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Citroen C4 Picasso review

The new Citroen C4 Picasso follows the lead of the Nissan Juke and Range Rover Evoque by opting for a seriously eyecatching design. Look underneath the skin, though, and youll find that the new C4 Picasso rides on a completely new platform that helps shed 140kg from the old cars kerbweight. Whats more, its shorter and lower but with a wheelbase thats 57mm longer to increase the amount of space in the cabin and a bigger boot than ever. A 1.6 eHDi 90 engine provides amazing 74.3mpg fuel economy, but we think the pick of the range is the eHDi 115 unit, which provides reasonable performance while still claiming 70.6mpg.

Our choice: Exclusive eHDi1 15

Citroen has certainly made sure that the new C4 Picasso stands out, with razorthin daytime running lights flowing in to a fullwidth chromed double chevron grille. Its got sporty new proportions, too, at 40mm lower and 40mm shorter than before, while keeping the same width. The squat, groundhugging stance is more reminiscent of a hatchback than of an MPV, making the C4 Picasso look like nothing else in this class. The interior also looks stylish and upmarket, with all models getting a seveninch colour touchscreen in the centre console. There are classy Citroen DSinspired touches, too, like dualcolour leather seats.

So far weve driven the 1.6 eHDi 115 and petrolpowered THP 155. Clearly the diesel model makes more sense, with its reasonable acceleration, quiet engine note and seriously impressive running costs. Thats not to say the petrol isnt without its benefits, though, offering a 062mph time of 9.0 seconds thats significantly quicker than any other model in the range. Its a nice, smooth engine, with less rattle and vibration than the diesels. Handling is reasonably good, with far less body roll and more direct steering than the old Picasso. Its far from perfect, though the Ford CMAX is still the car to have if dynamics are high up on your list of priorities.

The Citroen C4 Picasso rides on an entirely new platform called EMP2. It has been developed with Peugeot and will underpin the majority of all their future models. With that much invested in this platform, its certain to have been extensively tested for reliability, as have the range of engines used in the C4 Picasso. Most have been used elsewhere in Peugeot and Citroen models with little issue. Thankfully the interior feels more solid than Citroens of the past, although the twoyear, unlimitedmileage warranty and a thirdyear dealer warranty thats limited to 60,000 miles seems a little shabby compared with Kias sevenyear warranty.

Despite being shorter and lower than before, Citroens engineers have been smart with the interior packaging to make the C4 Picasso a more practical car than the outgoing model. The wheelbase has grown by 57mm, freeing up more legroom in the rear seats, and each of the three chairs is the same size. Thats useful for carrying three tall adults and also makes it easy to fit three baby seats. Each slides and folds flat individually, while boot capacity is up from 500 litres to 537 litres. If you slide all the seats forwards you can increase this to 630 litres, and folding them all flat pushes the total luggage space up to 1,709 litres.

1 Most reasonably priced cars do come as standard with less powerful engines and prices reflect this. The HDi 90 doesnt appear shockingly slow on paper and would suit small families who prioritise fuel economy over high performance.

2 The majority of brands still only offer a 3 year warranty so as a justification for losing a star, its a little irrelevant when Fords and Volkswagens offer 3 year warranties and can easily gain 5 stars without this criticism.

3 I can imagine that the C4 Picasso could be sharper to drive. But it doesnt claim or imply to be a drivers car, a hot hatch or low slung sporty saloon. Whats more, the 5 star rated VW Golf could be sharper as were forever told the Focus is best in class to drive, yet this has no impact on its rating despite it being a slightly less family orientated car than the Picasso.

Sorry to be a grump but the motoring press predetermination of rating for cars that arent Ford or have German roots is really annoying. Especially when the reviews for some cars such as the Picasso struggle to fault the car.

My bet is that Peugeots new 308 will be raved about but given 4 stars to keep the Golf firmly on top.

Its just Ive driven a Citroen C4 GP, new Scenic and the now old shape Clio too in the last few years and theyve been thoroughly brilliant in their niche.

AE dont seem to appreciate the purpose the car is built for. Why would Citroen of all brands put all their investment into making their MPV the best handling in class? Instead theyve compromised between the two, very well it seems. Plus Im not sure a Picasso would make the shortlist of buyers looking for a sharp driving experience.

