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women s fashion watches 10 Tips on How to Overcome The Fear of Public … | For when I'm marr
10 Tips on How to Overcome The Fear of Public Speaking
San Francisco

In 2002 the doors closed for a 2year long renovation from the ground up.

The space has been expanded, implemented new state of the art sound and light systems.

As you make your way down the illuminated stairway, you enter the new, renovated, sexy and sophisticated space the new hot spot in town. Deep red and blue velvet couches envelop the dimly lit lounge. Get comfortable Show more for the night with prime views of the dance floors and the bars. Nuzzling in to one of these cozy spots will guarantee you the best view in the house.

The bartenders at all bars at the Cellar are waiting to serve you, mixing up your favorite cocktails, or recommending a new one. Our famous happy hour is back, and since the prices are so low, we not allowed to advertise them! Stop by Monday Friday between 5pm9pm. A visit to the Cellar is the best way to wind down a hectic schedule..


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EL PACIFISTA, la nueva novela de John Boyne, autor de "El ni?o con el pijama de rayas
<img src="http://www.chromeheartseyewearshop.com/images/img1/clearance_SIALOSTRESA?OSNOHEVUELTOdeAnaRLECTURASRECOMENDADAS_1183.jpg" class="pinImage" style="height:1131px;width:736px;" alt="SI A LOS TRES A?OS NO HE VUELTO de Ana R. Ca?il. Drama hist
Cape Canaveral Traveller Reviews

This is not Radissons top quality hotel however convenient it is. The facilities are a bit past their prime. The toilet stopped up in one of our partys rooms. Elevators are few and far between even though it is only two stories, there still is the lugging up of suitcases. Staff is efficient and helpful. We had a party of 14 staying here prior to a cruise. Dinner in the adjoining dining room was less than ideal as it took almost 2 hours for some at our table to be served. Our server was very apologetic. They obviously were way understaffed in the kitchen. The shuttle to and from the port is a great bonus.

My wife and i stayed here before and after our cruise. Both reservation we booked the king whirlpool suite. The first night befire the cruise was great. Our room was ready in a timely manner and was spotless. The jacuzzi tub was amazing to have in our room and functioned perfectly. The next morning we were giving free breakfast since it was our honeymoon trip. The food was alright, but not fantastic. We arrived around 10am so our room wasnt yet ready which we expected so it was no big deal. Also the beds in all the rooms are sleep number beds, which we have never experienced till now and they were quite comfortable. The second room was ready when they told us it would be and was spotless as well. Every where we turned a staff member was smiling and greeting us including the housekeepers, which where i am from is very uncommon and asking us if we needed anything. The grounds are beautiful, and very well maintained. The pool is absolutely breathtaking. It has a giant waterfall right in the middle which was fun to swim through. We called the front desk and informedbthem of the issue and an engineer was there within minutes and had the issue resolved promptly. If i am ever back in the cape canaveral area i will definately stay here again.

Hubby and I stayed at the Radisson Resort at the Port in May for 2 nights prior to our cruise. It was our 2nd stay on the property. The staff was very kind and helpful. We loved our room which was a jacuzzi suite. The room was neat, clean and fresh smelling, also in a good location. I personally loved the colors of the hotel, it made me happy and put me in vacation mood! I also like that it is so close to the port because we like to watch the ships sail out the day before. We love cruising out of Port Canaveral, the Radisson will continue to be our home away from home.

Stayed here prior to our cruise. Its a large property with a nice pool and tennis courts. The pool, though large, seemed small for the size of the property. The lobby, restaurant, and poolside bar are large with very friendly staff that understood most families were there awaiting a cruise. The grounds are well kept with lots of tropical plants and foot paths. The room we stayed in was a standard with two double beds. Comfortable mattresses and nice linens. I liked seeing that some rooms had their doors open to a common indoor hallway, while others had doors that opened to an outside walkway. Very nice options after a long day in flight plus the drive from the airport. Also, the hotel is a stop for free shuttles into Cocoa Beach.

