance gains are substantial how long before Intel starts approving official solutions?

PS4 vs. Xbox One performance compared, using representative PC hardware July 30, 2013 at 11:23 amThe Xbox One and PS4 have very similar hardware specs. When it comes to the GPUs, however, there a clearcut leader: the GPU in the PS4 has 50% higher peak performance than the GPU in the Xbox One. As you probably know, though, peak performance isn an indicator of realworld frame rate improvements or image quality that why Digital Foundry set out to replicate the Xbox One and PS4, using PC hardware, to see whether the PS4 actually has the edge.

New PS4 details: 2,000 friend slots, crossgame chat is free for all, DualShock 3 not compatible July 29, 2013 at 3:10 pmWe only four months away from the presumed launch of the next generation of game consoles, and the internet is clamoring for new information. In response, Sony has deemed fit to post a video answering some of the most burning questions surrounding the PS4. From the number of slots on the PSN friends list to the existence of 3D games, this video from PlayStation Access covers a lot of ground.

Goodbye 4K: $17,000 12K gaming PC pushes 1.5 billion pixels per second July 26, 2013 at 2:15 pm4K displays are slowly trickling out, and slowly trickling down in price. The problem with the resolution, though, is that not only are the displays very expensive, but there isn really any native 4K media. Some games and videos look fine when upscaled to 4K, but that not true 4K. Though the resolution is still too young to even have native media, one man decided 4K was a thing of the past, and built a 12K gaming PC.

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Caitlin Morrall

In 2008 she was a sideline reporter for the WIAA State Football Championships. She also contributed to feature reports for Live the pregame show for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Caitlin attended Alverno College and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Communication. Upon graduation she completed an internship with ESPN Radio in Milwaukee and still drops in on occasion as a guest of their midday show, DList is a former Miss Wisconsin USA and competed for the title of Miss USA, live on NBC in March of 2007. She finished among the Top 15 semifinalists.

Her second love is teaching and throughout her time as Miss Wisconsin USA she traveled the state speaking about the importance of Character Education, even serving as a spokesperson for the Ophelia Project of Southeast Wisconsin. She also spent much of her year championing the official community service platform of the Miss Universe Organization, Breast and Ovarian Cancer Awareness.

Caitlin grew up in Burlington, Wisconsin and when she not keeping tabs on Milwaukee traffic; loves to return to her hometown for the occasional Freds burger. Caitlin also enjoys traveling, experiencing new cuisine, and watching Green Bay Packer football.

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Russian Defense Ministry denies reports on military withdrawal from Syrian Tartus

Yesterdays media reports on the withdrawal of Russian personnel from the Syrian port of Tartus are completely untrue, the Defense Ministry said in an official statement today.

Wednesday noon numerous news orgs reported that Russia has withdrawn its military personnel from Syria, leaving its strategic military center of Tartus, due to the increasing security threats in the country.

According to the agencies source, the decision was taken to limit the risk to Russian citizens in the midst of civil war in Syria and reduced the threat of political damage that could occur if the Russians were harmed by any party in the Syrian conflict.

Voice of Russia, TASS

For many people of the world the Bradley Manning case seems absurd and his persecution by the US Government something difficult to comprehend. He was something that the US government is afraid of, he was a soldier with a conscience who exposed war crimes being committed by US forces. The way the US has turned logic upside down by going after one who exposed crimes while protecting those who commit crimes should have the world up in arms. Only an illegal and illegitimate government would protect criminals while persecuting and even torturing a moral and upstanding brave individual who had the courage to stand up and blow the whistle on what he saw, rather than being rewarded and seen as a hero. Those protecting the criminals have decided to make Mr. Manning an example in order to throw fear into the hearts of anyone who would dare to expose their illegality.

The Children Rights Commissioner for the Russian President, Pavel Astakhov, asked the Federal Migration Service head to grant asylum for a daughter of a Russian woman who has escaped from her husband in Norway. The girl can be granted asylum in Russia as a minor needing protection, a lawyer, Roman Stepanov, said to the Voice of Russia. The girl and her mother are currently staying in transit zone of Moscow Sheremetyevo airport in much the same way as exCIA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden had for three weeks.

Fonterra, the world leading exporter of dairy products, is recalling a number of its milk products after a food poisoning scare. China, which is the major importer of milk powder from New Zealand was the first country to impose bans on Fonterra products. The Chinese decision was supported by Russia that has also put Fonterra deliveries on hold. Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare is now investigating whether contaminated products from New Zealand were imported to the markets. Professor of economy at the New School University Max Fraad Wolff talked with the Voice of Russia about the impact of Fronterraban on New Zealands market.

Keeping a killer dog in Britain may become a risky business. The government has come up with new sentencing proposals for dog owners whose pets attack people in public venues. The options for the owner of a dog which injures a person or an assistance dog could range from a tenyear prison terms to a life behind bars. At present, the maximum sentence is two years in jail. Mr Dave Joyce, the National Health, Safety Environment Officer at The Communication Workers Union, talked with the Voice of Russia about the new policy.