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SanDisk Ships Next Generation USB Memory Card Readers

Photography enthusiasts can upload their digital content quickly and to a destination of their choice by pressing the ImageMate readers transfer button. Business Wire Feb 24, 2009 SanDisk Corporation NASDAQ:SNDK today announced that it has shipped the latest editions of its popular SanDisk ImageMate memory card readers, which provide enhanced user experience through increased efficiency and faster data transfer rates. The new readers have shipped to retailers in North America and are available for purchase at this time.

Faster, smaller and sleeker than their predecessors, and featuring upgraded software applications, the new ImageMate AllInOne and MultiCard readers quickly and conveniently transfer data between a wide range of memory card formats and a host computer. The AllInOne memory card reader can reach speeds of up to 34 megabytes per second MB/s1 when using a SanDisk Extreme IV 45MB/s CompactFlash card, and the MultiCard reader is capable of up to 30MB/s2 read and 27 MB/s write data transfer rates when using a SanDisk Extreme III 30MB/s Edition SDHC card. Sporting a stylish glossy black and metallic silver design, each readers tripod base is detachable, creating instant portability.

In addition to the traditional draganddrop method, the new SanDisk ImageMate readers streamline the process of transferring digital content by including a transfer button that automatically launches a userdefined application or web site. SanDisks updated ImageMate software bundle enables customers to utilize the advanced features of both readers, simplifying the most common tasks that they want to performtransferring photos to a PC, archiving and sharing them.

The new SanDisk ImageMate readers are two of the fastest and most reliable USB readers, capable of transferring 1gigabyte3 of data in less than 35 seconds, said Jennifer Lee, senior product marketing manager, SanDisk. The ImageMate readers spacesaving vertical design makes them unobtrusive on your desk, but with such stylish looks they cant help but stand out.

Pricing and Availability

The ImageMate AllInOne reader supports virtually every industrystandard memory card format currently available, and multiple cards can be inserted simultaneously for cardtocard data transfers. Each card slot features a blue LED light, which indicates data transfer activity. Supported formats include SD, SDHC, miniSDHC, microSDHC, MMC, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro Duo, xD and CompactFlash, among others. Suggested retail price is $29.99.

Featuring more format options than a single card reader, the ImageMate MultiCard reader easily transfers files to and from multiple memory card formats, including xD, Memory Stick, SD, SDHC, and MMC. Suggested retail price is $19.99.

Both the ImageMate AllinOne and MultiCard readers come with a two year limited warranty.SanDisk Corporation, the inventor and worlds largest supplier of flash storage cards, is a global leader in flash memory from research, manufacturing and product design to consumer branding and retail distribution. SanDisks product portfolio includes flash memory cards for mobile phones, digital cameras and camcorders; digital audio/video players; USB flash drives for consumers and the enterprise; embedded memory for mobile devices; and solid state drives for computers.

1 Up to 34MB/s read/write. Based on internal testing; performance may vary depending upon host device. 1 megabyte MB = 1 million bytes.

2 Up to 30 MB/s read and 27 MB/s write. Based on internal testing; performance may vary depending upon host device. 1 megabyte MB = 1 million bytes.

3 1 gigabyte GB = 1 billion bytes. Some capacity is not available for data storage.

This press release contains certain forwardlooking statements, including expectations for new product introductions, applications, markets, and customers that are based on our current expectations and involve numerous risks and uncertainties that may cause these forwardlooking statements to be inaccurate. Risks that may cause these forwardlooking statements to be inaccurate include among others: market demand for our products may grow more slowly than our expectations, our products may not perform as expected or may not be available at the prices, in the regions, in the capacities or at the time expected and the other risks detailed from timetotime in our Securities and Exchange Commission filings and reports, including, but not limited to, our most recent annual report filed on Form 10K and our subsequent quarterly reports on Form 10Q. We do not intend to update the information contained in this press release.

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research on honey bees indicates

CHAMPAIGN, lll. A new study in Science suggests that thrillseeking is not limited to humans and other vertebrates. Some honey bees, too, are more likely than others to seek adventure. The brains of these noveltyseeking bees exhibit distinct patterns of gene activity in molecular pathways known to be associated with thrillseeking in humans, researchers report.