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Thick Coffee Cake has a swirl of Cream Cheese filling and a generous layer of Cinnamon Streusel
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Something to remember.
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Roasted New Potatoes and Asparagus
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Fourth of July chocolates covered pretzels, mmmmmmm.
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Drunken Pork Tenderloin
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DIY hanging lantern from dollar store vase
Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse WRC edition

To commemorate the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse becoming the worlds fastest opentop car, Bugatti has revealed a special World Record Car edition of the Vitesse at the Shanghai Motor Show. And on hand to unveil the car was Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves and the man behind the wheel for the successful record attempt, Chinese businessman and amateur racing driver, Anthony Liu.

The record was set when Liu hit a maximum speed of 254.04mph on a run at the Volkswagen Groups EhraLessien proving grounds. The 8.0litre W16 engine in the Grand Sport Vitesse produces 1,184bhp and 1,500Nm of torque, but also uses a specially developed roof spoiler and intricate windbreak to ensure the cabin remains calm even at very high speeds.

Speaking about his record Liu said: This was a very exciting moment. The car even at such high speeds is incredibly comfortable and stable. With an open top, you can really experience the sound of the engine and yet at even higher speeds I did not get compromised by the wind.

Finished in an iconic orange and black colour scheme, only eight of the World Record Car editions of the Grand Sport Vitesse will be made available, with each car costing around 1.7m before taxes.

The Veyron coupe was stripped of its title as the worlds fastest production car recently by the Hennessy Venom GT, which managed 265.7mph.

We also spoke to Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Schreiber at the show, who quashed rumours that an even more powerful superVeyron is on the way: We still have 65 open top Veyrons to sell, with a year of orders to fulfill, so were in no hurry to decide what comes next, Schreiber revealed.

Whatever comes next, whether its a fourdoor or another sports car, one thing is for certain, we cant disappoint our customers. Luckily we have produced all sorts of cars in our past, so we are free to do whatever we like.

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G.A.I.A. HMS Relentless Fire by Heiwa71
latest women s fashion trends Contact 1: A 200,000 Piece LEGO Masterwork by … | Lego….Everythin
Contact 1: A 200,000 Piece LEGO Masterwork by Mike Doyle. See some detailed shots on Colossal: http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2013/04/contact-1-a-200000-piece-lego-masterwork-by-mike-doyle
Scythian Gold

Four hollow tubes of twisted gold are arranged in concentric arcs to form a crescent enclosing three registers. The tubes are graduated in size, with the largest on the outside, and at each end they are enclosed by a collar attached to a hinge. The collar is decorated with braiding, and with a row of filigree ovolo beneath a wider band of lotus and palmette. Above the hinge, braided wire is banded below with a border of acanthus scroll and above with lotus and palmette. Each terminal has the form of a lion head beneath a row of beading.

In the center of the topmost register two kneeling men stitch a fleece between them. They have long hair to the shoulders, bare upper bodies, trousers, and shoes. In the field above them hangs a gorytos, another upon the twisted border beneath. On either side of them is a horse with a foal, one of them nursing. On the other side of the horses are a cow and its calf, one of them nursing. Next follows on each side a kneeling Scythian with a sheep, one of them milking, the other holding an amphora. Beside them are a goat with its young, and, in each corner, a bird.

Although the form of the pectoral may have originated in the Near East, this example is unique in its workmanship and subject matter. Distinctively Greek is the exquisite vegetal ornament of the middle register as well as the fine filigree technique and patterns of the collars and terminals. The pectoral was probably worked by a Greek goldsmith in a workshop in Pantikapaion, who created a variant on the traditional openwork technique by working the figures entirely in the round. The pectoral is certainly a commissioned piece, and thus reflects input from its Scythian owner; however, the emphasis on domesticity, fertility, and the smallscale animal life of the steppes is in stark contrast to the subjects more conventionally encountered on objects from Scythian burials. Also interesting is the emphasis on symmetry, surely a Greek contribution, and the ordering of the subject matter, which is less easy to attribute. The violent and mythic world of the outer register gives way on the inner frieze to the tranquil environment of Scythian daily life.