University of Illinois entomology professor and Institute for Genomic Biology director Gene Robinson and his colleagues found that some honey bees are more adventurous than others. These bees are more likely than their sisters to scout for new food sources and nest sites. Photo by L. Brian Stauffer

The findings offer a new window on the inner life of the honey bee hive, which once was viewed as a highly regimented colony of seemingly interchangeable workers taking on a few specific roles nurse or forager, for example to serve their queen. Now it appears that individual honey bees actually differ in their desire or willingness to perform particular tasks, said University of Illinois entomology professor and Institute for Genomic Biology director Gene Robinson, who led the study. These differences may be due, in part, to variability in the bees personalities, he said.

humans, differences in noveltyseeking are a component of personality, he said. insects also have personalities?

Robinson and his colleagues studied two behaviors that looked like noveltyseeking in honey bees: scouting for nest sites and scouting for food.

When a colony of bees outgrows its living quarters, the hive divides and the swarm must find a suitable new home. At this moment of crisis, a few intrepid bees less than 5 percent of the swarm take off to hunt for a hive.

These bees, called nest scouts, are on average 3.4 times more likely than their peers to also become food scouts, the researchers found.

is a gold standard for personality research and that is if you show the same tendency in different contexts, then that can be called a personality trait, Robinson said. Not only do certain bees exhibit signs of noveltyseeking, he said, but their willingness or eagerness to the extra mile can be vital to the life of the hive.

The researchers wanted to determine the molecular basis for these differences in honey bee behavior. They used wholegenome microarray analysis to look for differences in the activity of thousands of genes in the brains of scouts and nonscouts.

are trying to understand what is the basis of noveltyseeking behavior in humans and in animals, said Robinson, who also is affiliated with the Neuroscience Program at Illinois. a lot of the thinking has to do with the relationship between how the brain reward system is engaged in response to some experience.

The researchers found thousands of distinct differences in gene activity in the brains of scouting and nonscouting bees.

expected to find some, but the magnitude of the differences was surprising given that both scouts and nonscouts are foragers, Robinson said.

Among the many differentially expressed genes were several related to catecholamine, glutamate and gammaaminobutyric acid GABA signaling, and the researchers zeroed in on these because they are involved in regulating noveltyseeking and responding to reward in vertebrates.

To test whether the changes in brain signaling caused the noveltyseeking, the researchers subjected groups of bees to treatments that would increase or inhibit these chemicals in the brain.

Two treatments with glutamate and octopamine increased scouting in bees that had not scouted before. Blocking dopamine signaling decreased scouting behavior, the researchers found.

results say that noveltyseeking in humans and other vertebrates has parallels in an insect, Robinson said. can see the same sort of consistent behavioral differences and molecular underpinnings.

The findings also suggest that insects, humans and other animals made use of the same genetic kit in the evolution of behavior, Robinson said. The tools in the tool kit genes encoding certain molecular pathways may play a role in the same types of behaviors, but each species has adapted them in its own, distinctive way.

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womens necklaces I've been looking for this chair my whole life. | Cool Things
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Catholic guilt over my marriage split

Having in the past described the pain of the breakup with Foster, with whom she has four children, as gutwrenching, she revealed how she continues to feel guilt eight years later.

Yes, lots of guilt. Catholic guilt I suppose. But I dont necessarily mean that in religious terms. Thats the way we were raised with Catholic guilt.

I suppose I regret, and I dont want to make a big thing out of this because my children are still here, I regret the fact that I dont think anybody walks up the aisle of a church to get married wanting anything other than it would last for a lifetime.

It doesnt always and it didnt for me. Thats regrettable, Mary told the RTE Guide.

Although the 56yearold likes Mass and visiting holy places, she described herself as an a la carte Catholic

She said: I wouldnt have time for the big hats and ceremonies and certainly wouldnt condone what has happened in recent times.

However she has strong views on the role of women in the Church.

There should definitely be women priests. I dont think that it will be in my lifetime but I think that the Church will be greatly enhanced by women having a much more central role, she said.