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ESTABA EN EL AIRE - Premio Nadal 2013
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Car bombs kill 36 people in Iraq

BAGHDAD AP A wave of bombings, mainly targeting markets in and near Baghdad, killed 36 people on Tuesday, officials said, the latest in a surge of violence that has gripped Iraq.

Prime Minister , meanwhile, vowed to defeat terrorists behind the relentless attacks and chase them out of the battered country.

Violence has been on the rise across Iraq following a deadly crackdown by government forces on a Sunni protest camp in April but attacks against civilians and security forces have especially spiked since the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan in early July.

The deadliest among Tuesdays attacks came before sunset, when a car bomb exploded near a market in Baghdads southeastern suburbs of Nahrwan, police officials said. That attack killed six people and wounded 17.

Later, a car bomb went off in a busy market in Baghdads downtown neighborhood of Karradah, killing five people and wounding 18.

At night, a car bomb hit near a cafe in the citys northeastern suburb of Husseiniyah, killing five people and wounding 15. Minutes later, another car bomb exploded in Husseiniyah, killing three people and wounding 10.

, the owner of a pharmacy near the site of the bombing in Karradah, said he was talking to a customer when he heard a big explosion.

I fell to the floor because of the powerful blast. Seconds later, I stood up and went outside to see dead bodies and wounded people asking for help. The scene was shocking, said Mohammed, who was wounded slightly in the head.

He blamed alMalikis Shiiteled government and the security forces for the continuing security setback in the country.

Government officials have only fortified the places where they and their families live, he said. They forget about the ordinary people who are being killed all the time.

In southeastern Baghdad, a car bomb went off near an outdoor market in the Shiite neighborhood of Zafaraniyah as people were shopping before iftar, the evening meal that beaks the daytime fasting during Ramadan. Three people were killed and 10 were wounded there, officials said.

Also, a bombing in a commercial street in the Dora area in southern Baghdad killed four and wounded 11. Police said another car bomb exploded near a market before sundown in southwestern Baghdad, killing five people and wounding 15.

Also, a car bomb exploded late Monday night near an ice cream shop in the Abu Dashir area in southwestern Baghdad, killing five people and wounding 16.

Medical officials confirmed the casualty figures for all attacks.

Popular outdoor places such as cafes and markets have been a favorite target for insurgents.

Earlier on Tuesday, alMaliki inspected military units near the Iraqi capital. According to a statement on his official website, alMaliki said the Iraqi forces would continue chasing the terrorists until they are eliminated from Iraq.

With Tuesdays deaths, at least 657 people have been killed since the start of Ramadan, according to an Associated Press count, making it the bloodiest Ramadan in Iraq since 2007.

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jewelry store for sale grey sheath dress, coral cardigan, turquoise j crew … | Work Attire
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Banish Stress

YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD TAKE A FEW DEEP BREATHS WHEN you feel stressed. Instead you inhale a doughnutor five. Strange? Not at all. These things activate reward pathways while quieting the amygdalathe emotional, overwrought area of your brain.

The trouble with the Krispy Kreme curebesides the inevitable risk of obesity and the powdered sugar on your necktiesis that its really just a stress BandAid. In the long term you may feel more mentally steamrolled than ever. And when your psyche suffers, so does your body. In fact, in a new Oregon State University study, researchers found that chronically stressed middleaged men were almost 50 percent more likely to die during an 18year period than those who experienced fewer stressful events. Which of these guys do you want to be?

Good choice. Now follow this plan for replacing your current socalled coping strategies with techniques thatll feel like a shiatsu massage for your mind.

HOW YOU COPE: Down a dessert

Theres a reason you equate sugar with serenity. When you consume the sweet stuff, your prefrontal cortex, a part of your brain that helps control emotions, is activated, says Herman. The danger of a sugar binge: Men with higher anxiety are also more likely to have elevated glucose levels, according to scientists in Japan. In fact, the American Diabetes Association warns that longterm stress may push your bloodsugar levels into the diabetic range if theyre already higher than normal.