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Auto Motion

Well, it really has been quite the ride. After more than two years of covering the automotive industry via this blog, Auto Motion is retiring to the digital garage.

It amazing to think that when I started this back in January of 2009, Chrysler and General Motors had yet to declare bankruptcy, Toyota was not dealing with millionsstrong recalls, and most people had never heard of a program that would tout for Clunkers. short time, though, I end up covering all these major news stories, along with a lot of fun stuff.

I never forget sitting shotgun as racing legend Steve Millen took me to warp speed in a Stillen GTR, or snapping photos so close to drifting champs that I still picking out pieces of rubber from my hair.

But it time for a new assignment here, and it one I particularly excited about: Editing for our newest iPad application. While I admittedly biased, I think it already looks fantastic.

And while I won be covering the daytoday automotive world for the Register, I will continue writing my weekly car reviews and profiling proud owners of Totally Hot Cars. Both features will be available online, in print, and in the iPad app.

Thanks to all who have read and supported this blog. It been a privilege to bring you news and features on a daily basis. And if you see me at a car show or spot me notsocandidly taking a photo of a car I reviewing at an Orange County mystery location, be sure to say hi.

Photo courtesy of Chris Cantle, Road Track Magazine

Posted in: New cars 8 Comments

Review: 2011 Volvo S60 is safe, sound and sporty

April 29th, 2011, 11:21 am by Matt Degen

It not often a representative from a car manufacturer challenges me to crash into something in a brand new car, but that was exactly the case with the new Volvo S60.

The point here was to show off the car Pedestrian Detection system, the first of its kind on a car. The vehicle uses a hightech camera system to sense if a pedestrian is in front of the car, and if you don hit the brakes, it will. Hit the photo above to see my review of this car and to watch video of us trying to kill an inflatable guy named Bob with it.

We file this one under the a difficult job, but someone has to do it category.

Yes, for one blissful weekend I got to pilot a Maserati. And not just any old Maserati: This was the GranTurismo Convertible, the first fourseat cabriolet from the famed Italian exotic automaker.

To my sadness the car did have to leave come Monday I hear you will be seeing it appear soon on some reality TV shows. But before the Maserati reps clawed the keys from me, I had plenty of time to reflect on this vehicle.

Hit the photo above to read what $140,000 buys, as well as see exclusive photos and a video that stars this car and its symphony of an exhaust note.

Two new recalls have been announced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one for a Hyundai compact car over an airbag issue, the other over tires on big Ford trucks. Between the two recalls, nearly half a million cars are affected.

The first affects 95,783 Hyundai Elantra compact cars from model years 2007 and 2008.

According to NHTSA, a federal safety agency, airbag control module may receive an unstable electrical signal from the seat track position sensor such that, in a crash that requires driver frontal airbag deployment, the driver airbag may deploy at the higher pressure than intended if the seat was position in one of the forward positions in which a lower pressure deployment is intended. this occurs, there is risk of injury due to the deployment force of the airbag.

To remedy the issue, dealers will for free reprogram the airbag control module. The official recall campaign is expected to begin in April. If you have questions or concerns before then, you can contact Hyundai at 8006335151.

The other recall affects 390,657 Ford F250 and 350 trucks from model years 2008 and 2009. The affected trucks are being recalled because of certain Continental tires.

According to NHTSA, tire is recalling certain ContiTrac TR tires, size lt275/70r18 125/122s outline white letters and black sidewall, and ContiTrac, size lt275/70r18 125/122s, black sidewall, produced from May 6, 2007, through Sept. 20, 2008, sold as aftermarket and installed as original equipment on some model year 2008 and 2009 ford F250 and F350 trucks. Some of these tires may experience uneven wear, vibration, or particularly under conditions of overloading or under inflation in high ambient temperature usage, separation between the belt edges. wear can lead to separation separation of the tires, and in turn lead to a crash. To remedy the issue, Continental tire will for replace the affected tires for free. The company will begin contacting owners this month. If you have questions or concerns before then, you can contact the company at 8887992168.

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ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT Video Card Review

August 2006 seems like a very long time ago in terms of video card technology. That was the last time that ATI, now AMD, launched any type of highend video card. The X1950 for its time was the hands down winner of just about everything we could throw at it. Fast forward to today and you would be crazy to suggest any highend AMD video card because the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 series thoroughly whips anything ATI branded.