DO THIS INSTEAD: Savor a small portion of ice cream

The stressbusting benefits of dessert are due more to the flavor than the fat and calories, says Herman. Highcalorie foods often taste better, but calories arent necessary for foods effects on stress. Buy a singleserve treat and take half an hour to eat it; savoring the flavor can extend the calming effect.

HOW YOU COPE: Pour a drink

After a few shots of Jack, the office jackass is the last person on your mind. When alcohol enters your bloodstream, it seems to activate reward pathways for temporary relief. In a University of Chicago study, stressedout men injected with alcohol felt anxious longer than guys in a placebo group. Booze may disrupt your bodys calming process, prolonging the mental misery.

DO THIS INSTEAD: Selfmedicate with music

A study in Nature Neuroscience found that listening to favorite tunes or anticipating a certain point in a song can cause a pleasurable flood of dopamine. Listen to a few songs in a row several times a day. Stanford researchers found that playing video games stimulates the brains mesocorticolimbic system, a key reward region. And the more you win, the more the area lights up.

DO THIS INSTEAD: Build a fence

Learn to braise meat. Practice the ukulele. Activities that give you a sense of mastery can also activate the mesocorticolimbic system, deploying a rush of dopamine. Plus, as you practice your new skill, you enter a healthy psychological state known as flow. You lose track of time and are completely immersed in what youre doing, says Addis. Its incredibly relaxing to the mind.

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mens silver rings | Style

B train station to get renovation

The historic Gaithersburg B train station is in the market for a fresh look.

The station, built in 1884, will be renovated in the coming months. It serves commuters daily taking the MARC train, and houses the Java Junction coffee shop.

The effort overall aims to modernize the station, create a more usable, better design for the people waiting for trains, said Louise Kauffmann, Gaithersburg grant coordinator.

Major plans include the renovation of two bathrooms to meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards and the installation of a grease interceptor in the Java Junction sinks to prevent pollution from excess grease draining into the sewer, said Jim Arnoult, Gaithersburg director of public works.

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission has called for grease interceptors in the coffee shop, which are also required for compliance with Maryland environmental regulations.

Other interior work includes replacing parts of the wood floors and wall renovations. Exterior work will be limited to minor roof restoration and the removal of lead paint, found mainly in the roof overhang outside of the building, according to documents the city provided potential bidders.

The project aims to make necessary updates to station facilities while preserving the building historic architecture and appearance.

we trying to make it more modern, trying to serve the commuters better, Arnoult said.

Capital Projects Manager Sunil Prithviraj, who is leading the effort, said he expects construction to begin in late September and anticipates completion of the renovation in eight to 12 weeks. The station and Java Junction will remain open throughout the renovation.

The city will open bids Aug. 7, which will be reviewed by the Facilities and Capital Projects department. The lowest cost proposal that meets all city requirements will be presented to the mayor and city council for a final vote, Prithviraj said.

State and federal funding will cover the entire cost of the renovation, without extra city funding.

The state will contribute $80,000 for the project from its Community Legacy Fund, a competitive Smart Growth Grant awarded to by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, according to Kauffmann. The grants are aimed at revitalizing Maryland communities, with a focus on transitoriented development. In 2013, Montgomery County was awarded $350,000 to implement an Environmental Fa and Streetscape Enhancement project, which will contribute in part to the renovation.

The Community Planning Department a division of the federal Housing and Urban Development Department will provide additional funding. At this stage in the process, it is unclear exactly how much funding the federal government will offer. The project could qualify as either a historic preservation project or as development initiative in a lowincome area, Kauffmann said.

Typically, the city receives about $380,000 annually in federal funding from HUD, Kauffmann said. She added that some money left over from last year could also be applied to the renovation.