We have been hearing for many moons that the successor to the X1950XTX has been in the works, but only rumors that it existed and would be launched. Finally, just hours after many of you have pampered your mother, AMD is launching their next generation video cards. Dubbed the HD 2000 series, we have in our hands a HD 2900XT which was developed under the code name R600. To say that AMD has some ground to make up is an understatement; NVIDIA has a sixmonth head start on them with the launch of their DirectX 10 ready 8800 series in November.

Contrary to what you may believe, the HD 2900XT that we are looking at here today is not meant to compete against NVIDIAs 8800 Ultra or even the GTX. Instead AMD aimed at a lower price target, the 8800 GTS. With a launch price of $399 AMD intends to take the mid/high end market segment instead of going after the faster 8800 GTX and Ultra. As much as they want to sugar coat it, the R600 in its current iteration is just not capable of getting the clock speed up to the level needed to go toe to toe with the GTX/Ultra in every situation. As you will see, the R600 has some very bright spots but also leaves a bit to be desired depending on the game tested. We have even thrown in a DirectX 10 benchmark to see how things shape up between the HD 2900XT and 8800 GTX in what are the first tests that can actually make the claim of putting this highly anticipated new feature set to use. Frankly, its about damn time that we got a taste of DX 10! Sit back, grab a cup of joe, and read on to see AMDs entry into the DX10 foray.

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Richard Family Irish Dance Fundraiser

The Irish dance community is supporting one of their own. Sevenyearold Jane Richard, a dancer with Clifden Academy of Irish Dance in Milton, Massachusetts, was one of the victims of the Boston Marathon bomb attacks. Jane lost her leg and remains hospitalized. Her brother, 8yearold Martin, was killed; her mother, Denise, remains hospitalized after brain surgery. The family was waiting for her dad to cross the finish line.

She is just a beautiful little girl. We taught her since she was a baby, pointing her little toe, Eileen Dillon Dinn, owner of the Clifton Academy, told the Irish Voice. We are just in a state of shock and disbelief. The Richard family is lovely. They went to the marathon as a happy family, and then this happened. With so Midwest many dancers having toured and performed in Boston recently, the tragedy hit even closer to home. Once the word spread about Jane being an Irish dancer, calls for fundraising and support for the Richard family dominated Irish dance message boards and Facebook accounts.

We were sitting watching an interview on TV when they said that little Jane was an Irish dancer, said Trish Johnson of Wisconsin, with daughter Breeane GlavanJohnson, a former Irish dancer and current teacher with Glencastle Irish Dancers in Wisconsin. We looked at each other and started bawling. The Johnsons were moved to action and Wrapping Jane in Our Love was born. The goal: to collect a tshirt from Irish dance schools all over the world and make them into a quilt for Jane.

The Johnsons were hoping for 20 to 30 tshirts. To date, nearly 500 schools have mailed tshirts. Between wordofmouth and social media, Wrapping Jane in Our Love took off among the Irish dance community.

Ive been reduced to tears by the response, said Trish. It literally leaves me speechless.

Parcels continue to arrive at the Johnsons front door. Michael Flatley contacted their website and is sending shirts from Lord of the Dance. Several Midwest World Champions have donated World medals or sashes. The Johnsons plan to fly to Boston at the end of May and, with the help of family friend Kathy Hatfield and team of volunteers, sew and deliver the quilt to the Richard family.

Were the most competitive people you have ever met, but when one of our own has been hurt, we will rise above everything, said Trish. This is opening peoples eyes to the Irish dance community in general. Because they think of crazy people who buy these outrageous costumes and wigs and spray tan, but when it comes down to it, there is not a better bunch of people who Id want to have my back.

Local feiseanna continue to raise money, and dance outs are in the works across several cities in the Midwest. More than $250,000 has been raised for the Richard Family Fund to date.