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Bumble Bee/daisy 1st birthday cake
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Here it is! One day it will be ours and we can restore it to its former glory!
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Spongebob & Patrick Cake
Scratch removers

Key scratches around door locks, shoe scrapes on the sills and those fine marks left by careless washing. They may not look much, but they can still seriously knock your motors resale value. Even if you arent planning to sell your car, they should be removed. If money was no object, you could respray the panel or call a mobile chiprepair service but you can make scrapes look a lot better with a little time and effort.

For less than 10, scratch repair kits remove the kinds of marks that can be seen, but not felt with a fingernail. Essentially, they are abrasive pastes which are a bit more aggressive than paint restorers, but less so than rubbing compound.

The trick is being able to draw the line between the two polishing out the marks without removing any paint in the process. In practice, there was little to choose between them. However, the Autoglym was much cheaper than its American competitor, giving it the win.

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Cosmic Surgery - haser.org
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Stump Stool
articles bout individual scientific journals

News: POSTING RULES FOR MAIN CZ BOARDS: 1 The CZ Forums are Citizensonly a Citizen is a Citizendium member. NonCitizens may use only the NonCitizen comments board, but still must register before posting its easy!. NonCitizen posts elsewhere will be summarily deleted. 2 All must use their own real names. To edit your displayed name, click on Profile > Account Related Settings. 3 Citizens must link to their CZ user pages. To edit your signature, click on Profile > Forum Profile Information. We could of course use a narrower distinction, such as being used in a reference in CZ, or narrower yet.

I would also support not including any except the top one or two in the field of each CZ articleit would save quite a lot of work!

Some fields have all of them added as stubs in WP, some don At first, I was surprised to see them in WP, because in general how much could be added to what is on the publisher site, and they are all very easy to find with a web browserThe practice in WP is that thumbnails of the cover are fair use, I think the same would apply here.

we can add their status re Open access, but we would have to check every 6 months.

I suggest eliminating the indexed in: from all of themconcentration on that seems a little oldfashioned. Obviously all biomed journals are in PubMed, chem in CAS, etc.

I suggest eliminating an historical list of all the editors,except the first and any famous ones thereafter.

I similarly suggest not including all the current editorial board.

WP doesn do this but we can find the most cited articles with WebofScience, which won be available to all our readers.

Everything we do here in sciences is likely to be a precedent. There only 1 editor in the Media group so far, and only 3 in library science, so I am not sure how much help we get. I going to cc. this part to the relevant groups, and see what all the sciences people want to do.

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One has to arrive at a specific temperature, at which the objects... - but does it float
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Salman Khan launches website to tell truth about court cases

Mumbai, June 26: Days after the shocking court decision on Salman Khan, the Bollywood actor finally broke his silence. The actor on Wednesday, June 26 launched his own website which would give all details regarding the court cases involving the actor.

The landing page of Salman Khans website says, Certain court cases are filed against me. There is widespread media reporting of these cases. The reports are sometimes inaccurate and misleading, and cause damage to my reputation, both personal and professional.

Continuing the statement, the actor said, I encourage all those interested in knowing about the cases, particularly the media, to verify facts available on this site.

Salmans latest move of launching the site has been taken following a Mumbai session courts decision of dismissing his plea in connection with 2002 hit and run case.

Overruling Salmans plea, the court decided that he would be tried in culpable homicide charge which implicates a jail term of 10 year.

The actor had appealed against a magistrates order for his retrial in the 2002 hitandrun case under stringent charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

Salman Khan was earlier tried by a magistrate under lesser charge of causing death by negligence Section 304A of IPC, that provides for a maximum punishment of two years in jail.

Advancing his argument against invoking the grave charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder under section 304 part II IPC, Salmans lawyer Ashok Mundargi had pleaded that the magistrates order was erroneous, bad in law and contrary to evidence on record.

The magistrate, he contended, had failed to appreciate that Salman Khan had neither the intention to kill people nor the knowledge that his rash and negligent driving would kill a person and cause injury to four others..