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Architecture Applied Engineering

ProgramsThe College of Technology at BGSU houses innovative and engaging academic programs and faculty. Students in the College of Technology receive state of the art academic instruction in the following areas:

UndergraduateGraduateAll students also participate in our Cooperative Education program, requiring two to three semesters of fulltime employment prior to graduation. The coop program, originating over forty years ago, has strong connections with employers and assists students in crafting resumes, interview skills, and searching for positions.

PE, PhD, FACIOn behalf of our students, faculty and staff, Id like to welome you to Bowling Green State University and the College of Technology! Our mission is focused on preparing a technically proficient workforce and welleducated citizens who can advance the STEM Science, Technology, Enginering and Math disciplines and create a brighter future..

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Bryan Busby

Coming to KMBC 9 NEWS in 1985, Chief Meteorologist Bryan Busby quickly established himself as Kansas Citys leading meteorologist. In addition, Bryan serves as Chief Meteorologist for The Chiefs Fox Football Radio Network and is heard on NewsRadio 980 and 98.1 FM, KMBZ. Patent No. 5,943,630.

Fun, interaction, and community outreach are key ingredients that make Bryan Kansas Citys favorite television personality. I never know what to expect when I do an onlocation weather report. Spontaneous reactions make my job fun and sometimes very challenging.

Bryan is considered one of the premier broadcast meteorologists in the country. Bryan was appointed to the National Chapter of the American Meteorological Societys Board of Broadcast Meteorologists, and named Chairman for that committee 19971998. That same year, he was considered for the weathercaster position at Good Morning America. He was 1 of only 10 weathercasters selected to be showcased by the Weather Channels Americas Forecasters series.

Bryans awards include:

National Chapter of American Meteorological Society?s Award for Broadcast Meteorology 2010 Read More About ItEMMY AWARDS 1984, 1993, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2009, 2010EMMY NOMINEE 1985, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2006, 2007TEN OUTSTANDING YOUNG MISSOURIANS, MISSOURI JAYCEES 1992KANSAS CITY MEDIA PROFESSIONALS HALL OF FAME 1991BLACK ACHIEVERS AWARD, SOUTHERN CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 1987

Bryans interest in weather began in Cleveland, Ohio, when he was a child. As he studied weather, he realized that television was for him. In high school, he broadcast weather reports for two Clevelandbased radio stations. After this beginning in radio, Bryan earned his degree in meteorology from St. Louis University.

He got his start as a TV weatherman at 17. In 1978, he began working at KTVI, Channel 2 in St. Louis. Though only an intern, he was on the air after only eight weeks at the station as the weekend weathercaster. He remained in St. Louis for eight years before joining KMBC 9 NEWS. I will keep doing TV weather until it is not fun anymore. That is a FEW more years down the road, Busby laughs.

A natural showman with wit and personality, Bryans performing is not limited to television. Bryan is also the principal timpanist for the Kansas City Civic Orchestra performing five or six times a year. Professionally, he served as the solo timpanist with the Independence Messiah Festival Orchestra playing in that groups annual performance of the Messiah at the Community of Christ Auditorium from 1992 until the orchestra?s last year in 2005. He?s performed with the Kansas City Symphony, the Kansas City Percussion Quartet, and even performed with the Moody Blues at Verizon Amphitheater. He has also been a private timpani instructor to many of the areas best student musicians.

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School needle alarm Todays News

THE Education Department is investigating an incident at a Midlands high school in which six students were allegedly stabbed with a syringe.

It is understood an Oatlands District High School male student has been suspended after students told their teacher the boy had stabbed them with a needle.

The Department of Education is investigating an incident at a southern Tasmanian school this week, Education Department Deputy Secretary Liz Banks said yesterday.

As a precaution, Public Health has been notified and students have been assessed by their general practitioners.

It is not known if the matter has been reported to police or whether a police investigation will occur as a result of the allegations.

The result of the investigation is expected next week.

Parents are understood to have sought medical attention for their children on Monday immediately after the incident.

In late May three students at a Hobart primary school were found pricking each other with a syringe they found outside a doctor surgery.

The syringe was taken from the children and their parents contacted.

That incident was the fourth in as many weeks involving students found with needles and other sharp objects.

As a result, the Tasmanian Council on AIDS, Hepatitis and Related Diseases called for better education around bloodborne viruses, saying blood awareness could be introduced through the national curriculum.